high-level sportswoman

Speaking of a high-level sportswoman playing an obscure sport…

Turns out that “National Sportswoman” linked to the name suppression scandal is involved in a really obscure sport.  Like a mixture of golf and table tennis, except more obscure.

Because of name suppression rules, I can’t show you that sport, but I’ve found something else equally…  well, words fail me.

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Name Suppression Cancer continues to spread

Gisborne Judge Graham Hubble has given a “high-level sportswoman” a discharge without conviction on a drink driving charge.  As a bonus, she also received permanent name suppression.

The Police aren’t happy with this.  In spite of the main stream media trying to crank this up as someone truly famous, they have just issued a press release to pour cold water on that idea:

Police have also confirmed the woman is not well known nationally and does not play a mainstream sport.

And so the dance of who is or isn’t likely to be the person involved starts.  Again.

It’s such a miscarriage of justice that Queens Council Nigel Hampton has made a strong protest about it

Mr [Nigel] Hampton said he was “very surprised” when he heard about the case. “I would say it’s quite exceptional for a discharge without conviction to be granted in these circumstances,” …

Asked if he thought the woman had received special treatment because of her sporting status, Mr Hampton replied: “It sounds a little like it, and one wonders whether that should be the case.

“You think of various high-profile people who have been charged with drink-driving – from actors like Robyn Malcolm to lawyers like Colin Carruthers – and they don’t ask for suppression of name and they don’t see it as a hindrance for them going overseas, because I am sure it’s not.”

So here we essentially have a nobody that went for a drive twice over the limit, getting discharged, and got name suppression, because her lawyer stitched up a story as to how a conviction would prevent her from competing overseas.   Read more »