Nasty lefty band, takes state funding, writes song about killing John Key

The left wing have been at high dudgeon for the past two weeks, targeting advertisers, bullying people off Twitter, out of newspapers, and off radio and television.

They don’t believe in freedom of speech, they believe in bullying, intimidation and now death threats…and you’re are paying for it.

An Auckland hip-hop crew have released a song with lyrics that threaten to kill Prime Minister John Key and have sex with his daughter.

Kill The PM, by @peace, depicts a golfing, luxury car-driving Key, and says he should die – “ain’t doin’ nothin’ so I’m gonna kill the prime minister”.

It continues: “I been tryin’ to get a job but they got none/so I instead I got a sawnoff shotgun/and ‘pop’.”

The crew is fronted by Tom Scott, formerly of Homebrew, along with Lui Tuiasau, Christoph “El Truento” James and Hayden “Dick Dastardly” Dick.

In the leadup to the 2011 election, Homebrew released a track attacking tax cuts for the rich and a low minimum wage.  Read more »

What Farrar knows about music

Our pinko mate is obviously not pink enough for the socialists who think the state should fund them in pursuit of their hobbies.

Anyways.. What does his fat asshole know about music? Stick to politics David, your whole face looks like a dickhead.

Farrar knows there is fuck all point in giving money to the bludgers in the arts community because they just whinge about not getting enough and then abuse National anyway.

We should just cut all arts funding and let them provide music that people want to pay for.