Can anyone see the problem with this? [UPDATED]

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Piss and Pretense

The Mad Mayor of the North Shore, Andrew Williams, must have had another visit from the piss fairy when he applied online for his new Koru Club membership.

Andrew Williams is the Hon. Clown of Campbells Bay

Andrew Williams is the Hon. Clown of Campbells Bay

SUPER CITY mayoral contender Andrew Williams says he’s an honourable man ? and has a Koru Club card to prove it.

His card reads Hon Andrew Williams ? a title reserved for government ministers and senior judges.

Williams’ $495 annual subscription to the Air New Zealand club, paid for by North Shore ratepayers, entitles him to free alcohol and snacks while waiting at airports. It will expire in April next year, six months after his council becomes part of the new Auckland Council.

He is baffled by the insertion of “Honourable” before his name. “Maybe it’s just been filled out in error, I don’t know how this happened.”

Williams said his application was completed online, and he couldn’t remember by whom.

Of course he doesn’t remember, he was pissed at the time most likely. The Clown of Campbell’s Bay of course lies as a first instinct. I say lies because it actually isn’t possible to fill out the online Koru Club membership application incorrectly. In the drop down menu on Air New Zealand’s website it has every option just about except for Honourable. Therefore the Mad mayor must has typed “Hon. Andrew” into the first name field.

Hon. Clown of Campbells Bay

Hon. Clown of Campbells Bay

This is plainly a case of false pretenses. He may be entitled to help himself to ratepayers cash to fund his little problem with the bottle, but he most certainly isn’t entitled to the honorific “Honourable”.

He must have been entertaining the piss fairy too when “Monathan Jarshall” rung him.

“I would hope I was honourable. A lot of people use the title for me… I go to a lot of things and people will say `welcome to the Honourable John Banks’, I mean to the `Honourable Andrew Williams’. They get confused.

“The other night I was at a function and they referred to me as `your honour’,” he said.

Sheesh, he can’t even work out who he is these days. We all know though, he is the Mad Mayor of North Shore, the Clown of Campbells Bay. He is so full of piss and pretense he no longer has a clue.