What does the Spleen do?

The Great Global Warming Scam


The USA is supposedly the principal cause of global warming, and it is certainly one of the centres of warmist panic.  But the temperature records used to make the warmist case are not only manipulated, they have been fraudulently altered.  In fact, based on the real records, the USA has been cooling for the past 80 years.

To most people, the hottest temperatures ever “recorded” would imply that quality controlled thermometers registered higher readings during the past year than had ever occurred before. If you believe that this is what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) means by hottest temperatures ever “recorded,” then you are wrong.

Raw temperature data show that U.S. temperatures were significantly warmer during the 1930s than they are today. In fact, raw temperature data show an 80-year cooling trend. NOAA is only able to claim that we are experiencing the hottest temperatures on record by doctoring the raw temperature data.

Doctoring real-world temperature data is as much a part of the alarmist playbook as is calling skeptical scientists at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, NASA, NOAA, etc., “anti-science.” Faced with the embarrassing fact that real-world temperature readings don’t show any U.S. warming during the past 80 years, the alarmists who oversee the collection and reporting of the data simply erase the actual readings and substitute their own desired readings in their place. If this shocks you, you are not alone.

The bureaucracy at NOAA and NASA who report the U.S. temperature data undertake what they term “correcting” the raw data. These corrections are not just one-time affairs, either. As time goes by, older temperature readings are systematically and repeatedly made cooler, and then cooler still, and then cooler still, while more recent temperature readings are made warmer, and then warmer still, and then warmer still.

Science blogger Steven Goddard at Real Science has posted temperature comparison charts (available here, and here) showing just how dramatically the NOAA and NASA bureaucrats have doctored the U.S. temperature data during the past several decades. As the before-and-after temperature charts show, government bureaucrats with power and funding at stake have turned a striking long-term temperature decline (as revealed by the real-world data), into a striking long-term temperature increase.

The lies the left tells

Most of the left wing blogs plus plenty of people on Facebook have been spreading around this image. Even Clare Curran has spread the lie.

Unfortunately for them, and this includes Martyn “DBD” Bradbury, John Key never directly said those words. They should not be in quotes.

The Listener article from 2005 expressly doesn’t use quotes and so John Key never actually said those words. Here is the context:

It might be sick, but it also might be why Key’s children – Stephanie, 12, and Max, 10 – go to private schools. Mostly, he says, that decision was for educational reasons. Their schools have smaller classes and are better resourced than most state schools. But he acknowledges that the connections children make are also important.

The article was talking about access to high paying jobs through connections made at school or universities such as Harvard. The context is important.

Now I was excoriated by the left for making a video of Jim Anderton after a mainstream news organisation wrongly reported that Jim Anderton had said it would take an earthquake for him not to be elected Mayor of Christchurch. Let’s see if they will apply the same rigourous standards to themselves as they applied to me, even though my video came out a whole day after the mainstream media had reported the event.

I would suggest that Martyn Bradbury, one who constantly harps on about the Anderton issue will merrily use the image above and never correct it. Let’s see if Clare Curran corrects her post.

Colin James needs to take a tea break or retire

Veteran political correspondent Colin James continues with his hagiography of Simon Power, giving him the coveted politician of the year title and going on about leadership and other nonsense. When I read Colin’s article I was sick, just a little bit, in my mouth.

James is a veteran. Veterans should know that simply being the wettest most liberal member of the National caucus doesn’t make an MP leadership material.

So to someone who, as a candidate in 1999, saw Mr English as a model; someone with gravitas far beyond his 40 years and a huge work capacity; in charge of the single economic market with Australia; unafraid to take on the establishment where it is most established, in the law; scoffed at as naive or callow by his critics but valued by small investors for his determination to fix laws which allowed the Feltex shenanigans and finance companies’ misdeeds; a family man and genuinely nice guy; declared a young global leader by the World Economic Forum and off to Harvard briefly in March.

Lets think through some of these points. Bill English as a model? This means destined to win 21% if the party is silly enough to elect him leader. Hard work? That is just given, if you don’t work hard you should be sent back to being a third rate provincial conveyancy lawyer. Genuinely nice guy? News to most of the caucus and just about all of the party who he has never, ever done a single thing for out of altruism.

Then readers would be advised to carefully think about some of FIGJAM‘s other achievements. Having the nickname FIGJAM stick is going to be exceptionally bad news for anyone aspiring to be leader of a party. It is a well deserved nickname, earned only through a degree of ego-mania only found in the politically naïve.

FIGJAM has also managed to alienate every blogger or internet commentator in the country with his stupid attempt to regulate the internet. Good luck FIGJAM, somehow an anti-FIGJAM campaign seems to be the topic of every bloggers drinks in the country, ensuring that the new media will make next year uncomfortable for you. Maybe FIGJAM, you could take a step back and think through who is going to be the media that counts in a few years when the papers go tits up.

Then FIGJAM did a deal with his political opponents over election reform, managing to draw rebuke from the National Party president who is not known to rebuke anyone due to fear of having to take a position first. FIGJAM involved opponents in a shoddy deal to restrict freedom of speech, yet did not talk to his own party on their views.

Colin James is undoubtably going to get pensioned off at some stage soon, and editors reading his latest piece should speed up the process as he is obviously out of touch. There is no way FIGJAM is going to be leader of the National Party because he has failed to make friends in caucus with enough people to get close to winning a ballot. In a year of hard work FIGJAM has had a major brain melt, doing nothing at all to appeal to anyone who is not in the rarified are of the beltway. Put FIGJAM in front of an audience of swing voters and you have a certain vote for Labour.

The other thing about Simon Power is his fear of the media unless they are in a tightly controlled locked-down studio situation where he can sit behind a desk. Look through his media appearances and he likes to be sitting behind a desk. He is afraid especially of the television medium, he should also be afraid of right wing bloggers.