There is plenty of affordable housing, it’s just all in China

People go on and on about affordable housing…there is plenty available…it is just all in China where there are hundreds of thousands of empty homes just waiting for occupiers.

Wait! There’s an idea…let’s ship out the underclass to go live in China.

Over the last two years of traveling constantly in China, I can say that I have not seen a single city, town, or hamlet without massive empty housing stock. A colleague, on two trips crossing about 1,500 kilometers overland, said that he was not out of sight of empty buildings even once. Up by the Siberian border, the town of Manzhouli has decided to become a tourist resort and built thousands of empty ?villa? developments. In the southern mountains of Yunnan, a colleague took video footage of 15 kilometers unbroken of empty highrises. The ghost developments stretch along Beijing?s southern Fourth Ring and through Shanghai?s Pudong and Xuhui. The East District Zhengzhou looks like a post-apocalyptic landscape. The new districts of Harbin could earn some revenue as sets for a remake of?I Am Legend. ? Read more »

Car Crushing – Chinese Style

The Chinese do not stuff around with boyracer legislation to crush cars. ?They DIY.

Over 150 illegal cabs get the axe in China?- my legal cab drivers.

From Stuff

What do you with 156 illegal taxis that have been seized by officials?

You hand them over to the legal taxi drivers to destroy of course.

Authorities in the Chinese city of Hefei did just that earlier this month and the destruction of the vehicles was carried with “great vigor” by the legal taxi drivers who were helped by police and city workers according website, carnewschina.com.

Apparently illegal taxis are a big problem in China with the vehicles often painted in the same colour scheme as legal companies. They operate without licenses and with bugged or fake meters. Often the vehicles are considered unroadworthy.

Those affected by boyracing should be given this chance first.