Herald on Sunday insists I act like a “decent journalist, trained and skilled”

The other day I received an email or three from a Paragon of Media Professionalism (POMP) who is paid by the Herald on Sunday. ?I was being asked to lift my game. ?Now that I was “one of them”, you see.

I’m still mulling over publishing the full conversation to the blog.

However, the central message was for me to start acting more professionally. ?I think the point was ?not to make things personal and to raise my standards. ?Like them, I guess?


Here’s a reality check for the POMP: ? Read more »


The HoS Paid For This?

Silliest column on Housing Affordability since Bernard Hickey turned on his computer.

This trend got me thinking about what our New Zealand dollars could buy overseas. Our dollar is holding its own against the greenback and euro.

I nearly spluttered over my keyboard when I searched the website of France-based immobiliers (that’s French for real estate agents) Maxwell Storrie Baynes. On?maxwellstorriebaynes.com?I saw my dream home, an architect-designed beauty built in 1974, with an asking price of ?1,155,000 (this works out to be approximately $1.8 million at present exchange rates).

Silly bint.

How is she to pay for the mortgage without a job while living there?

Kemeys Very Unsteady At Slowly Sinking Tabloid

If Limp Panting Waisting Editor David Kemeys was not already looking over his shoulder at the poor readership of the SST (Slowly Sinking Tabloid) he should now after ditching Jonathan Marshall.

Marshall left under a cloud after a run in with Kemeys. ?Kemeys was lucky at the time also that Cactus Kate did not set OSH on to him when visiting one evening she slipped in heels and fell on the cleaners unmarked wet floor breaking a glass on the table as it smashed into her hand. ?This was well before she even had time to be offered cheap Fairfax wine which she never would have touched anyway. ?In other words – completely sober.

Kemeys also showed the door to much adored columnist Steve Braunias. ?Braunias has since moved on to better things as well.

We hear rumours thick and fast through the tipline that Kemeys may very well be the next out the door due to the paper’s thumping at the hands of HoS, allegations of plagiarism and being a general dickhead.

Kemeys week got worse when Jonathan Marshall, now working in Sydney for News Limited picked up a prestigious Kennedy Award for excellence in NSW journalism. ?He did so for “Splash of the Year”. ?That is breaking stories. ?Something the SST has not achieved in a very long time. ?Marshall was also a finalist in two other awards.

Editor of?The Sunday Telegraph, Neil Breen, and reporter Jonathan Marshall won the Splash of the Year award for the scoop – which led directly to the Australian Olympic Committee banning athletes from using Stilnox before the London Games.

Marshall is a news hound and story breaker and despite lying about the Hotchin’s and never producing a tape of what Mrs Hotchin was alleged to have said that day in Hawaii, is on the way up in his career, Kemeys is sinking faster than the Titanic. ?He should resign now and hand what is left of the shriveled limp dick of a paper over to someone with much larger cojones.