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A blinded pilot can’t fly. Who knew?

Remember the helicopters illuminated by hundreds of lasers over Tahir Square during the Egyptian Revolution last month? I commented as a pilot about the dangers of being blinded. Some people didn?t understand why a pilot couldn?t keep flying, even if blind, so, I made a video.

Human powered helicopter wins the Sikorsky prize [VIDEO]

Human ingenuity and machinery fascinates me…the bigger the machine the better. After 33 years the Sikorsky ?prize has finally been won.

A Canadian duo and their Kickstarter-funded, pedal-powered helicopter have?won one of the longest-standing challenges?in the history of aviation ? keeping a human-powered aircraft hovering up in the air at height of at least 9.8 feet, within a 32.8 by 32.8-foot square, for 60 seconds minimum. The challenge, known as?the Sikorsky prize, has withstood at numerous failed attempts since it was established in 1980, 33 years ago, even with a $250,000 bounty. But it was finally bested earlier in June by the Atlas, a gigantic human-powered helicopter designed by Cameron Robertson and Todd Reichert, aeronautical engineers from the University of Toronto, who cofounded a company AeroVelo.

The pair funded the construction of their winning aircraft through a successful?Kickstarter campaign last year, and just barely managed to beat a rival team from the University of Maryland, whose craft?Gamera?failed to stay within the square-foot range required by the prize, as?Popular Mechanics?reports. ? Read more »

Box copters and video

This film as made with box copters. There are plenty of others at his Youtube channel. This guy is very clever.

These are a bunch of different flights using the box copters around the olympic peninsula. The most notable is the beach and light house where the movie An Officer and a gentleman was filmed at Fort Worden.

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Coalition Partners and Helicopters

What is it about Government Coalition partners and?helicopter rides?

Labour defended Winston like crazy for much worse than forgetting his helicopter rides.

Unlike Banks who was a private citizen, Winston did all his dealing as an MP and Party Leader.

Drones for hunting? Ctd

? Popular Science

If ?hunters don’t use them then wowsers, tree huggers and animal rights activists will…the problem they?have?though is hunter have guns, and drones don;t fly so well when?multiple?holes are blasted in them:

An animal rights group stopped a planned pigeon shoot over the weekend, leaving the would-be marksmen to shoot down another target: The animal group?s?aerial drone.

A group called SHARK, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness, went to Broxton Bridge Plantation near Ehrhardt, S.C., on Sunday to video a live pigeon shoot, according to the Times and Democrat of Orangeburg, S.C. The group lofted a small Mikrokopter drone and planned to tape the shoot. Law enforcement officers and an attorney tried to stop the drone from flying, according to the T&D. The group persisted, and apparently the shooters got back in their cars to leave, said Steve Hindi, president of SHARK.

The drone took off anyway, and then several shots rang out. One eventually struck the drone and it spiraled to the ground, to the dismay of the SHARK representatives who were filming it from the ground. The T&D has?video of it here.