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“These are some of the most serious allegations I?ve seen”


That is what David Cunliffe has claimed.

Peter Cresswell at Not PC explains why this is a ridiculous statement from David Cunliffe.

“These are some of the most serious allegations I?ve seen,” said David Cunliffe this morning about allegations that bloggers Whale Oil and Cactus Kate wrote ?attack blogs? at the behest of a paying client and a justice minister ?gunning for? a minion.

This both overstates and understates the power of blogs ? and downplays some of the most serious scandals of recent years. (Is he blind? Did Mr Cunliffe not see Helen Clark buying an election with her taxpayer-funded pledge card, then retrospectively legislating to make it all legal?? Or Don Brash dealing secretively with a small but well-funded religious cult?)

So a blogger wrote ?attack blogs? about a bureaucrat.? How hurtful. How harmful. I?m amazed the poor fellow wasn?t hospitalised.? Just imagine, being attacked by a?blogger! ?? Read more »

Labour’s broke, got no policy, resorts to smears and Nasty party tactics

So Labour’s broke – no one’s coming to their fundraisers (and there are lots of them) and they want the taxpayer to fund their campaigns.

Therefore?they are going after National’s donors which have all be declared according to the law and hurling murk at known donors and ministers in order to scare them off in the future. They did this ti Owen Glenn remember.

I just hope that Labour has declared all of their donors in accordance with the law. It would be an extremely bad look after Trevor Mallard’s allegations yesterday in the house if it turns out that Labour took substantial cash donations and failed to declare them.

I foresee bad things for Labour.

Meanwhile let’s look at some more Labour donation schemes.

There is this from Chris Hipkins:

Helen Clark was the one who attended that fundraiser as the guest speaker.

And Helen Clark caused a diplomatic incident with comments over a Labour party fundraiser.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark says concerns by the US Embassy over the screening of Michael Moore’s film?Fahrenheit 9/11?for a Wellington Central Labour Party fundraising event showed “outright bullying” and “unprofessional” conduct by officials.

And former Defence Force chief Sir Bruce Ferguson says the embassy staff member who linked New Zealand’s humanitarian mission to Iraq to deals for Fonterra in one of his diplomatic cables must have been “smoking dope”. ?? Read more »

Blogmobile is in Rotovegas

The Blogmobile has moved to Rotovegas overnight. We have a busy day today;

1030 – Vegetable sniffing with John Key at Farmers Market

1130 – Family Day and Sausages at Recycling Centre (no retread MP’s or recycled sausages)

1230 – Campaign walkaround at the Mall

1400 – Opening of Rotovegas’ newest spa and resort complex, Wai Ora in Holdens Bay

We will then head off to Hamilton [shudder] then Sunday off to Auckland for the national Party campaign launch.

Whoopsy looks like BooBoo got it wrong

Academic says Election was not free and fair, article states – Fiji Government Online

Poll thumbs up questioned – Fiji Times Online

This hasn’t received any significant coverage in New Zealand and I wonder why?

[quote]Waikato University Senior Lecturer, Dr David Neilson says the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the 2006 elections challenged the dominant view of the NewZealand Government, the media and election observer missions that the Fiji elections were ?free and fair?, according to a legal article.

Dr Neilson was one of the three independent members of the Commission of Inquiry into the 2006 election, which was established by the Fiji Human Rights Commission.[/quote]

Booboo was sent up there to monitor the elections and she came back saying everything was hunkydory. Unfortunately the experts disagree.

[quote]In the article, he said the report provided ?strong indicative evidence? not only of technical deficiencies in the administration of the 2006 elections but, more significantly, bias that clearly disadvantaged Indian voters and the Fiji Labour Party, while advantaging the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party.

?With election administration, including the registration enumerators, heavily dominated by indigenous Fijians, an unintentional bias, at the least, was implied,? Dr Neilson stated.

He said the pattern of submissions demonstrated not only bias against Indian voters generally, but also that problems tended to be concentrated in the main urban open constituencies where elections were won and lost in Fiji.

?Such concentration further suggested a deliberate plan to influence the election outcome.?

Dr Neilson said the findings of the Commission ?bring into question the dominant view that we have all been subject to.? That view was that elections were good and military governments were bad ? end of story.

?What if the election was bad and the military was there to sort it out? After all, what avenues are open to a country when the democratic process breaks down? What if the regime was genuinely committed to suspending a flawed democratic process?

?Then the whole first world neo-colonial paradigm comes under question. Simply offering negative discourse and sanctions against the military government may simply be de-stabilising and undermine the capacity of such a government to follow its agenda.

?A more constructive and practical approach to helping to create the conditions of a free election is implied instead,? Dr Neilson said.[/quote]

So you see a tinpot election rigger (Qarase) aided and abetted by the NZ Government has been found out. Is it little wonder that the Clarkists are so upset about Frank Bainimarama’s stand for the future of Fiji in the face of clear and obvious vote rigging and featherbedding by Labour’s mates.

From a Google News search it appears this covered by The Nelson Mail of all papers with an article by the Neilson himself published in the NZ Herald as an opinion piece and one small piece on Radio New Zealand. The report is a bombshell that the media should have realised. It showed that the darlings of Dear Leader’s Labour Party, the SDL, were a bunch of corrupt, gerrymandering, eection rigging crooks and Bainimarama was right to toss their collective asses out in the street.

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Hands up those whose Kiwisaver provider made them a profit….not so fast ING customers

Default KiwiSaver provider losing money on 20 out of 24 funds – 12 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand Business and Personal Finance News

Just days after Cullen announced the verdict was in on Kiwisaver we get the news that ING has turned their Kiwisaver accounts into KiwiGurgler accounts.

20 out of 24 ING Kiwisaver funds copped a flogging. The news gets worse when the experts start panning things.
[quote]Gary Osborne, a former maths and economics teacher of Kelston Boys High School, found the statistics on ING’s own website and said the bad performance showed that New Zealanders would be better to stay out of the state’s financial dreams.

He analysed the 24 funds including National Bank, SIL and ANZ schemes and said he was appalled at the results.

“In all but five of the KiwiSaver funds, savers would be better off if they had slept with their funds under the mattress for the first six months of operation before allowing for the Government contribution,” he said.

Data on KiwiSaver’s performance was extremely hard to find because most providers were not posting results on their websites, he said. Yet a series of links on ING’s website clearly showed the biggest loser was SIL KiwiSaver International Property which wiped 13c off its $1 units in just half a year.

The best performer was SIL KiwiSaver International Fixed Interest. But even that fund was up just 2c.[/quote]

Whoopsy…not so good for those folk.

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