Mohammed declares Halal unnecessary

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Last week was Islam Awareness Week in New Zealand.

Whaleoil apologises for not noticing in time and as penance will highlight some Facebook posts from the?Masjid As-Salam mosque in West Auckland.

Today’s post clearly gives lie to the need for Halal certification of any product at any time anywhere in the world.

If you are not sure whether the product has been dealt with in the correct Halal way at the time of production simply “Mention the name of Allah and eat it” at the time of consumption. Simple.

You heard this direct from Allah’s Messenger (PBOH)

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Cadbury has taken the Easter out of Easter eggs

First, they made the chocolate conform to Islamic religious requirements (everyone said Halal certification is no big deal don’t be Islamophobic.) Now, they have removed the Christian holiday name from the packaging. Give it a few years and the eggs and bunnies will disappear altogether to be replaced with a chocolate goat to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Is this Cadbury’s future? The halal Ramadan chocolate goat?
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Machiavellian Fatwa against KFC

The fatwa that has been issued against KFC in India is Machiavellian in its intent. All KFC has to do to address the halal issues raised in the fatwa is to discriminate against its employees by firing all non-Muslim staff and replacing them with Muslims.

A Fatwa has been issued against KFC by a dargah in Bareilly as it says that the non-vegetarian items sold there was not halal.

It is compulsory for Muslims to eat only halal and the food which is not halaal is not fit for consumption as it is considered food obtained via sinful means.

The Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat has lashed out against the KFC outlet based in Bareilly and said that many in India are not following the Islamic tenets while serving the food.

As per The Indian Express, the Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat also had issues with the way the food was being processed at KFC. It said that if the meat is even processed ?away from the eyes of Muslims? then it is also haram!

He further said that if the meat is not prepared by a Muslim then also it makes it unfit for Muslim consumption.


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Dominos discovers that catering for 2% of the population is bad business

Muslim customers said they were disappointed with Domino?s decision to remove halal certification, and urged friends to buy from local pizza shops.

Muslim customers said they were disappointed with Domino?s decision to remove halal certification, and urged friends to buy from local pizza shops.

Why would any company think that marketing to 2% of the population and upsetting 98% is a good business idea? Dominos in Australia tried to cater to 2% of the population but were unsuccessful because of low customer uptake. ?When you think about it, even if 2% had bought pizzas that would still only be 2% of their customer base. How is that supposed to make them money?

Dominoes is now in trouble because the 2% they were previously unsuccessfully catering for are attacking them. It reminds me of the big fuss about Campbell Live. People complained about it being axed ?yet the viewing numbers over many years showed that while they supported ?the idea of it, in reality not enough of them were actually watching it.

FAST-food giant Domino?s has dumped halal pizzas from stores in Sydney?s Islamic heartland after failing to attract enough customers.

Domino?s Pizza?s decision to scrap halal certification at its Lakemba, Bankstown and Auburn outlets has been attacked by some Muslim customers.

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When the Muslim population approaches 3% say goodbye to tasty bacon


I wish I was joking but the power of the Halal dollar is immense. Even mighty McDonald’s have capitulated in Australia though the Muslim population, according to the 2011 census, is only 2.2%.

When a couple ordered a burger with bacon at a halal McDonald?s, he was puzzled to find something ?watery? on his sandwich. As soon as they confronted the Sharia-compliant franchise worker, they were offered five words that made their stomachs churn.

Taking his frustration out on Facebook, the unnamed man explained how he confronted a fast food employee about the strange substance placed on his burger, only to find that it had everything to do with appeasing the Muslim minority.

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Excluding applicants on the basis of religion is against the law isn’t it?

screenshot-whaleoil.co.nz source http://www.findlaw.co.nz/

source http://www.findlaw.co.nz/

My daughter works part time in a deli. She has to handle salads and different kinds of meats. ?When she applied for the job they were interested in her customer service skills. At no time was she asked her religion. The job description only mentioned what experience and skills were required to apply for the job.

Imagine that there is a job that you have the skills and experience for. ?Now imagine that you are not eligible for the job unless you are a certain religion. ?If the religion required was Christian you know Susan Devoy would be all over it.

261399-2-eng-GB_buns5Let’s pretend that a bakery requires someone capable of making hot cross buns as well as a wide range of bread. However they want the hot cross buns to only be made by Christians. Do you think that the bakery would get away with that? Do you think Susan Devoy would be silent about the blatant discrimination on the basis of religion?

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Horrible Halal how it hurts

I have never had any problem with the dietary restrictions and practices of other religions and cultures in the west because it is not imposed on the rest of us. Halal, in contrast, has been imposed on almost everything we now eat and manufacture (yes, there is even Halal pet food and shampoo) and it ultimately leads to Muslims restricting what non-Muslims can eat in our own countries.

Think about the tiny percentage of Muslims in New Zealand and ask yourself, “How it is that they have managed to impose on our entire nation their Halal restrictions over most of the products in our local supermarkets?” What does that tell them about their importance in our country? Should we be surprised when they feel justified in restricting what we can and cannot eat? This article shows you New Zealand’s future if we do not make a stand now.


A watchdog found that the care home in Bradford would not allow patients to have bacon for breakfast

MUSLIM staff at a care home refused to let patients eat bacon sandwiches for breakfast, a watchdog has found.They also refused to help their clients buy pork pies, the Care Quality Commission said following an inspection.

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Gluten-intolerant soldiers not welcome


Fussy eaters are thought to make inferior soldiers.

The Australian Defence Force has routinely rejected applicants with severe gluten intolerance and coeliac disease because they would be malnourished and a risk in combat, training or sedentary deployments.

Close to half the?energy value in combat ration packs comes from wheat products with many unsuccessful applicants and family members frustrated by the army’s rigid guidelines. Read more »


If any other religion did this there would be rioting in the streets


Muslim flight crew who work for Rayani Air must wear the hijab as part of their uniform

So let me get this straight. You have launched an airline that follows religious law. You have launched an airline that will exclude those who do not follow your religion unless they give up their rights and comply with your religion’s rules. When those who follow your religion are expected to follow the rules on every other aircraft in the world you cry discrimination and racism but you are happily going to tell me, as a woman and a paying customer, that I cannot eat and drink or dress as I want.

Suddenly Jetstar is looking 5-star in comparison. Suddenly Malaysia, as a tourist destination, has lost its appeal. It is bad enough that Sharia police prowl parts of Malaysia at night harassing couples and women. Now Malaysia has joined Saudi Arabia and Iran by taking away non-Muslims’ and women’s freedom in the skies.

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Australia to hold inquiry into halal certification

The Australian Senate is going to inquire into halal certification:

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi won Senate support today for a six-month inquiry into all certification schemes, including those for organic, kosher, halal and genetically modified foods.

Senator Bernardi wants the investigation to also inquire whether the public is provided enough information about certifiers? financial records.

The Government lent support to Senator Bernardi?s motion and it passed 34-30.

?I haven?t been able to ascertain what the cost of this religious tax is to individual companies or the overall cost to the Australian consumer,? Senator Bernardi said earlier this year

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