Holden joins Ford in releasing a gay ute


I thought that Ford basically had the monopoly on gay utes in New Zealand with the Ranger Wildtrak.

But it seems Holden is trying to out-gay them with their new?Colorado Z71. It even has a gay name.

Holden has taken aim at Ford’s popular Wildtrak Ranger variant with a rivalling flagship Colorado called the Z71.

Why would you do that? How many MPs named Craig Foss are there?

The new model will be available in Australian showrooms from early July in six-speed manual guise or six-speed automatic but there is no confirmation that the Z71 is coming to New Zealand. It seems highly likely the Z71 will make its way to NZ’s shores but Holden NZ has said it will not be making any announcement until next month. ? Read more »


Australians don’t like bludging car making ratbags

The latest polls in Australia deliver bad news for the unions and for Labour.

It is clear that Australians don’t like bludging car making ratbags.

”The government has started taking some big decisions, some hard decisions, that people notice,” notably to refuse public subsidies to SPC Ardmona and the car manufacturers. ”There’s just more of a consistency to what they are doing and saying and that’s coming from the Treasurer, which he pithily summarised as ‘the end of the age of entitlement’.”

A poll by Essential Media last week found that only 36 per cent of voters approved of continuing government subsidies to the car sector, with 47 per cent opposed.

So it may be that Joe Hockey is the one winning kudos for the government.? Read more »

Toyota bails, car industry now dead across the Tasman, killed by unions

Toyota has finally jacked it in, announcing they are closing their plant in Australia, joining Ford and Holden in halting manufacturing of cars in Australia.

The end of car manufacturing in Australia – confirmed with Toyota’s announcement that it would shut local production in 2017, taking thousands of jobs with it – could tip Victoria and South Australia into recession, industry experts and economists have warned.

The automotive giant’s global boss, Akio Toyoda, travelled to the Altona plant and told 2500 workers their jobs would go in three years. The decision is a massive blow for the Victorian economy in particular, where more than 25,000 jobs are likely to go across the car and automotive components industries. Unions claim 50,000 skilled jobs may be lost nationally. Toyota will follow Ford and Holden out of the country, with all three car makers announcing in the last year that they would cease manufacturing by 2017. All three brands will now import all their vehicles.

Those jobs weren’t real anyway…heavily subsidised, loans, grants and tax breaks for the companies. The unions can hardly complain with the workers heavily unionised and paid far above their actual worth or productivity justified.

That isn’t stopping them from blaming everyone but themselves.

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten blamed Toyota?s demise on the Abbott government. ??It?s an unmitigated disaster,?? he said.

??The car industry has died under the Abbott government. It?s a disgrace.?? ? Read more »

Who killed Holden?


The unions of course…who else…with some help from idiot governments over the years who addicted the company to corporate welfare which the unions trousered.

THE outrageous assertions by the unions and the Labor Party that General Motors’ decision to leave Australia was a result of government policy is an insult to any thinking Australian. To suggest that General Motors Holden made its decision yesterday is totally absurd. These decisions take months to make.

The true culprits are the unions and their enterprise bargaining over many years that has made their own members unemployed. The cost of wages is more than double what it should be.

It was a great effort by the unions to achieve high pay rates, but now there are no jobs. Any Australian who does not recognise the truth is sadly deficient in reasoning ability.? Read more »

Bye bye Holden, corporate bludging is over

Holden has announced that they will bludge no more off of the Australian taxpayer.

Sixty-five years after it first began producing cars in Australia, Holden has confirmed it will cease local manufacturing in 2017.

Holden released a statement saying it would “transition to a national sales company in Australia and New Zealand” from 2017.

“This has been a difficult decision given Holden’s long and proud history of building?vehicles in Australia,” said Holden chairman and managing director Mike Devereux.

“We are dedicated to working with our teams,?unions and the local communities, along with the federal and state governments, to?support our people.”? Read more »

One of Australia’s biggest corporate bludgers is finished

Time’s up for Holden in Australia, after having their hand out for ages in order to fund rapacious unions Holden is finally giving up the ghost.

Holden has made the decision to pull out of Australia as early as 2016, according to senior Government ministers.

The ABC has been told the announcement was supposed to be made this week but has been put off until early next year.? Read more »


How the unions and subsidies wrecked Holden

Ford is closing down its taxi plant and Holden’s own taxi plant is precarious.

Both companies have taken literally billions in handouts and subsidies all to feather-bed and support rapacious union labour.

It turns out that if Holden’s workforce accepted wages for what they were actually worth the company would be immediately profitable.

In the past, Holden has misinformed us on its workers? salaries, claiming the average worker earns $55,000….

While the Modern Award base salaries for vehicle builders are in the modest $37,000-$42,000 range, the base rates in Holden?s agreement are in the $60,000-$80,000 range. Add on to this loadings and penalties and I am comfortable betting that if Holden was compelled by government, as it should be, to produce the group certificates of workers, earnings would show in the $100,000 to $150,000 range. ? Read more »


Bludging car making ratbags

They are as bad as farmers for sticking their hands out, but at least farmers don?t fund union coffers like these bludging ratbags do.

THE election is a referendum on the car industry, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said while campaign in Adelaide today.

“If Mr Abbott’s elected what I fear is the industry will wither away because he believes it to be an industry of the past, not deserving of government support,” Mr Rudd said.

And his Industry Minister Kim Carr has dismissed criticisms of?fringe benefits tax changes?as “hyperventilation” and “nonsense”.

Mr Carr joined the Prime Minister today at Futuris, an automotive manufacturer in the electorate of Wakefield.? Read more »

Useless bludging car-making ratbags

Holden must be in line for the title of Australia’s biggest bludgers after threatening to close down their plant unless they received more corporate welfare.

The Rudd government is set to announce a new rescue package for Australia’s ailing automotive industry, aimed at boosting demand for locally made cars.

Worth an estimated $200 million, the package is being negotiated with manufacturers Ford, Holden and Toyota.

The move follows Labor’s controversial plan to change the fringe benefits tax on company cars, expected to raise $1.8 billion over four years.

A spokeswoman for Innovation Minister Kim Carr said the rescue package was aimed at luring more buyers for Australian-manufactured vehicles.

Tell the Holden bludgers to piss off

Holden is on the bludge for more cash to prop up their broken-arsed manufacturing in Australia.

The corporate bludgers of Holden should be told to get stuffed.

HOLDEN has asked the federal government to almost double the money it pledged to keep the company making cars in Australia or it will quit manufacturing in three years.

The company wants a further $265 million on top of the $275m already committed by Canberra, South Australia and Victoria, a source close to the negotiations told The Australian, because it cannot make a profit building cars in Australia.? Read more »