Face of the day


Have you heard of aggressive advertising?

One example is throwing a brick through someone’s window with a note attached saying, Dave’s Window repair ph 0800brokenglass

Apparently on the West Coast someone threw a hedgehog through a window. They didn’t mention if a note was attached but if it was I wonder what it would say?

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Did Farrar cause Ron Jeremy’s health scare?

Obviously David Farrar’s hurty arse and the mention of Ron Jeremy are connected to the hospitalisation of the porn star with an aneurysm…I can see it can’t you:

Cult porn star Ron Jeremy is in a critical condition in hospital after being treated for an aneurysm near his heart.

Jeremy, 59, who is perhaps the adult film industry’s best known faces, checked himself into Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles after experiencing severe chest pain.  Read more »

Damn Hedgehogs

My neighbour is a dear old duck but her ability to keep her garden has way passed her physical well-being. Accordingly we have a jungle next door and an endles uspply of hedgehogs trespassing.

The dumb mutt also like the pleasure that hedgehogs give her, though she is a little slow at working out they have spines and curl into a ball necessitating her barking and flicking it around the yeard….at 2 am!

So how the hell do you kill hedgehogs? I was thinking of napalming the neighbour’s garden.

I am officially over the hedgehog’s and the kids are fond of the dumb mutt so taking her to a farm to dig a deep hole is out of the question.