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PPTA President’s School Highly Funded Compared to Charters

In Saturday’s NZ Herald PPTA President Angela Roberts declared a “broken heart” and “hurt” over a Northland Charter School buying a waka.

This is in keeping with her attempt to protect the PPTA patch against the perceived threat of nine marauding Charter Schools.

She is trying to create the impression that Charter Schools are over-funded. In her PPTA profile Roberts declares herself a teacher of Drama and Economics at Stratford High School.

This school is long established and yet has funding of $8,865.20 per student (over $4.7 million in total – excluding buildings and centralised services).

Four of the nine Charters have got their per student costs below that level already – well within the first two years of their existence. For those schools their annual building costs are included in that figure and well as cashed-up funding for centralised services they don’t receive. ? Read more »

PPTA see kids as political footballs, advocating educational apartheid


October 1 – 3?sees the PPTA hold their annual conference.

In their paper dedicated to Charter Schools – among pages of diatribe and nonsense – starting by called the new schools a “stalking horse” – the PPTA politburo are advocating the passing of a remit stating:

“That this conference instructs PPTA members to refrain from all professional, sporting and cultural contact with charter schools including their sponsors, managers, and employees.”

Brilliant – stop kids playing sport and participating in cultural exchanges with other kids…all because their parents made a choice. What will they do next? Ask Charter School students to wear gold stars on their uniforms so everyone can know who they are to extend the ostracism?? Read more »

Charter School Round-up, Or the PPTA goes bonkers

teacherunionsBy the end of yesterday any secondary school teacher who is a member of the PPTA should have been hanging their head in shame. As the government announced the first 5 Partnership Schools the PPTA went bonkers, bananas, nuts, etc.

On Larry Williams someone called Hazel McIntosh went apoplectic – seriously toys out of the cot ranting and huffing and puffing – while admitting that she hasn’t read any of the research (even the Stanford one – great example for someone in education) and then lied by saying the $19million ?(over 4 years) has reduced the education budget – it has actually gone up. Then decided to promote a ban on all interaction with Partnership Schools by PPTA members as this is “the most serious threat facing our education system”.

On Radio Live PPTA President Angela “out of her depth” Roberts showed that with Maths she is not the sharpest tool in the kit. She kept stating the reported $19 million over 4 years is a “massive” amount of money despite it being pointed out that many NZ secondary schools are funded for well in excess of $10 million per annum. She then demanded this money be spread between all decile 1 schools as “imagine what they could do”. If reported figures are right, the ones the Ms Roberts would have used – that works out at about $19,000 per decile 1 school per year. That would really rip their undies. So Roberts is either lying and treating the public like they are dummies or can take that label for herself.? Read more »

PPTA ranter hurls ill-informed vitriol against Charter Schools

Last night on NewstalkZB, Larry Williams interviewed a nasty and spiteful vice-president of the PPTA by the name of Hazel McIntosh.

She ranted and raved and then Larry Williams spanked her with some facts…all that did was make her rant even more.

Have a listen…

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