Herald Digipoll

Conservatives down, Internet Mana down in latest poll

Care of the Herald-Digipoll, a sneak at tomorrow’s results:

Conservatives in the last six DigiPoll surveys: July 2014, 1.2 per cent, August 2.6, then weekly during the campaign: 3.3, 3.8, 3.8 and 3.3.

Internet Mana in the last six DigiPoll surveys: July 2.2 per cent, August 2.1, then weekly during the campaign: 3.4, 3.5, 2.3 and 1 per cent.


UPDATE: ?At those numbers, even if Hone gets in, Laila Harre won’t.

NZ Herald portend a crisis for John Key


John Key 61.6 (down 7.3)
David Cunliffe 17.9 (up 3.9)
Winston Peters 7.8 (up 1.4)
Russel Norman 3.3 (up 1)
Metiria Turei 2.4 (up 1.5)
Helen Clark 1.3 (down 0.5)
Jacinda Ardern 1.1 (up 0.4)
David Shearer 0.7 (down 0.5)
Colin Craig 0.6 (up 0.2)

The Herald Digipoll survey is showing that John Key is in crisis at only 61.6% of support.

Their headline?


Well – what a crisis.

To the bomb shelters!


Herald poll vs Whaleoil poll

The Herald-Digipoll results came out this morning. ?As you may recall, we ran our own survey a little while ago so we could compare.

The Digipoll had 750 responses


March 2014 Herald-Digipoll

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How credible is the Herald’s Digipoll anyway?

The Herald Digipoll reported that we have about 2.1% of sentimental souls among us.


But seriously now. ?What poll is going to report on an ex-prime minister, who is clearly not a contender?

Just to get some perspective, Metiria Turei got 1.6%, Hone Harawira 1.1% and David Cunliffe 0.7%.

Anyway, time to do our own credible poll:

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Take me to your leader


In the most recent Herald Digipoll, the most preferred leaders of our fair country are as indicated above.

Who polls personally higher than his party?

Who polls personally lower than their parties?

Who would want a Finance Minister that only 2.4% of the respondents choose as Prime Minister?

Herald Digipoll

So much for the tapes being a “game-changer”. Good grief how many times have we heard that. Phil Goff said capital gains tax would be a game changer…it was, Labour dropped. Then he said that their super policy would be a game changer…it was Labour dropped. Then we have heard every leftwing commentator opine that the tapes were a game changer…they’re not. I’ve heard game-changer more that other stupid non-descriptions and group-think like “step-change”. I know for certain now that when a commentator says “game changer” it is completely the opposite.

The latest Herald Digipoll continues the trend of a yawning gap between Labour and National. The tea tape sag that was pushed by the media as a”game changer” simply isn’t.

National 49.9 per cent (up 0.4),
Labour 29.1 (up 0.4),
Greens 12.6 (no change),
Act 1.7 (up 0.2),
NZF 4.9 (up 1.2)
Maori Party 0.7 (up 0.2),
Conservatives 0.6 (down 0.4),
Mana Party 0.4 (down 0.4),
United Future 0.1 (down 0.6).

The bit that should scare people is this line:

But if Mr Peters broke his word, Labour would be able to form a Government with the support of New Zealand First, the Greens, the Maori Party and Mana – although Labour leader Phil Goff has said he would not work with Mana.

Winston Peters is a liar. He cannot credibly be believed the moment sound starts coming from his gob. If I heard a death rattle I still wouldn’t believe he was dying.

The problem is the media are addicted to Winston Peters, they are like needle starved smack junkies looking for that next great high. The problem with Winston Peters is he is like dirty smack, it just makes you sick or kills you.

The simple fact is that in order to govern Phil Goff needs Winston Peters, Hone Harawira, Russel Norman and Meteria Turei, Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia to all agree in order to govern. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.

Get rid of Goff

The latest Herald Digipoll is out and Labour has again got itself spanked. This is the 5th poll in as many weeks that shows us that labour and their CGT policy are dead meat. This is the second full after the release of CGT policy. Remember what Mallard said at the time of previous polls.

The Herald though says what everyone but Labour seems to have grasped.

Jon Johansson, a politics lecturer at Victoria University, said the poll showed that even when Labour had ideas that met with public approval the voters were not receptive to the “current messenger.”

“There’s no hiding the fact that the public are not responding to a Phil Goff-led Labour.”

Mr Johansson said Mr Goff needed to give up on a head-to-head popularity contest with Mr Key and let other caucus members take a greater role.

“They really need to run a campaign that de-emphasises leadership because so long as the overriding comparison in voters’ minds is Key versus Goff, that is not good for Labour.

And what does the hapless Phil Goff have to say about that?

Mr Goff believed Labour’s message was now getting through, as evidenced by the support for the new policies. He believed people would vote based on policies rather than personality.

As Daryl Kerrigan would say, “Tell him he’s dreaming“.

Labour has lost the election, now it is just a matter of badly they lose and it appears with Phil Goff ‘leading’ that is going to be a severe beating.

Digipoll Disaster for hapless Labour

The latest Herald Digipoll is out. Here are the results that spell doom for Labour.

If an election were held today, which party would you vote for?
National 52.3
Labour 33.1
Green Party 8.3
Maori Party 2.0
ACT 1.4
NZ First 0.9
Mana Party 0.6

Of all the politicians in New Zealand, who would be your most preferred prime

John Key 70.3
Phil Goff 9.3
Helen Clark 7.9
Winston Peters 2.9
Hone Harawira 1.9
Don Brash 1.3
Pita Sharples 1.2
Annette King 1.1

Do you think the government is moving in the right direction?
Yes 57.5
No 33.8
Don’t know/Refused 8.7

Will Labour’s plans for a capital gains tax, along with a small reduction in income tax for most people make you…
More likely to vote for Labour 22.1
Less Likely to vote for Labour 14.4
Will make no difference to your vote 61.3
Don’t Know 1.9
Refused 0.3