Herne Bay

The farce for the North

Does Winston Peters really care for the North?

The short answer is no. New Zealand First hasn’t stood a candidate in the north since the 2005 election…10 years of not caring.

Rodney Hide also explains why it is that Winston is just playing the political charlatan once again.

The mischief in me wants Winston Peters to win Northland. The upset would be huge. National would lose a seat to New Zealand First.

Peter Dunne would be emboldened by National needing him and Act to pass legislation. Dunne says he would revisit his Supply and Confidence agreement with National – a deal made when his position was less propitious.

It would be a big hit on the Government. Peters would take one of National’s safest seats. National’s election night outright-win would be reduced to two votes short. The smallest tail would wag the biggest dog.

A Peters win would destabilise the Government and power up a Wellington electorate MP. Ohariu would benefit – not Northland. On winning Northland, Peters would resign as a list MP to clear the way for the next candidate on New Zealand First’s list. That candidate is Ria Bond … from Invercargill.

That’s right. In choosing Peters, Northland voters would be electing an MP from Invercargill.

Those in the Far North would elect a candidate from the deep south.

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The rolling list of David Cunliffe’s gaffes, stuff ups and mistakes

Where do we start with David Cunliffe’s increasingly long list of stuff ups.

This man would pretend to be Prime MInister but simply is prone to error, obfuscation, and cock-ups.

The Baby Bribe stuff up he blamed on a drafting error:

Labour leader David Cunliffe has admitted he got a key detail wrong when announcing his $60-a-week baby bonus policy.

Mr Cunliffe said in a speech on Monday that 59,000 families would get the bonus for a full year, but the actual number is closer to half that.

The baby bonus debate hit question time today with all the focus on that key line in his State of the Nation speech.

The fine print reveals 26,000 parents will be ineligible for six months because they get paid parental leave. This means only 33,000 will get it for the full year.


Mr Cunliffe has been forced to admit he got a key part of his State of the Nation speech wrong, and that has given the Government a clear attack line and a major distraction

How about his Electoral Act breach tweet?

Labour leader David Cunliffe has been warned by police over a message he posted on Twitter on November 30, the day of the Christchurch East by-election.

Cunliffe’s tweet urged residents to vote for Labour candidate Poto Williams, breaching electoral laws which ban any campaigning on election day.

“If you are resident in Christchurch East don’t forget to vote today – for Labour and Poto Williams!” Cunliffe wrote.

The Electoral Commission referred the tweet to police, with Cunliffe revealing today he had been warned.

“It was an inadvertent mistake which I regret. I took steps to rectify the error by immediately deleting the tweet and Labour also notified the returning officer as soon as possible,” he said.

“I have taken the warning on board and will not repeat the error.”  Read more »

Where is Labour’s Plan B?

Corporate whore and shill for bottled water interests, Matthew Hooton, has an NBR column wondering what Labour’s Plan B might be.

Everything is unfolding pretty much as John Key foretold.

During Labour’s leadership roadshow, Mr Key’s aides let it be known the prime minister wanted David Cunliffe to win.

They were being truthful but cynical: they knew Labour activists would suspect a double cross.

In fact, Mr Key’s genuinely believed that, while Grant Robertson and Shane Jones weren’t necessarily stars, they were good enough to put his job at risk. In contrast, Mr Key trusted Mr Cunliffe would inevitably implode.

Aware of the theory, I tried my hand at satire on this page. What nobody could have known, and Mr Key got wrong, is that the implosion is happening earlier than expected.

Labour is leaking like a sieve. Their caucus is demoralised and moribund. They simply won’t be following their leader over the top.

New Zealanders don’t expect their prime ministers to be ordinary Kiwis.

The past five elections have been won by a childless feminist academic whose hobbies were Norwegian cross-country skiing and mountaineering in Africa and South America, and a multi-millionaire money trader who holidays in Hawaii.

Voters do expect, though, that prime ministers will be genuine Kiwis, truthful about who they are. Since 1981, Helen Clark has been an enthusiastic patron of the Mt Albert Rugby League Club without ever pretending to be Ruben Wiki. Mr Key will happily participate in a left-wing thespian event without denying Merrill Lynch.  Read more »

Labour and Cunliffe having a bad week, and it is only going to get worse

How bad is life in Labour right now?

The started the week fending off revelations that some of their MPs have been cosy with Kim Dotcom with Clare Curran popping out to visit the convicted fraudster twice.

Then they had Trevor Mallard furiously spinning that the GCSB were involved, channeling the more absurd parts of the blogosphere in an attempt to make himself relevant again.

David Cunliffe caught the conspiracy disease yesterday morning by entering into Winston Peters territory and claiming the spy agencies were feeding me, Rachel Glucina and John Key in some sort on Colin Craig-esque dance on the crazy side.

Then in the afternoon he launched an idiotic attack on John Key about his mansion…when he lives in his own $2.5 million mansion in Herne Bay. Of course he stayed mum about his holiday house as well not to mention the other property interests of his missus…no he decided to call a rich prick a rich prick, when he is a rich prick himself.

“We bought the worst house in the best street,” says Mr Cunliffe. “It was a do-up; it probably wouldn’t be the average of the area.

“Mr Key spent time in the money markets and has a personal fortune, which is many times our reasonably middle-range existence.”

Mr Cunliffe’s home is listed in the MP’s register of pecuniary interests as being owned by a trust. But records show that company ChanceryGreen owns it, and Mr Cunliffe’s wife, Karen Price, is one of its two directors.

By attacking Mr Key for living in a multi-million dollar home in an affluent leafy suburb, Mr Cunliffe left himself wide open to retaliation.  Read more »

Cunliffe’s Christmas Message?

David-Cunliffe-fishingFound by the Reader from Runanga while enjoying the Christmas smorgasbord at the Union Hotel.

It could be David Cunliffe’s real Christmas message…then again it might not be.

“It’s traditional at Christmas for great leaders like the Queen to make a speech, so I thought it would be appropriate for me to address the nation.

Christmas is a time for family. I think especially about hardworking middle-income New Zealand families who have spent the year doing it tough under John Key and his crony capitalist mates, only letting them have 3.6% growth this year.

I think also about some of my family, as I look to them for inspiration. I think of my great-great-great-uncle-in-law twice removed, Moses Cunliffe. He, like me, was destined for leadership from the start, even if those around him didn’t realise it. But also like me, he was eventually chosen by a higher power to lead his people out of the wilderness. I think it’s important that New Zealand families shouldn’t have to miss out on this sort of experience, which is why a Labour-led government would extend passport renewals to forty years. It’s these sorts of policy ideas, focusing on the really important issues, you can expect more of from a Labour party on a war footing.  Read more »

Will Labour’s affordable housing look like this?

Free hundy for a one beddie, and Free Fiddy for a free beddie. For that, you get to live in the worst suburb in the Wellington Region (Pomare) with Mongrel Mob gang members as neighbours. The most feared words in Pomare will be “Yo bro, I’m yo new neighbah”

While pricing is still being worked out, “we’re trying to do some affordable housing.

“We’re not trying to turn this into an Avalon or a Military Rd . . . we can’t do that.”

The aim is to provide two- bedroom, one-bathroom, one- garage 96sqm homes on a 250sqm section for about $300,000. Three- bed, two-bath, two-garage 118sqm places on larger sections could go for $350,000 to $375,000.

The three HNZ Star flats – each with 12 two-bedroom units – would remain, perhaps with some extra decking.



I’m sure the Gen Y buyers wanting Herne Bay and Devonport might be disappointed when they see what the Government can really do for $300k in the Auckland region.  Read more »

Oh no…poor me…I can’t find a first home in NZ’s most expensive suburb

The Herald on Sunday is running a story about a poor, hard done by first home buyer looking in Herne Bay but can’t find home.

When looking for a first home, it’s hard enough having to contend with all the other young families wanting their first step on the property ladder.

But it’s all that much tougher bidding over a property an investor has bought, done up and wants to flick on for a profit.

That’s the experience of Georgia Wilkinson and Dylan Ewing, a young couple looking for their first home in Auckland.

They’ve been searching unsuccessfully for a house for six months and they are certainly not the only ones wanting something done to cool the heated home ownership scene.  Read more »

Is Amy Adams trying to stitch up Nikki Kaye

This blog is National supporting but not incompetence supporting. There are two ministers who are badly letting National down, Kate Wilkinson and Amy Adams. Kate has increased union membership. Amy has totally screwed up the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Amy’s incompetence has been laid bare by Paul Cavanagah QC, who comes from Herne Bay. He schools her for being incompetent. My favourite line is this one:

If I were Nikki Kaye I would be shitting bricks. If Herne Bay swings against Nikki she is going to get hammered by Socialist Cindy. As this table shows Nikki Kaye’s majority is 741 in Herne Bay, but only 717 in Auckland Central.

Booth Ardern Kaye Margin
Herne Bay Bayfield School, 2 Clifton Road 398 969 571
Marist School, 82 Kelmarna Avenue 129 155 26
St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, 65 Jervois Road 232 376 144

Herne Bay Margin 741

Auckland Central Margin  717

Explaining this in simple terms that even Nikki will be able to understand, if Amy Adams allows Len Brown to remove the right to appeal to the Environment Court then leafy Herne Bay will turn into part leafy party slum high rise and the whole character of the place will change. Nikki has apparently given up on trying to win Auckland Central but if she changes her mind and tries again she will lose because of Amy Adams’ stupid decision supporting Len Brown’s unitary plan.

Letter from Paul Cavanagh QC to Amy Adams