Hate crime

Hate crimes up in Toronto, you’ll never guess who are the biggest victims

Hate crimes are up in Toronto. We are often told, by people like Susan Devoy, that increasingly it is Muslims who are the victims of hate crimes.

We have even seen the Media party?pile into several recent incidents and claiming that Muslims are the victims of increasing hate crime.

But, as figures show from Toronto, it is one?religious group that is routinely abused…and it isn’t Muslims.

Reported hate crimes are on the rise according to a detailed report released by Toronto police.

The report shows hate crimes increased by eight per cent last year, from 134 incidents to 145 in 2016. ? Read more »


Pie in the face for Feminist bake sale

I do enjoy a nice slice of Karma, especially when it is smothered in cream. A university feminism society thought that it was a good idea to discriminate against men in order to push their message that overall women are paid less than men but their message was not well received.

The gender pay gap argument is inherently dishonest as a woman who has the same degree as a man and who stays in the workforce the same amount of time, in the same career will earn the same amount. There is no such thing as a female pay scale and a male pay scale. A male that gives up his career to stay home raising his children will earn the same amount when he returns to the workforce as a woman who was in the exact same situation as him when she left work to raise a family.

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Who will decide what a hate crime is?

Dame Susan Devoy


Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy is calling for police to record hate crime statistics to combat racism.

“This is not something they collect when responding to callouts,” she said in a speech at the Holocaust remembrance service in Wellington this afternoon.

“Free speech is one thing, hate speech is another. These things don’t belong in my country, not in New Zealand.”

Devoy was speaking to those gathered for the annual United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day service at Makara Cemetery. Read more »

Dirty Politics fail from Hillary supporters

Hillary supporters have been caught out doing lots of heavy duty Dirty Politics smears,setups, and forgeries. I fell for one the other day when I published what turned out to be a fake Podesta email. ?They have put fake emails on social media in an attempt to undermine the credibility of the real emails. It is an effective technique because it calls into question the legitimacy of the real emails. Luckily people can access the real e-mails and do a search of them to check if what they read is genuine.

Another common dirty politics technique ?in America is to do something bad and then frame the opposition for ?it. ?Hillary’s team sent in individuals ?to start fights during Trump rallies to frame Trump supporters as violent ?for example.

Yesterday I came across an article about an act of arson that has been blamed on Trump supporters but it is simply not believable ?and I will explain why.

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What do Black Lives Matter Hate crimes and Muslim terrorist attacks have in common?



What Black Lives Matter hate crimes and Muslim terrorist attacks have in common is the reluctance of media and police to ?acknowledge the ideological identity of the perpetrators. ?When a terrorist who is Muslim says that he committed his crime because of his religious beliefs and clearly identifies himself as an Islamic terrorist they will still say that while he is doing it in the name of Islam he is not really Muslim.

I can see that with racially motivated hate crimes like the one below they will say that the black youths who beat this white boy almost to death were not members of the Black Lives Matter terrorist organisation movement even though they identify themselves as members, wear Black lives Matter T-shirts and promote Black Lives Matter on social media.

The irony is that if a Black Lives Matter supporter said that he identified as a woman with blonde hair called Jessica this would be accepted by the media. They would happily call him Jessica and ?refer to him as she even if his birth certificate clearly says Keith and he?is, in fact, a 6 foot five heavily muscled black man.

A Sylacauga High School principal has a lot of explaining to do after one of her students who is now fighting for his life, attempted to warn her a group of pro-Black Lives Matter students issued a series of threats to him. Even after showing the high school principal the threats by his fellow students the principal stated she was unable to do anything about it.

…?I want to see them handcuffed. I want to see them put in jail,? Allen said, referring to her son?s assault as a ?race issue? and ?hate crime.?

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Lone gunman’s actions blamed on Donald Trump before any facts are known



A terrible double murder where two men were shot in the back of the head by a lone gunman has shown a very different side to a media usually very reluctant to speculate on motivation or to blame anyone until the facts are known.

The Media has rarely allowed blame to be put on the teachings of Islam or on any hate preacher who has preached violent jihad against infidels even after the facts are known, yet it was not slow to use selected quotes in order to slander the one politician trying to do something practical to protect America from terrorism. By the time this post is published more facts may be available but when I wrote it late Sunday afternoon there was still only speculation.

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Sweden it’s been nice knowing you

Dear Sweden

you are like my caring liberal Aunty. You always have a cause to support and your trust and love for others is legendary. There is always room in your home for one more stray and with your well paid job you can never justify turning people away.

Today as I watch you slip away bit by bit, becoming a shadow of your former self, I can’t help but think of what could have been. If only you had listened to the words of warning…

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Miliband becomes an apologist for Islam

Ed Miliband is mad as a cut snake.

He is now advocating for?laws that could make a crime of his own comments on Islam.

A future Labour Government is committed to outlaw the scourge of Islamophobia by changing the law and making it an aggravated crime, according to the Party?s Leader Ed Miliband.

?We are going to make it an aggravated crime. We are going to make sure it is marked on people?s records with the police to make sure they root out Islamophobia as a hate crime,? Miliband told the Editor of The Muslim News, Ahmed J Versi in a wide ranging exclusive interview.

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No mocking Parekura then

The Telegraph

It sounds like calling someone fatty could well become a hate crime in the UK. It could be worse though, at least they aren’t banning the abuse of Gingas.

Ridiculing?someone as ‘fat’ or ‘obese’ could become a hate crime under an idea being floated by a group of MPs and a leading charity.

A report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image and the Central YMCA recommended MPs should investigate putting “appearance-based discrimination” on the same legal basis as race and sexual discrimination.

Under the Equalities Act 2010, it is illegal to harass, victimise or discriminate against anyone on the basis of a number of ‘protected’ characteristics, such as their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

The parliamentary group, supported by the charity Central YMCA, has today published a report, Reflections on Body Image, recommending “a review into the scale of the problem of appearance-based discrimination and how this would be best tackled”.

It goes on: “This may include exploring whether an amendment to the Equalities Act would be the most appropriate way of tackling such discrimination.”

Under the current act, people can and are prosecuted for verbal abuse if it is deemed serious enough.