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The new Tight Five

Ok so Farrar has hot, lesbian,bdsm, gym bunnies on his blog, I have Girls with Guns and now the new Super 14 strips revealed. Even better I can use the tags Tight Five and Body Paint. Now those jerseys look like they are made out of very, very thin material to me. (Click on the images for 800×600 viewing pleasure)

Hot chick wearing Auckland Blues stripHot Canterbury Chick wearing Super 14 strip

Hot Otago Chick wearing Super 14 strip Hot Chiefs Chick Body Paint

Hot Hurricanes Chick body paintTight Five Body Paint


Breaking News – All Blacks replace Dan Carter


Graham Henry has annoucnced a last minute change to the All Blacks line up for tomorrows test against the in-form Wallabies.

He has decided to replace Dan Carter as concerns have been mounting over the All Blacks kicking game.

Henry has placed his faith in a new comer to the All Black jersey.

“I have always thought that Tony Veitch was a better kicker than Dan and right now we need a bit of backbone in the mid-field” said Henry

Tony Veitch promised some real “spine-tingler” kicking tactics and “back-cracking” tackles in tomorrows game against the Wallabies.


What is the real England Rugby player story?

Some slapper called “Angel Barbie”, a name for a hooker if I’ve ever seen one, reckons the England boys all got a bit happy after scoring and went around nicking duvets so they could see who scored what. This is probably what happened as well but a confidental source has given me a far different picture of events at the Hilton.

[quote]Apparently, from a mate in Hong Kong, four players involved in the incident took 5 birds back to their hotel room. turns out 2 of the girls were linked to organised crime syndicates and heavies were sent round once the ladies whereabouts were known. a fight broke out and one of the second rows was found by police being hung upside down from a window by his ankles. No-one was hurt in the incident.[/quote]

Well now, that explains the rather over-bering reaction by the constabulary doesn’t it.

Imagine the scrums this weekend though. As they pack down the All Blacks will be giving numpties real stick about their ability to pick up even the most heinous of slappers.