Hookers upset with Hooker sting that brought down a Labour Lord

It seems that hookers have ethics far more so than the politicians they root.

They’re upset that the two hookers who ran the hooker sting on Lord Sewel have lowered the reputation of hookers in general.

Lord Sewel, eh? Or John Buttifant Sewel if you prefer. By now, we?ve all had the sight of his orange bra burned into our consciousness, seethed as we listened to his racist remarks about Asian women, shaken our heads over the fact that it?s public money ? our money ? he?s spending on cocaine and sex workers. Lord Sewel has resigned and there are few tears to be shed.

But what of the women in the coke-snorting, bra-wearing, Cameron-slagging video? Purveyors of the ?sordid sex party? as The Sun put it. Because, as much as Lord Sewel used these sex workers as props for his naughty night ? at one point, you?ll remember, he?s sniffs a line off a woman?s breast ? so too has The Sun. Their role is clear: wanton accessories in a lurid scandal.

Well London escorts are fed up with the whole affair. Perhaps none more than Lydia*, who, a few years ago, was herself outed by a tabloid as a part-time sex worker, a situation which cost her a public-sector career and lost her friends.

?Seeing someone?s personal life splashed across the paper still makes me feel sick,? Lydia confides. ?Regardless of what you think of them. When it happened to me, it turned my life upside down.? ?? Read more »

Dodgy ALP/Union ratbag convicted

Contrary to his own over inflated legal opinion of the merits of his case…Craig Thomson was convicted yesterday on fraud charges, for paying for hookers and other services on his union credit card.

Former federal MP Craig Thomson has been found guilty of obtaining financial advantage by using his Health Services Union (HSU) credit card to pay for sexual services and making cash withdrawals.

In handing down his findings, Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg found Thomson dishonestly used his union cards while national secretary of the union.

Thomson sat quietly in the front row of a packed Melbourne Magistrates Court as Mr Rozencwajg delivered his verdicts.

The magistrate said the court had heard from several union witnesses who made it clear that union credit cards were for business purposes only.

“This must have been known by the accused,” Mr Rozencwajg said.? Read more »

The Year of the Whores?

via Yahoo! Len Brown celebrating the start of the Year of the Whores

via Yahoo! Len Brown celebrating the start of the Year of the Whores

Celebrations began?Friday?in China to welcome the Year of the Horse.

The official seven-day holiday is marked by parades, prayers ? and usually pyrotechnics. Certainly there were celebrations yesterday at Northcote, but watching the video of Len Brown again got me thinking…why was he so enthusiastic about the Year of the Horse?

The Herald reported his comments:

“Anything to do with horses, man, I’m totally in it. We’re galloping along as a city so look out.”

Here is he video:

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I was just waving to my parents, Yeah right

David Farrar posts about his first encounter with the ladies in Cambodia.

Do we believe his little story, or not?

Revenge of The Killer Hooker

Men do not pay hookers for sex. They pay them to leave.

This one took the whole thing rather seriously and allegedly killed her client.

The blonde allegedly confessed to kicking the dad of two after refusing to perform a sex act he drunkenly requested.

Prosecutor William Saunders said: ?He was a lonely old man who frequently found comfort in alcohol. He had also started to use the services of girls from escort agencies.

?He used them for company and for sex, and one such girl was Natalia Woolley.?

Widower Mr Fernandez, of Epsom, Surrey, had repeatedly used her services ? describing her in a ?review? on her web page as ?genuine, friendly and vibrant?.

He had added: ?I will spend a lifetime with you.?

Pretty unsustainable business model.


Maybe they just want a root? Ctd

Yesterday I blogged about hookers and ?brothels and suggested that contrary to the reported study that men just wanted a root.

Of course a few of my women readers jumped in and over analysed the issue but one gave this explanation for why men visit hookers:

Which is awesome.?That?s the perfect excuse.

Imagine it…you come home after letting a bit of pressure out of the back wheels and the missus goes all “Inquisition” on you. Using Lucia’s fantastic excuse, you simply bat off the query with a nonchalant response like this:

“I was in the knock shop looking for God. He wasn?t there so tomorrow night I will have to try the one down the road where I heard he stopped in for a few beers, the free bbq and a blowie Saturday arvo.”


Why Can’t National Conferences be like this? Ctd

The Republicans might not like sex before marriage or pooftas or immigrants much but apparently they don?t mind women getting their kit off to music. Tampa?s strip joints are gearing up for bumper profits during the Republican convention.

?I think what I said at the time was that we didn?t want to?become?the lap-dance capital,? said Bob Buckhorn, who is now Tampa?s Democratic mayor. Today, Buckhorn is less strident in his opposition but still takes no pride in his city?s notorious cultural offerings. ?There are plenty of other and better things to do in Tampa that are far less risky, both personally and professionally,? he said. ?They do not represent the best of Tampa nor is it something that we encourage people to visit.?

While some delegates will take Buckhorn?s advice to consider alternate diversions?he suggests Busch Gardens, the beaches of Pinellas County, and the Florida Aquarium as wholesome, family-friendly outings?the strip clubs are counting on at least some of the more than 4,000 delegates to risk their sterling reputations.

National conferences are very boring in comparison, although it is well known that certain cabinet ministers and board members like to frequent places of ill repute when out of the country.?

Not like National at all

? New York Times

National party conferences are staid affairs…almost like extended school assembly. Not so for Republican conventions where hookers, strippers and extended carousing are all part of the fun:

Over at the back door of the 2001 Odyssey, a limo-size tent with flaps ? especially designed for discretion and camera-shy guests ? is ready to go up. D?j? Vu is welcoming extra ?talent? from around the country in its V.I.P. rooms.

And Thee DollHouse is all Americana: women plan to slip out of red, white and blue corsets and offer red, white and blue vodka. The headliner that week is expected to bear an uncanny resemblance to a certain ex-governor from a wilderness state, known for her strong jaw and devotion to guns and God.

?She?s a dead ringer for her,? said Warren Colazzo, co-owner of Thee DollHouse. ?It?s just a really good gimmick to get publicity.?

As Tampa gears up for the?Republican National Convention, the biggest party it has ever held, the city and its businesses are primping and polishing for the August arrival of tens of thousands of visitors. Like it or not ? mostly not, for city officials ? Tampa?s well-known strip clubs have joined the welcome wagon.

Club owners here say they have schmoozed with their counterparts in former host cities, like Denver, and have been told that revenue pours in during conventions, sometimes quadrupling earnings from a?Super Bowl?week. As for party affiliation, this is one place where the country?s caustic partisan differences fall away, owners say.

Most viewed

On the?The Telegraph website in the UK the most viewed story in the past week is the one about Len’s traffic signs being wrecked by hookers using them to pull cunning stunts to pull punters.

Poms are depraved sick bastards really.

More than 40 poles have been bent, buckled or broken in the past 18 months in one area of south Auckland, New Zealand, it is claimed.

The signs, bearing legally required notices such as parking restrictions, are thought to have cost ratepayers thousands of dollars to replace.

“Prostitutes use these street sign poles as dancing poles,” said Donna Lee, an elected member of the city council’s Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board.

“The poles are part of their soliciting equipment and they often snap them.

“Some of the prostitutes are big, strong people.”

How to have sex with strippers and keep your cash


Chris Neiratko has put a lot of time and effort into researching how you can have sex with strippers and still?have?money in your pocket…way too much time:

Most people think the way to a stripper?s pussy is with money, buying lap dance after lap dance, throwing stacks of singles on stage as they dance, and surprising them with expensive gifts. Those people are idiots. ?Marks,? as the girls call them. Someone to be siphoned until not one drop of cash is left.

There is only one surefire way to pull a stripper and it has nothing to with personality or money (although those things don?t hurt). The secret is DRUGS.

Contrary to what many pro-stripper films and documentaries tell you, 9 out of 10 strippers are on drugs of some sort.* Be it coke, dust, weed, pills, booze, if a girl?s job is to climb up on stage and spread her gash for a bunch of sweaty, over-weight mutts in ill-fitting work clothes you?d better believe it takes a certain type of courage that can only be had from illegal substances. Knowing that, the key to making a needy young sex kitten your slave for the night (or the week) is to always be holding. But you have to make sure you?re carrying the right stuff for the type of stripper you?re trying to bang. It just so happens that this whole thing can be broken down racially. Along with the genetic yarns that make a woman a certain color go these little strands that decide their drug proclivities. Don?t freak out?I didn?t write the rules here. God did. I just follow them.