homelessness crisis

John Key a liar – Angry Andy goes all in

Labour leader Andrew Little has accused the Prime Minister John Key of lying in comments he made about homeless people.

“I can’t think of a time when the Prime Minister and another minister [have] patently lied about something that … hasn’t actually happened,” Mr Little told reporters at Parliament this afternoon.

The Labour leader made the allegation after Salvation Army contradicted a claim by Mr Key that Government officials had visited homeless in an Auckland park this week and had their offers of help declined

Mr Little later softened his language, saying that Mr Key’s comments were “untrue and misleading”.

The Labour leader said Mr Key’s comments about people living in cars and refusing help from officials were not off-the-cuff remarks.

They were part of a Government strategy to downplay the problems related to Auckland’s housing market, he said.

“The National Party are trying to diminish and deny the very idea that there is a homelessness crisis,” he said.

Homelessness crisis?? What the hell is that??? Now we have a housing crisis, a homeless crisis and a homelessness crisis?? Read more »