What’s the big deal, Muslim males don’t have to shake her hand either


President Donald Trump refused to shake German Chancellor Angela Merkel?s hand during an Oval Office photo op today, resulting in a wave of reaction online.

reporters asked if there would be a handshake. President Trump did not respond, prompting Merkel to lean in and ask, ?do you want to have a handshake??

Trump did not even look at her.

Liberals promptly had a collective heart attack.


President Trump?treated German Chancellor Angela Merkel the exact same way any Muslim male migrant that she welcomed into Germany would have treated her. Why is it acceptable to Leftists for Muslim males to show her disrespect but not okay when a white non-Muslim male does it?

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And you thought John Key’s 3-way handshake was bad

The left wing were all cock-a-hoop when John Key made a cringe-worthy 3 way handshake at the World Cup final.

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