Labour’s Little Lies

Andrew Little’s health campaign is based on a lie.

It is one where they claim that health spending has been cut in the last seven years.

Repeating one of his party’s election-year refrains, that health spending had in real terms endured a $1.7 billion cut during the past seven years , he said last year 60,000 people across the country had been told by their GPs to they needed a specialist appointment had been only to be “turned away” from their local hospitals.

In the Southern District Health Board 5500 people had received that message, he said.

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Put you your off your dinner Saturday: A collection of ” creatures ” found in food

A Kiwi Dad found a ” creature ” inside a Watties can of baked beans that turned out to be mould and it inspired me to entertain you all this Saturday with a collection of ” creatures ” found in food all over the world.

But first a poem…

A full mouse, I think,
Is not so distinct,
I seem to have seen,
One here in my sink.

But half a mouse, well,
That’s a mouse not so full,
Yet better than that,
It’s quite actionable.

A full mouse, I fear,
Is just not so rare,
Despite the view of,
A tail and some hair.

But half a mouse asks,
Where the other half is,
And that’s the mouse half,
Where a lawsuit might live.

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Labour lied, no one was surprised

For weeks the Labour party has been pushing (see above), what has turned out to be a lie, that the government has made health cuts. They even set up a dodgy, lying website for their campaign.

We highlighted it several times, including figures from the Rotorua area that showed they were lying.

Now travel, lifestyle and fitness blogger, David Farrar, has compiled some real numbers to show that their claims were outrageous lies.

Labour have been going on for months claiming that health funding has not grown to keep up with our population and inflation. They cite a figure of $1.7 billion of under funding on this basis.

I made the mistake of assuming their figure was correct, and not checking up on it previously. I just assumed someone else would have.

But as I had some spare time last weekend I went through the Vote Health expenditure for the last decade. I then got the CPI figures and the resident population figures. And put them into the table below.   Read more »

Are National about to betray Kiwi businesses?


Think about this.

National is about to pass a Bill regulating natural products that has been sitting around since 2006 with no apparent will to move it forward…until now. It is a Bill that will likely offer absolutely no safety advantage for kiwis, cost New Zealanders jobs and cost the government tax revenue.

In short, it’s a bill that does nothing but harm New Zealand and New Zealanders. So if this is true, why is it about to be passed?

National gave the industry an assurance that any new regulations would be ‘incredibly light handed’ and yet they have come up with a regime that looks to be a stepping stone to the most repressive system in the world, the TGA in Australia. National also opposed this bill in opposition, and inherited from the last government, so why are they now pushing ahead with it?

How is this? We are being told by the Ministry of Health officials that all customer feedback (testimonials) will be banned and claims will be severely limited. Unfortunately, in order to compete online you have to have the same tools as everyone else. A glance at will reveal that their supplements are sold almost solely on the basis of hundreds of testimonials, many making various claims of how they have been helped.

Now I know there are many bogus claims online, weight loss etc, but people are smart enough to see these for what they are, we don’t need unelected bureaucrats you have never met, with undeclared agendas to make these decisions for you. The truth is the horse has bolted. There is no point passing 1980s style legislation that considers New Zealand is still an island that can be walled off from the evils of the rest of the world, because in the age of the internet, islands no longer exist and distance to market means very little.   Read more »

Andrew Little’s claims are deceptive

Andrew Little has an opinion piece int eh Herald today and, as is usual with a union boss, it is highly deceptive.

Take these claims:

Paula Bennett wrote an opinion piece at the weekend, trying to justify the inexcusable reality we now face of new-born babies living in cars. Her excuse boiled down to ‘it’s too expensive’.

She claimed it costs $40,000 to house a family of five in Tamaki. That’s a trumped up example but let’s take it and see how many families a government with the right priorities could house:

• National spent $27m on a failed flag referendum. That could have housed 675 families

• $11.5m on a sheep farm in the Saudi desert could have housed 287 families

• $118m in dividends that National is taking out of Housing New Zealand could house 2,950 families

He fails to understand budget processes. Vote Housing does not include sums from Vote Internal Affairs (the flag referendum), Vote Foreign Affairs & Trade. But those claims too are facetious, because Labour has variously claimed the flag referendum money would have been better spent on Keytruda, education and other areas. Like tax cuts money Labour will spend it ten times over in their claims that they know best.   Read more »


Steve “Candyman” Joyce hands out more budget goodies

Steve Joyce has become quite the “Candyman” with his corporate welfare:

Health research funding will be boosted by $97 million over the next four years.   Read more »


Vegetarians are unhealthier, more mentally disturbed than meat-lovers


Yummy meat

Anyone who eats meat already knows this.

It’s no secret that many vegetarians are also radical environmentalists and climate alarmists who are obsessed and hysterical about the planet burning up. Perhaps the University of Graz in Austria has discovered one reason why: their “unhealthy” diet.

A new University of Graz study concludes that vegetarians are more often ill and have a lower quality of living than meat-eaters. According to the German press release, vegetarians “have cancer and heart attacks more often”. The release also says that they show more psychological disorders than meat eaters. Consequently, the report writes, they are a greater burden on the health care system.   Read more »


Peter FitzSimons on Fatties

Peter FitzSimons has a great column in the SMH about how he managed to lose weight and improve his health…all without taxes.

Oi! You. Fatty Boomka.

Yes, you. Don’t look around, at others. I am talking to you, bloke.

And don’t be offended at being called “Fatty Boomka”, see, because I used to be you. You and I were the Boomka twins, and I could more than hold my own against you on the other end of the see-saw.

Until, finally, after a good 30 years of being on the endless yo-yo weight plan – very fat … pretty fat … not-so-fat-but-still-a-whole-lot-to-love … pretty-fat … very bloody fat – I’ve worked the whole thing out. I’m establishing the “yo diet”. I’ve worked out how to go down and stay down.

So do you want to hear the answer, or not? Bloke to bloke, no bullshit, no touchy-feely crap, no “miracle diets” nonsense, no Jenny Craig, no self-mutilation by taking out half your tummy, or putting in staples.

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Duncan Garner shares his mid-life crisis

With his show 3D axed, his colleague Plunket announcing a shock departure, and general unease in the Mediaworks stable, Duncan realises he’s got a long life ahead and family comes first.

Sorry to be morbid, but I’ve been slightly obsessing about death lately. My own, specifically.

What a grim time the end of this year has become – Paris gunmen and terror attacks, then yet another American mass shooting this week.

Then there’s the threat posed by natural causes and illness.

The good news this week was that there’s now a “game-changing” drug to treat melanoma, which kills 300 New Zealanders every year.

But the bad news is that our government’s drug buying agency, Pharmac, has deemed the drug (Keytruda) a low priority.

This is the problem with Pharmac – they’re in a position to play god with people’s lives.

Yes, the agency must make decisions within a budget, but this stance is particularly devastating to families here who need access to that drug. It costs $300,000 for a full treatment. That counts most people out.

In Australia and Britain the drug is publicly funded. I don’t understand why Pharmac think they know better. It’s a matter of life and death, after all.

Then there’s Jonah Lomu’s death aged just 40. The public memorial this week was a superb celebration of his life, cut so short at age 40. His adorable boys are just 5 and 6. They have lost their Dad.

My boys are 5 and 7. My girls are 12 and 14.

I desperately don’t want to depart planet earth just yet and leave them behind. I love seeing them grow. I need them. They need me.

The only thing that terrifies me more than dying is leaving my family in the lurch.

Garner’s future should be just fine.  Unless he’s squandered all the salaries he’s been collecting over the years.  But yes, Radio New Zealand is a bit full up with media refugees looking for a soft pre-retirement landing, TVNZ aren’t hiring, and Mediaworks and job security are not two terms that go together right now.  He’s right to worry.   Read more »

Wonder no more why we are becoming a nation of fat bastards

Forget a sugar tax, or a fat tax, the reason why we are becoming a nation of fat bastards is quite simply because we are lazy.

A global study on physical activity has “staggered” its New Zealand researcher with findings that show Kiwis are less active than Americans, and on par with Iraqis for regular exercise.

AUT professor of physical activity Erica Hinckson said news New Zealand ranked 88th out of 110 nations for physical activity was a surprise even to her.

“I was hoping we would be further up the list.”

The data, from the Global Observatory for Physical Activity, revealed New Zealand women came in even lower than men when it came to reaching 150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous physical activity.    Read more »