Rodney Hide on taxpayers dollars funding attacks on NZ industry

Rodney Hide writes in the NBR about the fishing hit job perpetrated by German eco-terrorists, the President of the Labour party, Nigel Haworth, and the media party:

The University of Auckland was recently party to an orchestrated hit on New Zealand fishing.

A press release trumpeted “New Zealand Fishery Catch Estimated at 2.7 times More Than Reported” with theirs “the best estimate to date.”

Their estimate is not the best. It’s junk.

The research paper was circulated ahead on embargo to opposition parties and environmental groups. That maximised the hit. The report’s partisanship was reinforced with one of the authors being Nigel Haworth, president of the New Zealand Labour Party.

The report also served to leak a “preliminary investigation report” of compliance investigation undertaken by the government back in 2012 and 2103. It’s not usual to have university reports leaking government material.

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The alarming use of a dodgy report used to smear our fishing industry

A bunch of ratbag German eco-terrorists are currently attacking our fishing industry and putting thousands of jobs at risk.

The basis of their attacks is a rather stinky report whose authors have jimmied and gerrymandered information and disguised them as facts. Worse still it appears that both the Labour party and Green party were aware of the report and that isn’t too surprising considering that one of the report’s authors was none other than Prof. Nigel Haworth the current Labour party president.

Like the manufactured housing crisis the Media party has been used to shill another crisis, this time purportedly in the fishing industry.

What has been revealed about the stinky report though is just how unprofessional and unscientific it is:

The Simmons report is a highly politicised document that has been embraced by environmental NGOs and the Labour and Green parties in an attempt to embarrass the Government and to weaken commercial fishing.

The report was strictly embargoed until 9.30am on Monday this week but was circulating among Opposition parties and Greenpeace over the weekend. Dr Simmons then broke his own embargo by appearing on National Radio at 9.10am.

The German environmental organisation NABU was aware of the report’s contents a month before its release and told Seafood NZ as much.   Read more »

Organiser admits that anti-fishing campaign is based on lies, but doesn’t care

One of the organisers of the campaign, Barbara Maas, to put pressure on the fishing industry and McDonald’s has admitted in a Facebook post in reply to my challenges that the campaign is based on a lie, but she doesn’t care and it is all about exerting financial pressure on the industry in whatever way they can.

Worse she threatens to escalate their campaign.

It seems that the point of the consumer campaign, which focusses on hoki and McDonalds has been sorely misunderstood although we explained the this rationale to the CEO of the NZ Seafood Industry Council at some length when we met him in Wellington last month. We are well aware that hoki is a pelagic fish whose range does not overlap with Maui’s dolphins.

The point of the campaign is not to target the relatively small and primarily domestic market of the inshore fishery where Maui’s and Hector’s dolphins live, but to exert financial pressure the NZ seafood industry, which has denied there is a problem even exist. Every relevant scientific body (International Whaling Commission, IUCN, 200 scientists strong Society for Marine Mammalogy, has been urging the NZ government to remove gillnets and trawling along the 100 m depth contour (approx. 20nm) year after year.

This is the biggest red flag scientist are able to wave, yet NZ has not only ignored their advice entirely but as we now know, has suppressed Maui’s and Hector’s dolphin deaths from coming to light. 3-4 Maui’s dolphins die in fishing nets each year (MPI and DOC data). There are now less than 50 Maui’s dolphins left. Unless something happens now, they will disappear within a matter of years.

Just to be clear: we have done everything possible to avoid a boycott and have talked to the industry and the government about this sine 2012. When we met the Seafood NZ CEO Tim Pankhurst last month, we reached out to him to give us a reason not to have to take this step. His response was along the lines of ‘Do your worst!”

For the sake of NZ’s fishery, its fish and its dolphins I urge every decent and honest fisherman out there to ensure this is resolved before things escalate further.  

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The Herald needs to do more than put a weaselly disclaimer on their shabby hit job

This is what the Herald posted under their false William Trubridge story yesterday after people pointed out they were wrong.

herald apology

The problem is that they have only corrected just one of their major errors in the story.

The whole story was a shabby hit job against McDonald’s and also the Hoki fishing industry in claiming through the wrong and false statement that Hoki fishermen were trying to kill Maui dolphins. Trubridge’s full false statement was:   Read more »

Maccas copping flak for NZ Hoki

McDonald’s has signed on with the Marine Stewardship Council to show that the fish it serves is caught in an environmentally responsible manner. Obviously some focus groups have told them that this matters to people.

However they have copped some flak including the certification of NZ Hoki for the New Zealand market.

Some of the council’s decisions have met with wide criticism, including the certification of a fish called the New Zealand hoki that McDonald’s serves in some Filet-O-Fish sandwiches outside the United States. The council has also certified as sustainable fisheries for which scientists say the data is so scarce that any management plan is pure guesswork, including those of the Antarctic krill and the Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish.  Read more »