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Impertinent questions


The NZ Herald has been the only organ to push the idea that Hilary Barry is heading for TVNZ’s Breakfast show, and recently added that she’ll be partnered by Jack Tame.

Some idiot has seen the TVZN Breakfast team having a drink on Friday night and drawn the conclusion that they must have been fired.

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Hilary is replaced by a weather girl that we’ll call Hilary too


Hilary Barry’s replacement was called Hilary by the highest paid professional at Mediaworks.?? An accident??? Is the female talent really that interchangeable?

Being called Hilary within the first 30 seconds was probably not the welcome Ingrid Hipkiss was hoping for at her new job on Paul Henry.

The?Newshub?weather presenter, who was initially thought to be stepping in?for three weeks, has been announced as Hilary Barry’s permanent replacement.

But at the beginning of Monday’s episode, while viewers could see?Barry’s seat was occupied by Hipkiss, there was confusion for radio listeners when Henry said congratulations and good morning to “Hilary”.

Newshub weather presenter Ingrid Hipkiss was introduced as Hilary on her very first day on Paul Henry.

It might sound akin to Henry’s sense of humour,?but the host was quick to apologise?and blamed?his age for the?slip.

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Karl du Fresne on the self-absorption of the media luvvies

Karl du Fresne looks at the self-absorption of the media luvvies:

Is the world going mad, or is it just me?

On second thoughts, don?t answer that. But please consider, just for a moment, some of the issues that have been making headlines over the past couple of weeks.

First, Hilary Barry. The announcement of her resignation from MediaWorks was reported as if Earth had momentarily tilted on its axis.

Here I was thinking Barry was just a newsreader ? a competent newsreader, admittedly (although her pronunciation and personal asides sometimes grate), but just a newsreader, nonetheless ? someone who reads words written by other people.

Obviously I completely misunderstood her place in the life of the nation. If the media coverage of her resignation is any guide, she?s a totemic figure whose career moves are a matter of urgent and compelling public interest.

No doubt media people would justify the fuss over Barry?s resignation by saying it was the tipping point that led to the departure of the unloved MediaWorks boss Mark Weldon. But they didn?t know that then.

Even if they did, it was an example of media people being too absorbed in their own affairs, and assuming that the ordinary punter in the street shares their fascination. My advice would be to get over themselves.

In television especially, detached judgment in journalism is old-hat. The rule now is that if journalists are interested in it, it must be news.

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Notes from an odd world

The luvvies are really going to town on the demise of Mark Weldon.

At the same time they appear to be rewriting history.

Fairfax writes:

Weldon has stepped down following a recent string of high-profile blows, including the loss of popular broadcasters John Campbell and?Hilary Barry.

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Maybe the grip is too tight

Nick Grant at NBR?writes about the luvvies outrage over a NEWSREADER leaving her job of 23 years.

I have three words in response to the hysterical pitch of many reports about broadcaster Hilary Barry?s resignation from MediaWorks.

Get. A. Grip.

Possibly the most risible headline relating to Ms Barry?s ?shock? departure was splashed across the New Zealand Herald?s homepage.

?Can TV3 survive Hilary Barry’s departure?? it breathlessly asked.

Yes, of course, it will.

Precisely. And don’t Duncan Grieve, Matt Nippert and David Fisher all look stupid today as Mark Weldon continues in his job and the staff haven’t?all had an insurrection. I mean think about it…where would they all go if they all jacked it in? There are only so many places at TVNZ, and Sky is bare bones, and that leaves the lifeboat at Radio NZ. It is a small market and they are essentially trapped. So they can whinge and moan to their luvvie mates all they like but nothing is going to happen. ? Read more »

Cunliffe on the mess The Spinoff and the Herald have made of the Hilary Barry story

Media commentator Regan Cunliffe blogs about the Hilary Barry story:

When Hilary Barry?s resignation was made public late on Friday, the inevitable snow job on Mediaworks was fast and fierce. ?The rumours ran rife, the most common of which was that Barry would be heading to TVNZ?s?Breakfast program, a poaching that happened because apparently, TV3?s alternative was having an impact.

The amount of mourning that has happened by people who apparently either hate Mediaworks, or are supposed to be boycotting the network is hysterical.

Leading the charge on the Mediaworks attack has been its major competitor, The New Zealand Herald. ?Considering they publish more fiction than John Grisham, I?m reluctant to believe anything they write. ?But let?s assume for a moment that they are right and that Hilary Barry has been poached.

When the?three retardos, John Drinnan, Matt Nippert and David ‘Tainted’ Fisher, are all piling in you know you are looking at a manufactured hit job. ? Read more »

So Hilary doesn’t want to spend more time with family then?

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive

Star news anchor Hilary Barry is expected to join TVNZ’s Breakfast show after her shock defection from TV3 – and the state broadcaster is reportedly writing a half-million dollar cheque for her.
The Weekend Herald broke the news Barry had quit TV3, the latest high-profile casualty after 18 months of drama at the network. Sources said her departure to arch-rival TVNZ was a double whammy from which TV3 would struggle to recover.

Barry is a linchpin at both ends of the day for MediaWorks – on the Paul Henry Show in the morning and as 6pm news co-host.

TVNZ is said to be eager to get Barry on board at Breakfast. Sources told the Herald on Sunday it had been rattled at how quickly Henry’s show had eaten into its audience.

In February, Paul Henry edged ahead of Breakfast for the first time, attracting the majority of viewers in the 25-54 age bracket.

One source said: “TV3 is looking fresher with its Newshub overhaul, and TVNZ is under pressure to do something, particularly with Breakfast, which is really not doing well. It’s amazing how quickly the Paul Henry Show has caught them.” Read more »

John Key writes to Mark Weldon about the Barry decision


Beehive Letters @BeehiveLetters John Key to Mark Weldon Re: Hilary Barry #nzpol #satire / Twitter

Government to host state funeral for Hilary Barry, dress code to include Panama hats


Every media outlet plus the usual drop-kicks on Twitter are carrying on as if?Hilary Barry has died…while saving a whole village of refugees who were sheltering under her cloak of sanctimony.

Seriously, these people need to get a grip.

She’s a bloody?NEWSREADER…nothing else

The way everyone is carrying on you’d think it was Mother Teresa who died. She’s a NEWSREADER.

Show me the long list of investigative stories she wrote that changed the face of New Zealand. Don’t bother searching, you won’t find any; she’s a bloody NEWSREADER.

What gets me is all the people who were supposedly boycotting Mediaworks are now somehow all aghast that Hilary Barry will no longer be reading the news on a channel they no longer watch.

Why does it have to be me to call out all these drop-kicks. She’s a bloody NEWSREADER. ? Read more »

Forget a new logo and branding, axe Mike and Hilary

If Mediaworks thinks that launching a confusing new brand and logo will turn around their audience issues, think again.

My mate Regan Cunliffe thinks the problem is more easily fixed.

TV3 is going to have to do more than rename its news if it wants to turn around its ratings fortunes, one commentator says.

Regan Cunliffe, who runs Throng.co.nz, a TV news and ratings website, said the move to combine 3News with RadioLive to become NewsHub would not be enough to win the 6pm battle with One News.

He said it was not much of a revamp if the same two presenters ? Mike McRoberts and Hilary Barry ? were fronting the bulletin.

There had been rumours that the pair were for the chop but only the weekend bulletin is to be fronted by new faces.

Carolyn Robinson and co-presenter Simon Shepherd will be replaced by Melissa Davies and Tom McRae for the weekend news spot.

Cunliffe said: “I think they are trying to do what they can to change things up but I can’t see it working for them.”? Read more »