Is this satire or more hippy madness?

It is bloody hard to tell if it is?satire. I have come to the conclusion that Alecia Simmonds is just another hippy weirdo:

Here are five reasons why feminists should try to eliminate meat:

1. Eating meat is associated with male power in its most vile and repugnant forms.

In a logic that sounds positively mystical, real men, we are told, should be physically strong and virile, which means killing and eating strong animals.

This is why cookbooks aimed at men focus on the barbecue. Anything less might turn them into gay homosexual fops. For instance, the Newtown killer used a rifle manufactured by a company called Bushmaster. Upon purchase, Bushmaster offers you a “man card” that is revoked if you’re caught, among other things, “eating tofu”. Why? Because real men eat meat. Sissies do not.

In rejecting meat, feminists ? both women and men ? are rejecting a potent symbol of patriarchal power.? Read more »

Stupid Hippies brand themselves to make a point

Vegans are a special kind of stupid hippie…especially these stupid vegans who branded themselves to make a point.

I have no idea what the point is other than red hot metal pressed to your arm hurts like hell. The video was made in Israel in 2012 but now more hippies are joining in the fad.

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And dirty and smelly

The poor things of the?Occupy?London movement are “exhausted and jaded“:

The protestors camped in front of St Paul?s cathedral have issued a plea for more members as cold weather and an influx of addicts leaves demonstrators “exhausted and jaded”.

…?It?s been tough. Lots of people are exhausted. Problems have not been dealt with because we haven’t had the energy and we thought we’d be evicted this week. We need actual, physical, on-the-ground support,? the message said.

?We need people to help in info [sic], in the kitchen, to do the recycling, to welcome and chat with members of the public, to clean the site, to host or book or attend workshops and other events, to help with ‘tranquillity’ (aka security)… even just to hang out and inhabit the place and re-inspire those who after 3 months camping in the cold are a little jaded.

It adds: ?Caution: Don?t come if you?re feeling tired or fragile. It really is tough. People always ask about the cold, but the cold is the least of it. We have people with alcohol and drug addiction issues, we have people with mental health problems and very challenging behaviour.

?As time goes on we have more and more of these people and fewer peaceful activists. If you can help with these issues you’re particularly needed. But don’t expect this to be like any work in these areas that you’ve ever done before!?


Oh the irony

This is so funny…even the hippies divided into a class society.


Hippie of the Day

via Boing Boing

Some people just don’t think through the consequences of their actions.

At Gawker, Brooklyn-based journalist Caitlin Curran explains?how you could quickly go from being part of the downtrodden 99% to being part of the “no, really, unemployed and utterly fucked” contingent: your boss could see a photo of you holding up a sign at a protest and fire you the next day. Ms. Curran is the woman in the photo above, feature in?two previous Boing Boing posts.


Hippie of the Day

Love the tinfoil hat:


It’s gettin’ cold in ‘Merica

I always knew that the OWS hippies would get a rude awakening when winter rolled around:

“Winter is coming,” announced an organizer at Saturday?s Occupy Wall Street General Assembly. “And I am cold.” But it?s worse than that. Organizers admit that the protests may not be able to survive the winter in their current form. As temperatures drop, the bustling mini-community downtown will probably be reduced to a small group of shivering, hard-core occupiers. And when that happens, the 99 percent will start looking less like a movement, and more like a winter survival course.

The occupation has already seen more than a half-dozen cases of hypothermia as nighttime temperatures have dipped into the forties. As relayed by Occupy’s?very own meteorologist, rain is due on Wednesday and there could even be snow this weekend.

“It?s a combination of being wet and cold that starts the hypothermia,” said Ed, a 56-year-old volunteer medic from Maine. “We patrol at night looking for people shivering.”?Even before the weather turned cold, Occupy medics were seeing cases of?trench foot?among those who failed to keep their lower extremities dry. With no power to adopt broader proposals, the occupation?s medical group is doing what it can in terms of preventative care, including “boosting peoples? immune systems.” Translation: orange juice galore. Ed’s bottom line, “We just can?t stay here in the winter.”

Hippies of the Day

Hippies, drums, buckets, daggy dancing, repetitive boring chants…yep its Hippies of the Day.


What Len Brown needs to say

Len Brown needs to follow the lead of the Lord Mayor of Melbourne:

“I would also say that we will have a zero-tolerance approach to people who try to camp in our city.

“By all means, protest. That’s perfectly all right and always has been, always will be, but you cant camp in the city.

“You can’t disrupt the city for your own purposes, you can’t capture the city, you can’t hold the city hostage.”

Then move the dirty hippies out of Aotea Square.

I hear the hippies don’t stay the night anyway, so wait till 4am and move in roust the ones that do and time it so they can hurl everything into the back of the garbage trucks doing the rounds at that time.


Feeding the Phonies

Spotted at Wellington seafront. Tua Tua cafe think it’s “right-on man” to buy into the “occupy wherever” bullshit.

They think the way to bring down capitalism is to not stock Pepsi or Coke. God, that’s so radical.

You’ll notice they are begging on behalf of the smelly wasters rather than feeding them from their own profits.

Any Whale Army members in the area this weekend should make sure to march on in and demand a refreshing ice-cold Coca-Cola.