Health Promotion Agency

Take ya hand off it Kevvy, it’s not healthy


For months we have seen Green Party and List MP Kevin Hague stalk ex politician and HPA board member Katherine Rich.

As part of his unhealthy obsession with her, he?s asked over 50 Parliamentary questions to the Government over her appointment to the HPA board.

Today we see the announcement from Acting Assistant Auditor-General, Legal of the Office of the Controller and Auditor General clear Katherine Rich of any possible conflicts of interest with her role as a board member of the HPA and her role as CEO of the Food Grocery Council.

The Auditor General said:

We are satisfied that there are no matters we need to investigate further. We have not identified problems with the management of conflicts of interest by the HPA.

Here, we consider it would be too simplistic to assume that the aims and activities of the HPA and FGC are incontrovertibly opposed and utterly incompatible, such that a person who was associated with one organisation was impossibly compromised from any association with the other. Similarly, it would be too vague and indirect to conclude that it is impermissible for Mrs Rich to participate in any matter relating to a broad general subject-matter, such as alcohol or tobacco. For a problem to arise, there would have to be some particular substantive act or decision of the HPA board that clearly affected, or was affected by, something arising out of Mrs Rich?s FGC role.

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Dirty Trougher Kypros Kypri wants sunlight – but hides Doug Sellman


Oh here we go again. Trougher researcher Kypros Kypri seems hell-bent on getting some sunlight.

Problem is that his latest play at getting attention is at the expense of his writing buddy – mad as a hatter Professor Doug Sellman.

The Dominion Post this morning pimps yet another whinge whinge whinge by publich health experts troughers all moaning, once again about the Health Promotion Agency. ? Read more »

Kevin Hague’s creepy stalking of Katherine Rich has a logic problem


Kevin Hague continues to creepily stalk Katherine Rich but it seems his logic is somewhat flawed.

Quite apart from the fact that there is no pecuniary interest to Katherine Rich personally he is basically saying that if ANYONE who makes a “profit” in any way should be prevented from being on a board…except his health trougher mates.

There is a problem with his logic though as Eye2thelongrun point outs.

Green ?healthy food? spokesman Kevin Hague says he has a problem with Food and Grocery CE Katherine Rich’s ?conflict of interest? in being a member of the Health Promotion Agency? which, amongst other things, promotes healthy food while at the same time heading an organisation whose members make a profit out of distributing and selling food.

He?s right. He does have a problem.

Like the numerous others who still some 5,000 years on from first ever production, do not understand what a profit is. ? Read more »

Trougher of the Year Tries to Protect Patch

2013 TROUGHER OF THE YEAR Boyd Swinburn aka Boyd Swingeburn?has emerged from the trough and is now complaining to all and sundry that scientists (i.e. him) are under attack.

He?s saying that ?scientists that represent the voice of the public in policy making are being shouted down by large commercial interests and their views suppressed by attack campaigns?.

Nice to see that Boyd Swingeburn thinks he?s the ?voice of the public?.

Maybe it?s the rarified air he?s sucked into his lungs at Lake Como, Italy that instilled in him the view that he?s the voice of the people.

He then bangs on about ?a blanket of suppression is insidiously descending on the voices for public health?.

Maybe those voices are actually calling for accountability of the millions and millions of taxpayer dollars being hoovered up sending Boyd Swingeburn and his troughing mates on flash overseas holidays junkets conferences.

Now as the ?voice of the people? Boyd Swingeburn is attacking the Government, saying Tony Ryall dismissed a letter from so-called public health experts upset that there?s an industry representative ? former MP and head of the Food & Grocery Council Katherine Rich, on the Health Promotion Agency (HPA). ?? Read more »

They forgot it is also the cure for Ebola

The wowsers are out in force again with a gay ad that promotes drinking water instead of beer.

Water is being marketed as a spoof beer brand in the latest campaign aimed to curb problem drinking in New Zealand.

The Health Promotion Agency campaign, which includes television ads, billboards and street posters, begins today and continue until January.

HPA communication and capacity manager Tane Cassidy said water was being marketed in a light-hearted way. That included renaming it Not Beersies, a term audiences were familiar with from previous alcohol awareness campaigns.? Read more »

More pimping of #dirtypolitics


Shaun Hendy writes today on saying Dirty Politics damages science.

While it?s a bit of a whaa whaaa whaaaa piece, it did make me wonder who Shaun Hendy is, particularly seeing that he?s now an expert in dirty politics and seems happy to enter the fray.

So for our WOBH readers, here?s a bit on who Shaun Hendy is.

Sean is a researcher with the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and nanotechnology at The University of Auckland. He?s a smart cookie and has done well. Good for him.

He also blogs at Sciblogs where he attracts a monthly audience of more than 1000 readers, many of them policy makers in NZ?s innovation sector.? It?s here that he starts crossing over from being a theoretical physicist and expert in nanotechnology, to playing in the political environment.

In his post ?Scientists need to hold policy-makers to account? he pimps Nicky Hager?s stolen emails, and clearly is very supportive of a bunch of troughers who don?t like the Health Promotion Agency having industry representative Katherine Rich on its board. ? Read more »

No surprises here, fans of the ban want to drop the ban hammer

The assorted state funded wowsers and finger waggers that want to tell us all what we should and shouldn’t be eating are upset because someone other than them has a viewpoint.

Like with every solution they have ever come up with they want to drop the ban hammer on Katherine Rich because she doesn’t agree with them.

They want to ban packaging for tobacco, for sugar products and for a multitude of other things. They want to ban sugar, tax this and tax that. This little bunch of state funded control freaks want to be the only voice in the marketplace.

A group of 33 senior health researchers and scientists are calling for an investigation into whether former National MP Katherine Rich was associated with attacks on public health specialists while she was meant to be promoting the Government’s health messages.

The group has signed and sent a letter to Prime Minister John Key, asking him to look into allegations contained in Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics about Mrs Rich, who is a member of the Government’s Health Promotion Agency (HPA). Mrs Rich has denied any wrongdoing.

The book raises questions about her association with Carrick Graham, a public relations specialist allegedly linked to posts on the Whale Oil blog that malign Doug Sellman, the director of the National Addictions Centre.

“Despite many opportunities to refute the allegations, Mrs Rich has chosen neither to deny nor to disprove these,” the letter says.

The group wants Mrs Rich to be sacked from the HPA if there is any truth to the allegations.

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Labour’s new anti cronyism policy

? NZ Herald

Even though Chris Hipkins attacked the wrong person he has still done us all a massive favour. In an intemperate rant about National appointing mates to the Health Promotion Agency he says the following:

Three National Party office-holders on one board, particularly given the nature of the board, with an advocacy role, it seems to me is pretty questionable.

He was concerned that the presence of three National members would heavily influence the agenda of the new organisation, which would create programmes on key areas such as alcohol use and obesity.

Great. When Labour come back into power we will be able to hold them to the ?Hipkins Standard?. No one with any Labour Party connections, even if they have been out of parliament for more than a term, may be given any government appointment.

That should stop the kind of useless hacks that infest Labour being given any positions that cost the rest of us money.

Chippie mis-fires again

? NZ Herald

Chris Hipkins has taken time out of his tortured, angst ridden relationship with whatever batshit crazy woman student he has been chasing to accuse National of cronyism in the appointment of people with National Party links to the Health Promotion Agency.

Unfortunately for Chippie, the Herald ran an article on Lee Mathias recently.

Lee Mathias’s first entrepreneurial business was Birthcare after being a nurse for 26 years including principal nurse at Middlemore Hospital. The entrepreneur, who is currently deputy chair of the Auckland District Health Board, first thought of the idea for Birthcare when completing an MBA at the University of Auckland University.

Having her own children at National Women’s her argument was: “What would I like? We’ve got to be able to do something better than this.”

She opened the new building for Birthcare Auckland in 2001, having launched Birthcare Huntly in 1995. Birthcare contracted to DHBs and the Ministry of Health to provide primary maternity facilities services.From there Mathias went to Labtests, where she was a director and shareholder. In July 2006, Labtests Auckland was awarded the contract to provide community laboratory services to the people of Auckland.

Selling out in 2007, Mathias, who has a doctorate, became a professional director and chair, but still wanted to be involved in entrepreneurial enterprises.

So 26 years as a nurse, running a midwifery business, a couple of biotech positions and a background in managing tight budgets for growing organisations is trumped by being a former National Party electorate chair? Or does her over 30 years in public health, and doctorate in corporate governance, plus many years of governance experience make her an ideal candidate for this role?