Losers to go for a walk, sorry? hikoi, to highlight state housing sale


Stop selling our state houses protest hikoi to parliament -?John Minto

SHAN (State Housing Action Network) is organising a protest hikoi to parliament to demand National MPs and their allies stop the sale of state houses.

Groups of state house tenants and supporters will come from all over the country to converge on parliament on Tuesday 13th October (the first sitting day of parliament after the holiday recess)

“We are appalled that in the middle of a housing crisis for low-income tenants and families the government is trying to sell state houses to the private sector.” Read more »

Accepting the PM’s challenge

One hikoi marcher has accepted the PM’s challenge about oil exploration.

A young Maori leader has accepted Prime Minister John Key?s challenge to go to Parliament to test his opposing views on deep sea drilling for oil.

Fears over exploratory mining punctuated events at Waitangi yesterday as politicians and activists walked on to Te Tii Marae on the eve of the annual celebrations.

Protesters provided the only controversy of the day, heckling Key as he entered the marae and throwing dead fish in his way as he left.

One of the hikoi marchers, Joel Bristow, a son-in-law of Labour MP Shane Jones, told Key and marae elders their concerns over what they saw as unsafe drilling equipment being used, a lack of benefit to local communities and a high risk of a spill.

But Key said they were misinformed and mining would be good for Northland and for local iwi.

Deep sea drilling is a hot topic in the Far North, with Norwegian oil giant Statoil recently awarded an offshore Northland block to explore.? Read more »

Clever stuff by John Key

John Key is a master politician.

Check this out from Waitangi:

Before the fish protest Key had attempted to convince local iwi leaders that fossil fuel exploration was in Maori interests. He invited the leaders of the hikoi to Wellington to spend a week with his ministers going over the facts around environmental risks and job creation.

“If I am wrong and you are right, I will walk out and join that protest,” he said.? Read more »

Will march for land but not for kids


The biggest hikoi we have ever seen?

Maori are promising the “biggest hikoi New Zealand has ever seen” following the Government’s second green light for a sale of the 8000-hectare Crafar dairy farming estate to Chinese company Shanghai Pengxin.

So they will march in the streets for some broken down farms in the Central North Island but won’t lift a finger to stop bashing and killing their kids?