Heather du Plessis-Allan

Mediaworks plugs a loophole

Heather du Plessis-Allan has got the arse card from Mediaworks after running off her mouth to competitor NZME.

This was one loophole that wasn’t going to save her.

Story host Heather du Plessis-Allan has been ordered off air by MediaWorks after a controversial interview.

It is understood an email was sent to MediaWorks staff by news chief?Hal Crawford stating that there were “inaccuracies” in du Plessis-Allan’s interview.

Did she lie?

In the interview with NZME on Sunday, Heather said she hadn’t told her co-host Garner that she was quitting TV, and claimed the pair knew in July Story would be axed.

Crawford told staff in the email that du Plessis-Allan did not know the show was ending, and the decision to discontinue Story was only taken recently.

“I can confirm Heather is leaving MediaWorks. I am not requiring that she work out her notice period and therefore she will not appear on air for the remainder of Story or her Radio Live show,” he wrote.? Read more »

Fact checking media moron Heather du Plessis-Allan


Heather du Plessis-Allan-Soper ?has an opinion piece in today’s Herald on Sunday that I am surprised made it past the editor for all the unmitigated inaccuracies in her claims.

She has rather absurdly compared 1930s NAZI Germany and 2016 USA in her piece entitled ?Heather du Plessis-Allan: Fascism is just a few votes away?.

HdPA?s shoddy comparisons reflect a new low for lazy, ignorant, and misleading opinion pieces making their way into the New Zealand Herald.

Let’s fact check the fool.

Implication that Hitler murdered six million people: This is false, or misleading at best.?The total number of people murdered during the Holocaust (in death camps) was eleven million. Hitler murdered (or orchestrated the murder of) six million Jews as well as another five million people (Poles, Gypsies, GLBT, Jehovahs Witnesses, Disabled, plus other people from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, France and even Germany). The above number does not include the rest of the WW2 casualties. ? Read more »

And here was me thinking Maori were the warrior race

Maori have portrayed themselves as the warrior race for many, many years.

But it seems they have become emasculated and become a pathetic girly race of half-people, upset over words and stories told in the wrong way.

A report by Mediaworks presenter Heather du Plessis-Allan that likened Maori sites of cultural significance to “rubbish dumps” has been deemed insensitive.

The item, which appeared on Story which du Plessis-Allan co-hosts with Duncan Garner, looked at how purchasers of Auckland homes near areas of cultural significance may need to get consent from iwi before undertaking structural building work.

During the piece du Plessis-Allan reported from an empty field.

“It’s where back in the old days Maori used to throw the shells when they’d finished eating their seafood. So it’s pretty much a rubbish dump.

“We looked it up – ‘midden’ is an old Danish word for ‘domestic rubbish dump’.”

Following the piece a member of the public, Ross Carter, complained to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) that it was racist and denigrating of Maori culture.

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HDPA advocates giving Kirsty Johnston a good hard slap

When Heather du Plessis-Allan?isn’t trying to find loopholes that don’t exist in gun law she is giving advice to millennials whinging about the so-called housing crisis.

Quite frankly, inner-city kids sound like a bunch of snobs.

If an inner-Aucklander around the 30-year-old mark is complaining about Auckland’s housing crisis, give that person a slap. There’s nothing as unattractive as a millennial playing the stereotype of a spoiled generation, feeling entitled to the good life, and unable to bear buying a house in that part of town. That person deserves a housing crisis. ?

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Hey Heather, did you know the Herald, who published your column, is a tax dodger too?

So, Heather du Plessis-Allan is being paid to write a column and she chooses tax dodging corporations as her target, failing to mention the tens?of millions her employer is under investigation for “evading”.

The plumber is coming around to fix the leaky kitchen sink this week.

I’ve written him a note.


I hope the capitals make it clear we don’t like tax dodgers of his sort.

The only sort of tax dodgers we like are the ones who drive cars as pricey as three-bedroom houses, wear clothing designed by people with Italian names and yet earn a surprisingly low income.

Or, in her case, she is perfectly happy to accept pay from a corporate tax dodger like the NZ Herald. ? Read more »

Face of the day


Today’s face of the day, Heather du Plessis-Allan, is holding a proposed version of the New Zealand flag upside down. Flying a flag upside down is an officially recognised signal of distress. Flag etiquette says that a flag should never be displayed upside down except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. Then again, maybe Heather is testing a loophole?


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Yet again the Media party get a free pass for breaking the law

It looks like David Tipple is going to have to take a private prosecution since the Police have declined to charge Heather du Plessis-Allan.

Police have decided not to charge Heather du Plessis-Allan after an investigation into her purchase of a gun on an episode of TV3’s Story.

Police have issued formal warnings against three MediaWorks staff for their involvement in the purchase of the firearm.

An investigation arose when staff from the show Story forged a document to obtain a firearm.

The team said they did it to highlight a loop-hole in the law.

Police say they’re satisfied the firearm was not purchased for any sinister purpose and that’s why the investigation’s only resulted in the issuing of warnings.

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SHOCKING: Gun City caught out by another loophole

When it comes to getting your hands on stuff being sold by Gun City, the loopholes just keep on coming.

Minutes after posting CCTV footage of a man stealing close to to $20,000 in military equipment on Facebook, Christchurch gun shop owner David Tipple was inundated with messages “naming and shaming” the alleged thief.

The man was captured on camera, grinning as he stole a 280840 ATN NVG7 Night Vision Head Unit valued at $17,999.

The CCTV footage was posted on Gun City’s Facebook page of a couple they say were in their store on Sunday afternoon at 3.07pm.

The video shows a man leaning over the counter, taking an item and stuffing it in his jacket.

Who?could have seen that coming? ? Bloody loopholes. ? Read more »

Charges imminent for Mediaworks host?


THE GUN DEALER at the centre of the Heather du Plessis Allan firearms controversy has agreed to give evidence for the prosecution if the case goes to trial ? and says he?s picking the broadcaster will be locked up for her ?stupidity?.

Gun City owner David Tipple yesterday confirmed he had willingly been cooperating with police about the whole du Plessis Allan matter and would be giving evidence if she was eventually charged.

He believed on the strength of the evidence so far du Plessis Allan could very well be looking at a stint behind bars.

?I doubt very much in this case the courts are going to slap her over the hand with a wet bus ticket. They?ll make an example of her. I?m quite sure of that,? he said.

?The courts take a dim view of anyone who impersonates a police officer. It is a serious offence. I think they?ll take this very seriously.?

Du Plessis Allan is currently the focus of a police inquiry after using fake credentials and illegally assuming the identity of a police officer to purchase a firearm online in what she argued was an attempt to highlight a loophole in the mail order gun system.

This was despite there being no evidence of anyone ever purchasing a firearm illegitimately online. ? Read more »

What is Heather du Plessis-Allen up to now?

Subject: Heather du Plesiss Allan is visiting gun clubs in the lower half of the north island, asking questions and requesting to see people’s firearms licenses

Many thanks Mike for your well researched response. Hope this is helpful for Handloaders as well [as] Simon as TV3 appear to [have] gun ownership in NZ in their sights and could use anyone from their teams up and down the country to get a story going with the aim to escalate anti gun sentiment. We need to well prepared..


On Saturday, 5 December 2015, Mike <[redacted]> wrote:

Is she allowed by law to enter a gun / firing range with out an appropriate firearms licence and membership to that club or without being accompanied by someone with an appropriate firearms licence or club membership ?.

Gun clubs should put signage up to this effect and also check that all members are carrying their FAL with them if they are transporting or about to use a firearm at that club. Range officer could check this and if individuals are not able to produce their licence, don’t let them use use it and if necessary, make them leave their firearm with the range officer while they leave the the club to get their FAL. Read more »