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Publisher hacked to death due to “hate speech”

So. ?Let’s say someone doesn’t like the way your doctrine thinks and acts?about things and writes about it. ?How should you react?

You could start a petition to get the Human Rights Commission to prosecute. ? Or start a huge Twitter-based drive to boycott everyone associated with that person.

What else could happen?

A publisher of a slain online critic of religious militancy has been hacked to death in the Bangladesh capital, police said, hours after similar attacks on two secular writers and another publisher in the majority-Muslim country.

Faysal Arefin published books by Avijit Roy, a US citizen of Bangladeshi origin who was killed by Islamists militants in the same way in February.

Arefin was hacked to death with sharp weapons in his office on the second floor of a crowded market in the capital, police said.

Militants have targeted secularist writers in Bangladesh in recent years, as the government has cracked down on Islamist groups seeking to turn the South Asian nation of 160 million people into a sharia-based state.

Four secular bloggers have been hacked to death this year for writing critically about Islamist militancy.

You would like to think that my critics can see the difference here. ? At least they still employ the tools of a democracy, such as petitions, protests, boycotts and legal channels. Read more »