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Toady of the Year Award nominations open

Iain Dale runs the Government Toady of the Year competition in the UK. Here at WOBH we are far more rude than him so I am opening nominations in the following categories;

Lickspittle of the Year – award for non-parliamentary workers with a penchant for excessive fawning

Toady of the Year – award open Government Department employees who performed excessive feats of crawling, felching and sucking up to the Government

Complete Numpty of the Year Award – Plenty of nominations expected here for this prestigious award.

Loyal Lieutenant of the Year – award for the cheerleaders in the face of overwhelming odds

Worst Election Campaign

Best Election Advertisement (Party) Award – subcategories of Print, Billboard and Video/TV ad

Best Election Advertisement (Other) Award – Open to any organisation, blog, person who isn’t a political party.

Best Election Campaign (Party) Award

Best Election Campaign (Other) Award – Open to any organisation, blog, person who isn’t a political party.

Best Candidate Award – They might not necessarily have won but they were the best, though how losers could possibly spin a loss into a win is beyond me

Worst Candidate Award – The award for the all the numpty candidates

Most Effective Blogger Award – The award for the bloggers of all persuasions who put on the best hits

Place your nominations in the comments or email me. Suggestions of new awards also welcome.

Iain Dale on Political blogging

Iain Dale has a very good post on political blogging in the UK. There are many similarities between the UK and NZ in terms of the evolution of the political blogosphere.

Especially around readership, MSM reaction to bloggers and revenues from blogging.

Well worth a read, even though it is lengthy.