Harry Reid

Am I the Koch substitute in NZ

It used to be the Exclusive Brethren, now it is me.

I am being demonised by the left wing just like the Koch brothers are demonised in the US.

But is it working?

The evidence of the election suggests that no one votes on my involvement in politics, and the whole Dirty Politics saga proves that.

Yet the Labour party and the Greens seem to be doubling down on the strategy of trying to demonise me.

How has that worked out in the US for the Democrats?

Democrats are doubling down on their attacks against the Koch brothers.

Prompted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrats spent millions of dollars spotlighting Republican ties to the billionaire conservative megadonors Charles and David Koch. But despite Republicans ? and some Democrats ? publicly decrying the strategy after Tuesday?s GOP wave as an ineffective waste of money, Reid told allies on election night that he planned to continue hammering the brothers, according to an operative close to him.

And big-money liberal groups ranging from the Democrats? Senate campaign arm and House super PAC to the outfits run by billionaire Tom Steyer and conservative-turned-liberal enforcer David Brock all signaled that they intended to pursue anti-Koch spending and oppo tactics headed into the 2016 election. ? Read more »

So far so good for the GOP, plus 3 in the Senate

The Republican party already holds a large majority int eh house and in this midterm election was seeking to gain 6 seats to gain control of the Senate.

They are half way there as counting continues.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Races that could determine Senate control remain too close to call as incumbent Democrats try to fend off GOP challengers in North Carolina and, in a surprise addition to the battleground field, Virginia.

But Republicans have now picked up three of the six net seats needed to seize control of the Senate, with wins in Arkansas, South Dakota and West Virginia.

Democrats, meanwhile, held the New Hampshire Senate seat, depriving the GOP of a prime pickup opportunity.

In Arkansas, Rep. Tom Cotton beat incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor, the first incumbent to face defeat. In West Virginia, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito captured a seat the GOP hadn?t held in seven decades, beating Democrat Natalie Tennant. And in South Dakota, former Gov. Mike Rounds won a three-way race against Democrat Rick Weiland and independent Larry Pressler, a former Republican senator.

Like other Democrats, Mr. Pryor was weighed down by an unpopular president. He was also hampered by the shifting political views of his state, which may have no Democrats elected to statewide office for the first time since Reconstruction.

The first endangered Democrat to survive is New Hampshire?s Jeanne Shaheen, who fended off a challenge from Republican Scott Brown , the former Massachusetts senator.

With stakes at an all-time high for both political parties, Democrats and Republicans make an effort to get voters to polls. RNC?s Sean Spicer and DNC?s Mo Elleithee join Tanya Rivero. Photo: Getty

The battle for the Senate also remains close in Georgia, where Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue are each trying to reach the 50% threshold to avoid a January runoff election.

The tightest contest in the country so far appears to be the Florida governor?s race, where former Gov. Charlie Crist and Republican Rick Scott are in a virtual tie with about a third of precincts reporting results, according to the Associated Press.

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Cunning, cunning bastards

The left wing likes to demonise the Koch brothers…especially some key Democrats.

But like all socialists who decry someone’s behaviour you find that upon closer inspection they are up to the same behaviour…even taking donations from the supposedly evil Koch brothers.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to turn the Koch Brothers into the modern face of political evil, having mentioned them in the senate at least 134 times on the senate floor during the past few weeks. What he hasn’t explained is if they are so evil why do so many Democratic Party members of congress take their money?

During the past five congressional campaigns (2006-14) Koch money went to President Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Mark Pryor, Chuck Schumer and other members of Congress. Read more »

The left wing obsession with private people spending their own money

We have seen this in New Zealand with political donations. The Labour party in particular have taken it upon themselves to obsess over political donations.

This of course famously blew up in David Cunliffe’s face when it was discovered that he was taking secret donations from the top end of town via secret trusts. We won’t hear too much more from Labour any more about trusts and donations.

The Democrats in the US have a similar affliction, despite Barack Obama outspending the Republican by a massive amount and the unions big money being deeply involved in funding the Democratic party.

They too are focused on private citizens like the Koch brothers.

A Quinnipiac University poll in January ranked, in order, the three issues voters cared about the most: the economy, the federal budget deficit, and health care. Not included on the list? Charles and David Koch.

And therein lies the dilemma for Democrats, who of late have turned the full fury and might of their political operation against the billionaire brothers from Kansas. Can they persuade voters to care about two private citizens whom regular people have barely heard of?especially when the country’s still-underwhelming job market has many of those same people more worried about just getting by?

It’s not as if the Koch brothers are peripheral to the 2014 midterm elections. Their most visible political group, Americans for Prosperity, has spent roughly $30 million pummeling Democrats, mostly senators up for reelection, for their support of Obamacare. With good reason, Democrats worry that money has fundamentally shifted the 2014 map in the GOP’s favor, especially in Southern battlegrounds such as Louisiana and North Carolina.? Read more »

Obama wusses out on gun control, NRA win again

I don’t know why politicians ever try to take on the NRA. They are quite simply the best political lobbying group in the world.

They always win.

Ron Fournier, a liberal panty-waist anti-gun sooky baby is upset about it all too:

The ban on assault weapons sponsored by Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California apparently died Tuesday with barely a whisper from media outlets or the White House. Black bunting should have hung from every window in Washington.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democratic ally of Obama,?told reporters?that Feinstein?s proposal could not overcome Senate rules requiring the support of at least 60 senators before allowing a final vote. The proposal ?using the most optimistic numbers, has less than 40 votes. That?s not 60,? he said.

In fairness, the gun lobby deserves most of the blame for creating a political climate in which any regulation of firearms is viewed as an attack on the constitutional right to bear arms. This as much a financial issue to the NRA and its industry allies as it is a constitutional one.

But Obama and fellow Democrats shoulder a responsibility to reframe the debate around unassailable facts: The Second Amendment is not at risk; modest regulations would improve gun safety and strengthen the nation’s noble gun culture; and nobody outside the U.S. military needs an assault weapon. Instead, the White House and Democratic lawmakers signaled retreat on the assault-weapons ban almost immediately after Obama proposed it. He didn’t fight.

?We cannot tolerate this anymore,? a teary-eyed president told the nation after the Sandy Hook shootings. ?We are not doing enough and we will have to change.?? Read more »

Ten Assholes up for Re-election

Vice magazine has a post about 10 assholes up for re-election in 2012. it is a bi-partisan list with 5 Republicans and 5 Democrats.

In the American political landscape, there is a constant stream of assholes who deal in varying degrees of lies and bullshit. Lately, everybody has been focusing on the assholes at the top of the ticket, Mitt and Barack, but there are a slew of Republicans and Democrats up for re-election this Novemeber who personify what it means to be a human anal cavity.

I’ve singled out five Republican and five Democratic candidates who are the cream of the buttcrack crop.

Seems there is a healthy degree of disgust with the politician there.

The list is:

Don Young (R-Alaska)

Kirsten Gillibrand?(D-New York)

To many, Kirsten Gillibrand is a liberal foot soldier. To others in the know, Kirsten profited off of her position in Congress to make?money during the housing market collapse, then turned around and?led the introduction of the STOCK Act, a bill which prevents members of congress from trading on inside information.

Lamar Smith (R-Texas)

Of all the GOP assholes in this post, Lamar Smith, a Representative of Texas’s 21st?Congressional District, stands as one of the most powerful. He was the principle architect of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and H.R. 1981 (a federal pedophile database), both of which stem from his belief that IP content pirates and pedobears are the gravest threat to American national security. So what if both?SOPA?and?H.R. 1981?could essentially lay the groundwork for an Orwellian state?

Joe Biden (D-Vice President)

Yes, Barack is the one running but Joe is still on the ticket. Considering his inability to keep his trap shut, Joe is a jackass of the first order. What sort of public figure claims to?have known three presidents ?intimately?? Tell us more, Joe. What was it like to have Bill Clinton inside you?

A few weeks ago in Danville, Virginia, Joe adopted a southern drawl, telling the African-American crowd that Mitt’s deregulatory policies would ?put y’all back in chains.? The remark even got many Democrats wondering if Joe had some sort of break with reality. There are far better ways to criticize Mitt’s deregulatory policies without invoking slavery.

Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota)

Pete Stark (D-California)

Todd Akin (R-Missouri)

Todd Akin is to the?definition of ?rape??what Bill Clinton was to the definition of ?is.? His observations are, in a word, surreal. But maybe he’d feel differently about the whole thing if he was ever bent over and “legitimately” ass-blasted. Or maybe he’d find solace that, in terms of buttbabies, the body has a way of “shutting that whole thing down.”

Harry Reid (D-Nevada)

Harry Reid is a fuckin’ idiot, OK? The man occupies the Senate’s most powerful position and he’s been completely ineffective at communicating a progressive platform. Not only that, he would have probably lost his seat had the GOP voters not decided to nominate the loony, unelectable Sharron Angle to oppose him.

And while everyone knows Mitt Romney pays a criminally low tax rate, Harry very publicly suggested that Mitt?hasn’t paid taxes at all in ten years. He cited an anonymous source at Bain Capital, who could just as easily have been a figment of his imagination.

James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin)

Jimmy the Pig also crafted a piece of internet regulation known as IPPA (Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006), which benefitted copyright holders at the expense of fair use, and then suggested that terrorists were selling bootlegged movies to finance their evil plots.

Jan Pauls (D-Kansas State Legislature)

Jan Pauls deserves special recognition for her?anti-gay, pro-life stance,?which are interesting views for a Democrat to hold.?It should be no surprise that Jan is so devout, she lives in an?abandoned church.

Cartoon of the Day

? RealClearPolitics

I love American politics. They prefer to stab people up front and watch the guts drip out all over the floor. Last week Harry Reid was attacking Mitt Romney over his tax returns. RealClearPolitics produced this cartoon using all of Reid’s arguments against him…it is a piece of superb work:

The best analysis of the United States Election

This year is going to see all sorts of cant published by all sorts of so called experts about the presidential election. Watch our MSM wheel out tired old liberal hacks from universities who will pour scorn on the Republicans for being unable to connect with the real world, despite controlling congress, and forgetting that Europe has no electoral college votes. Or that Mitt Romney is out of touch or boring or just a dud candidate.

Then there will be the rabid right wingers who will go on about Obama being a socialist for his health care reforms and soft on terror for not torturing people. The happy people at the NRA will bash away at Obama forgetting he is the best gun salesman ever.

There will be minor scandals and silliness as there are with all elections. These will give our media more opportunity to ask opinions of the same tired old liberal hacks opposing the right at every turn, but will have little outcome on the election.

To avoid the cant readers should focus on what really matters. Winning 270 electoral college votes. That is all that matters. Here is the best analysis so far:

Messina laid out publicly the ways that advantage gives Obama an upper hand when it comes to the Electoral College: four mathematical scenarios by which he could get to 270 while underperforming 2008. (A fifth scenario involved him expanding the playing field, about which more in a moment.) The safe presumption underlying each is that Obama holds the nineteen states plus the District of Columbia that John Kerry won in 2004?which, recall, did not include Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, or Virginia, all of which Obama carried in 2008, giving the president a base of 246 electoral votes. There?s the western path: Obama holds Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Iowa for a total of 272. There?s the midwestern path: Obama holds Ohio and Iowa (270). There?s the southern path: Obama holds North Carolina and Virginia (274). And there?s the Florida path, in which Obama simply again takes the Sunshine State (275).

I ask Messina if all four avenues are still open. ?Absolutely,? he replies. ?The West path is completely operative. The Midwest is there; I believe that we?ll carry Ohio and Iowa. We lead in Virginia and North Carolina today; so that pathway?s there. We are tied in Florida; so that pathway?s there.?

Messina and I were talking a few days before Obama?s gay-marriage decision, which, because of its impact in Iowa and North Carolina, would leave his people feeling more pessimistic about both the midwestern and southern paths. (And because of the foreclosure crisis and other economic factors, they are worried about Florida, too.) In truth, the most promising of all the routes to 270 is the western one, because of the dominant lead Obama possesses over Romney with Hispanics. Indeed, if you factor in New Mexico, which the president nabbed in 2008 and is considered safe this time, and Virginia, which has a sizable Latino population, a relatively strong economy, and polls consistently showing Obama ahead, he can hit 270 without winning Iowa, Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, or North Carolina.

This is an amazing fact?and one that throws into stark relief the converse difficulties Romney will have in reaching the magic number. The dauntingness begins with his initial hurdle to surmount: clawing back at least six states Obama won last go-round. Almost all of Romney?s 270 scenarios revolve around a strategy outlined by Karl Rove and dubbed ?3-2-1,? in which the GOP reclaims three of the traditionally red states snatched away by Obama (Indiana, North Carolina, and Virginia), wins the two perennial mega swing states (Florida and Ohio), and then snags one more from among those up for grabs.

A senior Obama campaign official scoffs at the notion that Romney could pull off such a feat. ?To get there,? he says, ?they?ve got to take away either Pennsylvania or Michigan, and they can?t do either one of them. Michigan is a motherfucking joke, to think they can do that, because of what he?s done on the auto stuff. And in Pennsylvania, we have a 900,000-person registration advantage. John Kerry had 250,000; we had 900,000 more Democrats than Republicans on the first day.?

As for the western states, Messina believes Romney?s problems with Hispanics are insoluble, although he, like everyone else on Team Obama, anticipates a vicious ad barrage aimed at depressing Latino turnout. ?I expect to see what I?ve seen in the primaries, which is their super-PACs spending an impressive amount of money completely negative,? he tells me. ?I expect us to counter that the way Harry Reid did [in his 2010 reelection battle]?with a full discussion of the issues and a huge ground game.?

Andrew Sullivan on Obama

??The Daily Beast

Andrew Sullivan has written a lengthy piece about Obama and the gay marriage debate. We can now only wonder at what the electoral consequences will be. I?believe?that Obama’s popularity will strengthen. He will be able to paint Mitt Romney into a corner very easily.

?For gay Americans and their families, the emotional darkness of Tuesday night became a canvas on which Obama could paint a widening dawn. But I didn?t expect it. Like many others, I braced myself for disappointment. And yet when I watched the interview, the tears came flooding down. The moment reminded me of my own wedding day. I had figured it out in my head, but not my heart. And I was utterly unprepared for how psychologically transformative the moment would be. To have the president of the United States affirm my humanity?and the humanity of all gay Americans?was, unexpectedly, a watershed. He shifted the mainstream in one interview. And last week, a range of Democratic leaders?from Harry Reid to Steny Hoyer?backed the president, who moved an entire party behind a position that only a few years ago was regarded as simply preposterous. And in response, Mitt Romney could only stutter.