Harriet Harman

Is Martyn Martin in the UK?

The unions are trying to jimmy the Labour Party election campaign in the UK and have made a rather ham-fisted attempt at it by more than 40,000 people voting at least twice.

More?than 40,000 union activists have had their ballots cancelled in the Labour leadership race after signing up to vote twice ? raising fresh fears about the validity of the contest.

Labour said yesterday the number of ?affiliated members? entitled to vote in the race to succeed Ed Miliband had been slashed from 190,000 to fewer than 150,000 after audit checks found they already qualified for votes as party members.

The revelations will raise concerns that the unions, led by Unite, have tried to skew the result of the contest in favour of hard-Left candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour last night played down the idea of a deliberate plot, saying that Unite did not have access to party membership lists, and so could not have known which of its activists were already members.

But the issue will add to concerns about the legitimacy of a contest dogged by accusations of infiltration by Tories, Greens and the far-Left.

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An explanation of why the left are so stupid

The New Statesman has an explanation of why the left are so stupid:

Correcting and decrying the perceived wrongness of others is the chief political preoccupation.? David dismisses Ed, Andy elbows Harriet, Jeremy and Nigel condemn everyone else and on it goes.? People who say they dislike this denounce others as pursuing yah boo, negative politics and these people are, in turn, are impeached for failing to provide proper opposition.

If the goal is to persuade people to change their minds, then attack and rebuttal has a mixed record.? On one extreme, SNP attacks on Scottish Labour clearly moved voters dramatically at the last election.? But on the other hand, think of all the criticism that a George Osborne or a Harriet Harman has faced in their careers: it hasn?t seemed to have really held them back from their political projects.

One explanation may be found in the idea of ?backfire? or ?boomerang? effects that students of persuasion often talk about.? Being told that Protestants are conservative can make Catholics more liberal.? Saying that vaccines have no side effects appear, at least sometimes, to reduce the chances of someone getting a vaccination. No smoking signs can increase the desire to smoke. Informing American conservatives about the dire consequences of climate change on France has been found to reduce?support for addressing carbon emissions.

Once we hold an opinion, it seems that we will try and defend it.? Suppose you tell me all the reasons why you hate the West Wing.? I?ll take the time to mentally dismiss each one of your criticisms: why shouldn?t every major political issue be resolved with a 90 second speech and some rousing music?? I?ll begin to delve into my memory for my favourite episodes.? By the end of the conversation, I?ll have applied myself to building the case that the West Wing is brilliant and my own counter-arguments?may stick with me for much longer than your criticism.

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Lefty campaign busted for sweat shop labour

The workers paid just 62p an hour: Machinists at the CMT factory in Mauritius with one of the 'feminist' shirts it would take nearly two weeks' of their wages to buy.

The workers paid just 62p an hour: Machinists at the CMT factory in Mauritius with one of the ‘feminist’ shirts it would take nearly two weeks’ of their wages to buy.

This is just too funny and so typical of lefties who favour symbolism and slogans over actually doing the right thing.

It’s such a shame this story came to light before more lefties got involved and outed, we were probably only seconds away from Grant Robertson and Jacinda Ardern sporting them.

The Daily Mail investigates:

Feminist T-shirts proudly worn by Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Harriet Harman are made in ?sweatshop? conditions by migrant women paid just 62p an hour, a Mail on Sunday investigation has revealed.

The women machinists on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius sleep 16 to a room ? and earn much less than the average wage on the island.

The ?45 T-shirts carry the defiant slogan ?This is what a feminist looks like?. But one of the thousands of machinists declared: ?We do not see ourselves as feminists. We see ourselves as trapped.?

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Power is no longer the aphrodisiac it once was. Popularity is

I’m not sure of the premise of this article about power vs popularity being an aphrodisiac. But it is interesting nonetheless. I might even have a go at writing a New Zealand version…the only issue would be choosing the politicians to include. 😉

Power is an aphrodisiac. People say that all the time, don?t they, to explain why some hot young piece of lady flesh is stepping out with a luke-warm old slab of man flab who also happens to be the chief executive of a mid-sized multinational company, or something exciting in the treasury.

People often use the power/aphrodisiac conundrum to explain the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair, but I think this is wrong. Yes Bill Clinton was the most powerful man in the world, but he was (is) also said to be charismatic, charming and in my humble opinion, not too shabby to look at. He Has Something About Him, and this is down to his innate charm ? the sort of charm you find in most womanizers, whether they?re a brickie or a barrister.

A much better example of power being an aphrodisiac is the sorry tale of Edwina Currie and John Major. Whatever you think of his politics, John Major is universally acknowledged to have all the sexual charisma of a whelk. A whelk with a cold sore and a large collection of cagoules. Yet, somehow, he managed to bed Edwina Currie, who, although not everyone?s cup of tea, is definitely a rung above our former Prime Minister on the ladder of sexual allure.*

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Why the Left hate Thatcher

The left wing hate Margaret Thatcher. Here is just a small insight into why:

Given the venom with which Labour supporters attack the former PM, you?d think that when their party finally came to power in 1997, it reversed every one of her hateful policies. In fact, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown guarded the Thatcher legacy as lovingly as if she?d been a grocer?s daughter born and bred in Islington. Her successors kept the privatisation and kept at bay the trade unions.

This makes me suspicious. If Labour can live with Margaret Thatcher?s policies, what is it about her that they find so unacceptable?

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