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For those of you still interested in Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and his dodgy dealings over fish then you should read Busted Blonde’s comments on the finding of Ross Meurant.

Yes indeed, the wires will be burning up with concern that the whole scam and corruption will be given the damn good airing that it deserves.

This is all about how vested interests bought for and owned and manipulated a politician and his political party.

Labour and Helen Clark are going to regret the day they decided to get into bed with a fish stinking dwarf who wears snappy suits.

Judgment day for Peters over $100,000

Judgment day for Peters over $100,000The privileges committee will meet today to finalise its report into the treatment of Owen Glenn’s $100,000 donation to Winston Peters’ legal fund, in a week when the New Zealand First leader is also poised to fight back against the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Personally I don’t think we will get much joy out of the Privileges Committee report due this week. The more interesting case will be the Serious Fraud office investigation into Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode.

I think that everything is going to hinge around the Spencer Trust, how it is funded, by whom, and where all the money goes. Word has it that many in the fishing industry are nervously looking over their shoulders, as well they should.

The interesting overlap though, exists between fishing, racing and boxing.

Meanwhile Phil Kitchin has tracked down Ross Meurant, the former bagman and advisor to Winston First. Ross Meurant is the loose cannon that all involved fear. He knows way to much and is bat-shit crazy to boot. One thing you cannot do to Ross Meurant is threaten him, he just laps it all up. Meurant though, is up to his neck in this too and so will probably be wanting to cut some sort of deal to avoid prosecution in return for him turning snitch.

A suggestion for the SFO

As the Serious Fraud Office has now moved on obtained documents regarding the alleged corruption of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode it begs the question as to what else there may be out there.

While the previously secret video clip questions Suminovich’s credibility I’m not sure it is the smoking gun it was touted to be against Peters.

The SFO should revisit Yvonne Dossetter’s 2004 affidavit claiming that Peters received cash payments in the order of $300,000 from Suminovich via her former partner Ross Meurant. The affidavit did the rounds of Parliament (clerk of the house, David Carter [as chair of the SC], the Speaker, back to Carter) followed by Peters unsuccessfully suing Carter, TVNZ et al.

More on Scampi

Well, my site has taken a hammering since posting the infamous secret scampi video. Now by way of a backrounder here is some filler information that tells you why this video is so explosive. It is from Hansard and the debate on Scampi. When you read this you can see why Winston Raymond peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode is going to be squirmingthat the video has now seen the light of day. You would also do well to read Question 5 from the other day as well.

Hon KEN SHIRLEY (ACT): On 16 October 2001 Winston Peters, the leader of the New Zealand First Party, issued a press release. It was titled: “Gross incompetence in fisheries. Heads need to roll.” He was calling for a dismissal of the chief executive of the Ministry of Fisheries, and he claimed that the ministry was guilty of gross incompetence, faulty allocation of scampi quota, wanton disregard for due process, and unlawful treatment of fishers. He called on the Minister of Fisheries to invoke an immediate inquiry. He said that the allocation of scampi was to be taken away from the ministry, as it could not be trusted. Those were very serious allegations, and some even called them reckless. It was classic Winston Peters innuendo.

Six months later, on 24 April 2002, in the general debate-this very debate we are having now-Winston Peters lambasted the Minister of Fisheries for not taking action. He accused the Ministry of Fisheries of condoning corruption, aiding and abetting corruption, and involving itself in that corruption. Winston Peters said: “I will produce evidence that the ministry knowingly condoned that corruption.” He went on further to say: “In the next few weeks I intend to demonstrate with voluminous evidence and affidavits why this ministry should be removed from its job and the Serious Fraud Office asked, belatedly, to do its job.”

Eventually, a parliamentary inquiry into the scampi allegations was instigated by the Primary Production Committee, following a very high-profile Assignment programme that screened on television. One would have expected Winston Peters, having made those allegations, to rejoice at having got that inquiry but, oh no, he gave not a whisper, not a murmur. He quickly replaced Doug Woolerton, the permanent New Zealand First member on that select committee, and then spent his time focusing on narrowing and closing the terms of reference for the committee. It was all, one would say, rather curious.

The Primary Production Committee sat for several months, consumed an enormous amount of Parliament’s time, and reported on 2 December 2003. Winston Peters produced no evidence to support the reckless allegations he had made, and he certainly did not table the “voluminous evidence” he had promised. He was as quiet as a lamb, with barely a whisper.

Last night on television further allegations were made, and reference was made to a sworn affidavit. The functioning of this Parliament and its processes was raised, and the programme focused on a former member of this House-perhaps one of the most unsavoury members who has passed through this House-a Mr Ross Meurant.

It seems that a former member of Parliament, Ross Meurant, was engaged by Simunovich Fisheries as an adviser and lobbyist. Concurrent with that, of course-and a lot of people do not realise this-Mr Meurant was also hired by the New Zealand First Party and was on its payroll; actually, on the taxpayers’ payroll through the Parliamentary Service.

We were told that Mr Meurant attended several meetings, together with principals of Simunovich Fisheries. Mr Meurant’s former partner of some 9 years, Yvonne Theresa Dossetter, swears that Ross Meurant met at the Simunovich’s olive farm following the infamous Kermadec restaurant meal, and the proposal was put that the payment of $300,000 to Meurant would be a good investment for the Simunovich business. It is alleged that the deed was done, and that the money would be available from an Australian bank account. Subsequently, it is alleged that Mr Meurant boasted to Yvonne Dosseter, who has sworn an affidavit, that the money was paid, and that Meurant indeed had it in a brown paper bag.
This is an extremely serious allegation, and it brings into question in the public’s mind the functioning of our representative democracy. What we have to realise is that Winston Peters was in there with him.