All of the banks’ customers are equal but are some more equal than others?


Being clever about forcing your ideology onto a commercial business [ Dirty Islam ]

These women did not need to use force to bring a business to its knees. They used social media and a clever campaign using humour instead. Perhaps we can call it Dirty Islam as they are spin doctors without a doubt. Thanks to them a Danish Supermarket chain have been forced to change their rules for staff in order to allow Muslim women to wear their symbols of oppression, forced on them by a medieval ideology that has as its main goal the subjugation of any new country that they move to. What these women did is advertising terrorism and you will see it used again and again in western countries everywhere until we are all one large Islamic State and your daughters will be forced to wear their horrible hijabs because you will no longer live in a ‘ multi cultural ‘ society but an exclusively Islamic one.

NOTE: The sympathetic spin of the article. There is no? sympathy for the business who has been blackmailed into changing how they do business by a slick social media campaign.


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Would someone please tell the hand-wringers to take a hike.

?Farrar is outraged. It is his best post since the 2008 election.

The Herald reports:

Calls are increasing for skiers to be required by law to wear a standards-approved helmet on the slopes following a number of fatal skiing accidents.

Oh for fuck?s sake.

This is exactly how we feel when English or Pedobear do something stupid, only The Penguin gets wound up over ski helmets!

Penguins may hit the slopes but I doubt he’s ever been near a skifield.