Heartland Tour

Heartland Tour Update

As reported the other day The Heartland Tour seems to be going quite well…..for Helen Clark.

Clark had Lincoln University breaking the law sitting in the aisles to house her yesterday.  While there is a large splattering of red and MP’s Lianne Dalziel and Megan Woods tweeting their attendance, her topic was on the state of the environment.  Snooze.

Proof people will attend anything really as long as it is not David Shearer speaking.

Meanwhile, how many people are filling the Shearer meetings?

Rather than writing terribly spun e-newsletters he really should just give up and join Helen Clark’s tour which seems to be going down a treat even when she is speaking about the UN.

Heartland Tour Update?

So anyway back to David Shearer’s Heartland Tour, I have some questions

1. How many people have been attending meetings?

2. Have media been touring covering the events?

3. What is the total cost of the tour to taxpayers or “someone else”?

4. Have they let David Cunliffe and Charles Chauvel out in to the countryside yet?

5. How many new members have Labour signed up due to the tour?

I only ask as I see Helen Clark has been doing her own tour of New Zealand Heartland as an excuse for the UN trough to pay for her trips back to New Zealand to see her Labour lurvies.

I would like to compare Shearer’s answers to Clark’s for numbers 1,2,3 and 5.

After her lecture labelled Disaster Resilience on August 15th, I hasten to add I think Shearer has actually collapsed his tour into Dear Leaders on caucus management.