Go on then Bruce Smith, attack the messenger


There is a reason people take me to court Bruce.  It is because they want me to stop telling the truth.

I published the following two paragraphs:

Word from Westland is that Mayoral Candidate Bruce Smith is out to get a bit of utu on the council staff who did not support him and Durham Havill at the Westland Property Company. Both resigned.


Sources inside the Westland Council offices say that the staff have been filing away many rants from both Bruce Smith and Durham Havill, thinking that if Smith becomes mayor there will be massive payouts to all the council staff who he has publicly criticised.

Just how exactly are those two paragraphs defamatory?

The remainder was a direct quote from the Greymouth Star.


Another traditional Maori welcome. Does wonders for our international reputation

That and a double coincidence of silly first name syndrome:

Two Argentinian tourists were bashed and robbed in a road rage incident in South Westland, a court has been told.

Kaylah-Maree Fern Terei, 20, of Hokitika is jointly charged with Cadyn Kirt Ryan, 22, of assaulting the tourists and robbing them of a laptop computer and US currency on June 24 last year.

Greymouth District Court was told that Terei was a passenger in a car driven by Ryan, who took exception to the driving of the tourists, stopped their car near Whataroa and attacked them.  Read more »