Hans Verbene

O’Sullivan on the “threat”

NZ Herald

In Fran O’Sullivan’s lengthy article regarding the Bronwyn Pullar fiasco she uses Michelle Boag’s own emails to question why it is that TV3 in particular and the Dominion Post continue to buy Pullar’s and Boag’s spin:

ACC bosses will be wishing that they had just written Pullar a hefty cheque years ago in full and final settlement of her claim, and got her off their books for good.

But Boag’s intervention makes that impossible.

As John Key said, it is impossible to know whether Pullar’s tape was in full or edited. What we do know from Boag herself is this.

These extracts from her own email to Collins earlier this year still warrant a full inquiry: “Addressing the issue of the major privacy breach – I am sending you under separate cover an email from Bronwyn enclosing the details of the meeting held in December, at which I was present, where, after years of extensive mishandling of Bronwyn’s claim and after she had approached a board member, senior management (Phil Murch and Hans Verbene) met with us to attempt to come to a reasonable settlement on the way forward.

The documents in the email I am forwarding to you represent the objectives Bronwyn had for the meeting, which included recognition that she was unable to work a full time week, but allowed her some space (two years) to get on with trying to re-establish her consultancy business. Bronwyn also asked for the privacy breach to be investigated.

“At that meeting in December Bronwyn advised the ACC managers that a serious breach of privacy had occurred. As she says in her email which follows, it was verbally agreed in that meeting that on agreement on the way forward, Bronwyn would return that document. We walked away from that meeting thinking we had an agreement which Mr Murch would put in writing. When it was received eight days later, it did not reflect our discussions, including the fact that it only allowed her one year to re-establish her business rather than two years, which she did not regard as sufficient.

“You will see in the correspondence attached to the email I am forwarding that while Mr Murch asked for the return of the data, he did not acknowledge that this would be contingent on reaching an agreement acceptable to both parties, which was our understanding.”

Pity TV3 did not focus on Boag’s written account, which would have added weight to the corporation’s own allegations.