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Why does the media tend to overstate the size of a protest?

If 5 people turn up, say so.  If there are 50 there, say so.  But why turn a few dozen into “hundreds” and a few hundred into “thousands”?

Why is it that newspapers and TV are generally assisting the protesters in making it appear as if the protest is much more successful than it was?

One of the Whaleoil Ground Crew reports in

In this NZ Herald article, titled “Thousands protest TPPA in downtown Auckland”, the body of the text reports starts with “Several thousand protesters converged on downtown Auckland this afternoon to protest the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.”

Then two paragraphs later states, “Crowd estimates from local organisers were: 1,000 in Auckland, 400 in Wellington, 200 in Hamilton and Nelson, 125 in Whangarei, 100 each in Tauranga, Napier, Christchurch and Dunedin, 80 in Palmerston North and New Plymouth, and 30 in Invercargill.”

So the organisers themselves say that there were only a 1000, not “Thousands” as the Herald claims.

But what is more, I was in one of the apartments on the corner of Queen and Customs street.

The protesters came down Queen street and turned right on Customs street.

There they stopped a way down and I took three photos of the whole protest gathered where they stopped.   Read more »

Giant rat to illustrate plight of striking Sky City workers

Giant rat to illustrate plight of striking Sky City workersUnite union will inflate a giant rat outside Auckland’s SkyCity Casino today to graphically illustrate management there as “dirty employers”. [3 News Politics]

Unite would do better to take the giant rat and inflate it outside other “dirty employers” such as the EPMU. Bastard Bosses like the EPMU who discriminate based on the ideological and political purity of their workers need to be brought to account.

McDonalds Airport – How not to treat staff

Yesterday I went to straight from the gym to the airport to pick up DPF for his interview with the Veronicas. I was a little early and the parking nazis were in full force so I decided a Mac attack was warranted, especially as my trainer Billy has smashed me round the head repeatedly in the forlorn attempt for me to keep my hands up.

I rolled into McDonalds at the Airport and strolled up to the counter. As I was ordering a torrent of abuse burst forth from the rather large lady  standing behind my order takeer. She was yelling at a staff member who was supposedly late.

She was most vitriolic and her management style seemed to be abuse, humiliation and more abuse. In between abusing the late staff member and ordering him to wait in her office she also dealt out abuse to the other staff members who randomly passed within her beady eyed view.

The display was cringe inducing. I wouldn’t speak to my dog like that even after she’d crapped in the hallway and i’d stood in it. I was moved to intervene and so interrupted the loud mouth and asked her who the manager was. She told me she was and what did I want. I told her i want her to treat her staff with respect. She glowered at me.

As I thought about this yesterday afternoon he more pissed off I became. I fumed and fulminated whilst DPF was playing wit the Veronicas and then I acted.

I called up Matt McCarten, who I must say was dumbstruck that Whaleoil had called him, and told him the story. I even got called brother. I hope Matt does something with this story because I was sickened by this woman and how she treated those hardworking staff. I followed up with an email. Go sick’em Matt.

If anyone else has similar tales then let UNITE know about them.

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