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Fenton Jong-un Wilson rises from the dead

You’d have thought that Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson would have?shown a bit of humility after him and his team were spanked in the local body elections.

But no, even though he is a vanquished political zombie he just has to open his great big gob:

Regional councillor Fenton Wilson has challenged Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule to be open with his council?s spend on the investigation and Government Inquiry into the water crisis.

This call comes as Hawke?s Bay?s regional authority faces public scrutiny for shelling out $445,000 on an investigation into breaches of consent made by the Hastings District Council in the wake of the Havelock North water event.

HBRC was set to take the district council to court over the breaches, however its Chief Executive Andrew Newman withdrew the charges last year and instead issued the council with two fines totalling $1,000.

To date the regional council has spent in excess of $1 million on both the investigation and the Inquiry. ? Read more »

Dickhead council staff piss off new council

From the merry band of halfwits who completely alienated possible opponents of the dodgy socialist dam so much?that they are fighting a lot harder.

Regional Chairman Rex Graham has taken council staff to task for not working with councillors on the Havelock North water crisis.

Graham raised the issue at today?s (Wednesday) Regional Planning Committee meeting, which was held in front of a packed public gallery.

?There has been a lot of publicity around the Havelock water issue and we are taking a bit of flack around that,? Graham told staff.

?And it just concerns me that the governance have not been involved in any of these decisions that have taken place.?

The Chairman said this was not the first time governors had raised the issue of staff not working with them.

?I would just like to note we do want to be involved and informed of what the next steps of what the next steps of our executive [who are working on this],? he said.

?[Just] so we don?t get caught out when we read the paper or get rung by somebody else.?

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Trial by social media TISOs backfires as GPS data clears accused

Social media is full of self-righteous idiots that imagine themselves capable of doing investigations to get ?facts?, and then act like judge and jury before the accused even gets a chance to comprehend where on earth all the aggro came from. ??

But the problem is that these TISOs simply get away with it, and there are no repercussions for ruining people?s lives by doing the torches and pitchfork equivalent of lynchings in the 21st century.

The matter of the alleged bashing of a bulldog by a Hastings District Council animal control officer will be referred to police after a three-day inquiry cleared staff of any wrongdoing.

The issue was brought to light on social media this week when a Facebook user posted that a dog had been injured, alleging it had received a “beating” at the hands of a Hastings District Council (HDC) animal control officer in Henderson Rd.

The HDC’s chief executive Ross McLeod said the independent investigation, carried out by Dave Robb from Grow Human Resources, showed an officer “could not have been involved” in the incident.

“We have received a view based on that investigation that none of the evidence that has been reviewed supports the allegation that one of our officers was involved in injuring the dog in question,” Mr McLeod said.

“In fact, the evidence that we have through the Navman (GPS) system strongly suggests that they were not involved as alleged.

“We think that short of any other evidence that that is quite compelling at the moment.” ?? Read more »

Twenty one million dollars to fix Lawrence Yule’s Vanity Project


Local Government NZ Chairman and Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule has a big problem on his home patch with one of his vanity projects.

The much vaunted, scarcely used and very expensive Opera House doesn’t come up to earthquake standards is now closed and fenced off.

Bringing Hastings’ earthquake-prone Opera House complex up to code could cost between $10.7 million and $21.7 million, a report has found.

Hastings District Council commissioned Holmes Consulting Group to investigate strengthening options for the city’s Municipal Building and Hawke’s Bay Opera House complex, much of which has been closed since last year when the earthquake risk was identified by engineers.

The council released the Holmes report today ahead of councillors discussing what to do with the troubled facility.

If it is to be re-opened to the public, the complex must be strengthened to a minimum of 34 per cent of current earthquake load requirements in accordance with building regulations.
The report found meeting those minimum requirements for both the Opera House and the Municipal Building was likely to cost between $10.7 million and $13.2 million.

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What is Lawrence Yule Playing At?

Local Government NZ Chairman Lawrence Yule went on the bludge trying to get government to give Local Government new ways of raising revenue.

He got soundly thumped by the Prime Minister who is politically astute enough to realise that voters are seriously pissed off with the never ending rates rises councils impose on them.

When you start following the news in Hastings, where Yule is mayor, you start to understand why he needs more revenue. First up he spent millions on the Opera House, when everyone knows the NZ public don?t want to see the opera. Unfortunately for Lawrence he didn’t work out that the Opera House was not up to earthquake specs, so it is now closed with ugly fences around it preventing entry.

Sources in the Hawkes Bay property industry say that fixing the Opera House is going to cost between $5 and $10m that the ratepayers of Hastings don?t really have. So I?wonder why Yule is hell bent on building another vanity project, the Civic Square, pissing away another $7m of ratepayers money on something that no one really wants.

Typical of local government ratbags Yule is excluding the public on decisions about the civic square, and some of his councillors are up in arms about it.

Hastings District Council has been accused of “playing secret squirrel” with ratepayers’ money after a meeting about a planned Civic Square upgrade was held behind closed doors.

Councillor Simon Nixon said he was opposed to the public being excluded from yesterday’s council meeting. ?? Read more »

Why is Lawrence Yule allowing this?


Mayor of Hastings and Local Government NZ chairman Lawrence Yule has some pretty tough questions to answer.

He has let a dodgy developer create a slum by illegally putting removable houses on an all too small section, then retrospectively given planning permission.? Read more »

What was Lawrence Yule Thinking?


The Mayor of Hastings and Chair of Local Government NZ, Lawrence Yule, is known for having a council staff that makes compliance tricky and at times arbitrary.

Lawrence spends so much time out of Hastings doing other stuff he has forgotten to look after his constituents. His bureaucrats are known to be pedantic and difficult to deal with, and because the mayor is busy doing so many other things he forgets to clip their wings when they do stupid stuff.

Hastings residents are up in arms that their street has been turned into a slum by a dodgy property developer.

Totara St residents may seek a judicial review after Hastings District Council granted resource consent for houses moved on to a section illegally.

Relocate Homes NZ owner Shannon Tawhiti raised the ire of residents in Totara St, Mahora, last month when he relocated three houses on to a section without the required consent, in a move which also violated housing density rules.

The council last week granted resource consent for the houses, and dispensation for density rules, after it earlier issued an abatement notice requiring their removal.

The consent was granted on the abatement notice’s day of expiry, which Totara St residents’ spokesman Preston Epplett said “seems more than a coincidence and justifies further investigation”.

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More socialism to promote the dodgy socialist dam


The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and the Government seem willing to stop at nothing to get the dodgy socialist dam built.

Fresh from revelations that they are trying to sign up farmers with a five year grace period where they only pay 5c a cumec instead of the 26c a cumec which is allegedly the true cost.

Part of this dodginess is to give iwi $20m extra in their treaty settlement to invest in the dam. There are two taniwha (Ruataniwha) after all that need feeding.

Sources inside the Treaty Negotiations Ministers office say that the extra $20m above what was originally offered was a huge surprise to the Iwi, though they are not sure whether to accept it.? Read more »

Nashy’s pimped poor person makes the news, is a Mob associate and owns a pitbull

The other day Stuart Nash, the Labour candidate for Napier was calling on people from Facebook to contact him regarding an article on poverty for the Hawkes Bay Today.

pimping the poor


And wonder will never cease, today the HB Today has their story pimping the poor.

Solo mum Fleur Mitchell is on the verge of having her power disconnected and losing her house as she struggles to overcome mounting debt.

Ms Mitchell, 37, is a cancer survivor who still requires regular medical attention. She is on an invalids benefit and receives about $500 from WINZ per week.

However, the money isn’t enough to help her weather a spate of bad luck.

Ms Mitchell’s eldest son, Dallas, is studying at EIT to gain a diploma in computer programming.

As there was no room in Ms Mitchell’s Hastings house for Dallas, he is living in a rented cabin on the property.

Dallas wasn’t eligible for a student allowance because he technically lived at home. As a result, he has racked up more than $9000 in debt, which was discouraging him from continuing his tertiary study.

“This debt. It’s just killing him and it’s killing me, too,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Where is the help for people like us?”

Ms Mitchell’s youngest son, Oliver, had been gifted a $600 custom scooter by his grandparents.

Oliver’s scooter was stolen from outside Hastings Countdown last week.

After Ms Mitchell posted about the scooter on Facebook, Hastings District Council’s iWay programme donated Oliver a new scooter this week.

Ms Mitchell said she was extremely grateful for iWay’s generosity, but her circumstances remained dire.

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Killer Cows still running rampant, now lighting fires

Readers will be familiar with the havoc these deranged beasts can commit from my earlier posts.

Now it is revealed that not only are they prone to assault any human that strays into range, they are also cunning arsonists:

Burning cowpats proved problematic at a large grass fire in Te Hauke, south of Hastings.

Three helicopters assisted Hastings District Council rural fire officers and Otane fire service to extinguish the blaze on Colin White Rd, near SH2, on Monday.? Read more »