Herald Bombs

Stupid headlines with smart answers

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Why does the Herald feel it needs to lie to readers?

This was how the NZ Herald pitched a story at readers:

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Who would know? The Herald certainly doesn’t

Kelvin Davis made much about so-called fight clubs at a Serco-run prison.

So much so they lost their contract.

Now a report has revealed that fight clubs exist at other prisons, run by Corrections…or does it?

The first paragraph states:

A Corrections investigation into “fight clubs” at Mt Eden prison found evidence that similar fighting rings were being run at other prisons.

And the Herald ran this headline:

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Someone just please close the door and turn the lights off at the Herald. They’re done.

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It’s a street light you fools


Photos a fool took and Herald published thinking it was a UFO

A fool and the equally stupid fools at the Herald think they have?found an UFO.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or an alien life form?

Auckland man Daniel Underway has discovered a picture on his cellphone from three years ago which shows a strange pink object in the sky.

“I wish there was a good backstory but there isn’t,” he said.

“I was going through pictures on my phone a couple of days ago and freaked out.

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World Exclusive to the NZ Herald, first photos of 4-engined B777

Well done to the NZ Herald, they’ve got a scoop on every other media outlet with this world first: an exclusive photo of the previously secret first-ever four-engined, double-decker B777.

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Apparently mortgagee sales have jumped…if you believe a newspaper

A newspaper has a telling headline this morning: “Mortgagee sales jump as economy starts to come off boil”.

But have they? The writer is clearly showing his inherent bias in the opening paragraphs.

The number of mortgagee sales has jumped nationwide in the past quarter as worsening economic conditions and lower dairy payouts hit parts of provincial New Zealand.

But as the nation’s “rock star” economy comes off the boil, experts are warning of more foreclosures outside Auckland’s surging property market as financially strapped homeowners in regional New Zealand start defaulting on their mortgages.

“People lose interest in their properties, they lose interest in their lives and the bank senses that, and that’s when you have distressed sales,” Harcourts agent and mortgagee specialist David Savery said.

Nearly 150 people lost their homes in distressed sales in the three months to June 30, compared with just 95 in the first quarter – a jump of more than 50 per cent – CoreLogic figures provided exclusively to the Herald show.

In the year to June nearly 700 Kiwi homeowners lost their properties – 84 of them in Auckland. Though the annual figures were down on previous years, foreclosure numbers appear to be plateauing again after a period of sustained falls.

Five of the nation’s 14 regions recorded a jump in forced sales in the past 12 months: Hawkes Bay (47), Otago (31), Southland (27), Tasman-Nelson-Marlborough (22) and West Coast (16).

Waikato had the most (117), followed by Manawatu-Wanganui (90), Auckland (84) and Wellington (76).

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Judith Collins has quit as a Member of Parliament


She’s kept that quiet. ?Even from me. ? Wonder if John Key knows?

But it must be true. ?It’s in the NZ Herald. ?And they wouldn’t lie, would they? ? Aren’t they New Zealand’s paper of record?

You have to wonder if they actually care

The NZ Herald is arse.

They can’t even get simple things right.

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Oh OK, here’s some more Herald Bombs

Pete said in?the?comments the other day that I was hopeful of no more Herald Bomb posts for the year.


He was right.

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