Heretaunga Plains

A Good Councillor – Tom Belford

Most of our elected representatives only get publicity for doing something stupid or dodgy or that makes us laugh.

Local government is populated with fools, idiots and their fellow travellers. So when a councillor shows a bit of inspiration they need our thanks and some positive publicity.

Councillor Tom Belford of the Hawkes Bay Regional Council shows the kind of sensible approach to politics that we need more of from our councillors. The extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council staff have given non-notifiable consents to two great big water bottling plants.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council member Tom Belford sent protesters packing – to a colleague’s house.

The chanting group with placards were voicing concern on Saturday about the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s handling of the Heretaunga Plains aquifer. ?? Read more »