The left’s reaction to Trump is totalitarian in its instincts

Journalist Melanie Phillips talks about the totalitarian opposition to Donald Trump, whom the left both here in New Zealand and abroad?routinely describe as “fascist” and like Hitler. Phillips points out that fascism, in fact, is daily exhibited by the left, not by Trump or his supporters.

Phillips says that the hysterical reaction against President Trump is totalitarian in its instincts and incites hatred, paranoia and aggression. Ultimately it?s not about president Trump at all but about the protesters themselves.

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What are they saying behind your back?

Screenshot Youtube Whaleoil.co.nz

Screenshot Youtube Whaleoil.co.nz

In Europe there are very few journalists who can speak or understand Arabic. They are going into situations involving Syrian refugees/ migrants where they can only make judgements and form their opinions based on what they see,?not on what they hear. Judging by the sympathetic way they have all been reporting what is going on it is clear that what they could see was far from the truth of the situation.

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Too powerful not to be shared

This has been shared before in a comment on the blog but it deserves a wider audience as many of you may have missed it.

This short video goes a long way to showing us what we are up against as Infidels. In this example the target of the Muslim’s hate was a Jewish Professor but make no mistake we are all infidels in her eyes. The hatred that she has been brought up with from the cradle is the exact same hatred young muslim children are being indoctrinated with right now all over the world. We have no concept of it but when you watch this video you will realise that there is only one effective response to this kind of fundamentalism. This is not a person that can be reasoned with, this is not a person capable of empathy, this is a indoctrinated human being who will bring up her own children the same way she was brought up, with hatred and murder in her heart.


An email from a reader


Yesterday we explored how muslims think they are misunderstood and if we just had remedial classes in understanding them things would get better.

Hello Cam ?- ?perhaps a talking-point for you:

Thursday last on 3News the NZ islamic top nana was bleating like a goat and shedding camel-tears about the rise of islamophobia.

This got me thinking…he was actually saying a lot more than he realised, because words DO have meanings.

Some objects or conditions engender fear, such as arachnophobia or claustrophobia, but do not result in a vengeful destructive hate for that object or condition.

Amongst these will of course be ?islamophobia, which is FEAR of islam (or of islamics) but is not a vengeful and destructive hate for it or them. ? Read more »

Anti-semitism: racism so specific, it has its own name

In half a century on this planet, including a fair chunk in Europe, I have yet to experience a single negative event that makes me understand why Jews are, supposedly, to be feared, loathed and… done away with.

Did I dodge a bullet?

Over the last few days I’ve asked people: ?”Tell me your worst personal experience you have ever had with a Jew?”

So far I’ve had a 100% “blanks stare” response. ?Nobody I know can pin down a personal experience of being at the wrong end of a Jew.

Yet anti-semitism has exploded all over the world. ? We’ve recently seen it on the political hoardings that are being defaced.

Of course, none of this is fun if you are a Jew. ?Apparently out of he blue, the world hates you and wants you dead.

Imagine what that’s like…

UK based Hillary Freeman shares her story

Last week, one of my oldest friends was walking with her young daughter in a north London suburb when she was approached by four Asian youths.

Guessing that she was Jewish ? they saw her leave a bagel bakery and, like me, she has a mop of dark, curly hair ? they began to make Hitler salutes at her.

When she crossed the road to get away, they followed her up the street, shouting the Nazi salute ?Sieg Heil? and mimicking the sound of hissing gas canisters, like those used in concentration camps. She was, not surprisingly, petrified.

While it was the first time that she had experienced such overt anti-semitism, this was not, unfortunately, an isolated incident. Only yesterday, another friend, also a North London resident, awoke to find a swastika painted on her front door.

Until recently I would not have believed such shocking events could happen here in Britain, in our tolerant, multicultural society. In all 43 years of my life, most of which have been spent in London, I have witnessed or heard of only a handful of examples of anti-Semitism.

My only personal experience ? an assault by a neo-Nazi who told me ?Hitler didn?t finish his job properly? ? occurred in the south of France, where the far-Right exerts a much greater influence.

Haven’t we all kind of agreed that what Hitler did was wrong? ? I mean, extremely wrong? ? Something we would never want to see repeated?

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