Halfwit former mayor to run for Maori party?

I called the former mayor of New Plymouth, Andrew?Judd, a halfwit and it was such a revelation their local paper ran it as a story.

Now it sounds like the halfwit is going to try his hand at national politics.

The Maori Party has been shoulder tapping some big names as candidates in the Maori seats, but has resorted to advertising for candidates in general seats and on the party list: and they don’t have to be Maori.

Newspaper advertisements for the party call for candidates, but party president Tukoroirangi Morgan denied the advertisement was because the party was struggling to find candidates.

“We have a checklist of names, but the best way is to reach out.”

He said the party wanted to stand Pasifika candidates in areas such as South Auckland to try to build up the party vote among Pacific voters.

“I would expect for us to be contesting both Mangere and Manukau. We are working with some key Pacific leaders, church leaders, to select the appropriate people.”

He said Pasifika communities were treated “tokenistically” by the main parties, and shared many of the same values and problems as Maori.


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