Another Goff stuff up, NH90s not fit for purpose

Phil Goff signing away nearly $800 million on rubbish helicopters

Phil Goff signing away nearly $800 million on rubbish helicopters

The NZ Herald editorial explores yet another legacy of the idiot Phil Goff from when he was Defence Minister.

Nine years ago, the decision to buy eight NH90 helicopters for the air force was accompanied by considerable fanfare. The French-made multi-purpose choppers would, said the Defence Minister, Phil Goff, be bigger, faster, more versatile and have a far greater lift capability than the ageing Iroquois they were replacing. Such acclaim was only to be expected given that they represented the biggest single defence purchase since the navy’s two Anzac frigates in the 1980s. The NH90s cost $771 million, a sum which demanded everything should be done to ensure they met Defence Force requirements for military deployment and disaster relief.

Clearly, this was not done to an acceptable standard. Cyclone-hit Vanuatu has proved as much. None of the NH90s have been taken up there because they are considered too difficult to transport and are not yet cleared for “island-hopping”. In addition, the air force is concerned about how the helicopters would cope with “wind-wash” in the islands. So much for Mr Goff’s assurance that the multi-role ship Canterbury, now in Vanuatu, had the capacity to carry up to four NH90s, along with a Seasprite helicopter, light armoured vehicles and 250 soldiers.

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And they attack bloggers for being insensitive

The media went on a feeding frenzy for being insensitive after a car crash.

At least I never endangered any rescue workers.

Engineers inspecting the site of today’s fatal rockfall near Pio Pio have been placed in danger by a media helicopter filming the scene.  Read more »


Christmas Tree Harvest. Jaw dropping…

Man decapitated by Chopper

Now that is getting too close to the action.

A man has been killed playing with his toy chopper.

 A young New York City man was killed on Thursday after being struck in the head by a remote-controlled toy helicopter he was flying in a city park, police said.

Roman Pirozek, 19, suffered the fatal head injury at Calvert Vaux Park in Brooklyn, police said.

Witnesses told police the helicopter he was flying crashed into Pirozek and cut off part of the top of his head and his shoulder, while his friends watched on in horror.

“I was playing at the park and we came into the clearing and we just saw a body on the floor, he was just decapitated, the whole top of his head was gone,” Maria Delgado, 13, told the New York Post  Read more »

Like having eyes at the back of your head….


Photo Of The Day

Now, this is some flying skill

This is quite unbelievable…and shows the skill of the pilot:

TV3 coverage of chopper crash

TV3 have much better video of the chopper crash yesterday. Taken from a different angle you can clearly see the cause of the accident is a fool on the ground jumping up to secure the cable that the pilot is slowly and carefully lowering to the ground.

That one little jump and the addition of the weight of that man to the cable straightened it out and pulled it into the path of the rotors. The chopper nearly lands on the fool for his troubles.

Look at the video at about 3:20. You can see him jump up and grab the cable which then gets pulled into the path of the rotors. The chopper then destroys itself and injures the pilot in a matter of seconds.


Helicopter crashes in The Viaduct

A helicopter erecting the Telecom Christmas tree appears to have hit a cable and crashed.

TVNZ has the footage of the crash.

I wonder how long it will be before The Standard accuses John Key of sabotaging the chopper to deflect from his poor election campaign.