historic photos of New Zealand

Photos of the Day

Looking at buildings on the east side of Queen Street from Wyndham Street, showing the premises of W A Taaffe Ltd, H M Marler and Co Ltd, Stacey and Wass Ltd, Reyburn McArthur and Boyes, Harts Diamonds, Leon Beauty Salon, Lands Bag Shop, B A Gilroy Ltd, and W J Strevens Ltd in Ellison Chambers, McKenzies Ltd (left) and Keans Ltd (right). Also, people crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing.” Creator Unknown. Date: 12 October 1964. ‘Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries.

Farmer’s free tram. The Farmers? Trading Company in Auckland ran a free inner-city tram, and later free buses, to make it easy for customers to get to the store. In this 1947 photograph, the tram advertises Farmers? sale ? billed as Hector’s birthday sale. Hector was the store’s famous pet parrot.

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