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Former U.S. President Bill Clinton motions for members of his family to join him onstage after he and former first lady Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) unveiled portraits of themselves in Washington, April 24, 2006. The portraits will hang in the newly-restored National Portrait Gallery, which is scheduled to reopen July 1. The gallery holds the only complete portrait collection of U.S. presidents outside the White House's own.   REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - RTR1CRQU

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

If I understand the history correctly, in the late 1990s, the President was impeached for lying about a sexual affair by a House of Representatives led by a man who was also then hiding a sexual affair, who was supposed to be replaced by another Congressman who stepped down when forced to reveal that he too was having a sexual affair, which led to the election of a new Speaker of the House who now has been indicted for lying about payments covering up his sexual contact with a boy.


And we get all into a tizz about pulling a ponytail. ?Yet these are the people we elect to positions of power. ?We have our own. ?One fled the country. ?One’s still running a major city somewhere. ?We had a party leader that went to jail.

And there is another party leader


– Orin Kerr, Washington Post

Frank Underwood makes the speech that John Key should be making

This is the speech that John Key should be making…unfortunately it was made by Frank Underwood, a Democrat President in House of Cards.

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Winners are grinners, thanks John

John Armstrong tries to have a dig while at the?same time declaring me a winner of the year…ah and there is yet another cartoon about me.

He will be the next target of Giovanni Tiso’s Stalinist inspired online bullying.

Winners: Andrew Little; Paula Bennett; Cameron Slater. Has Labour’s luck finally changed? Little nearly did not make it back into Parliament following Labour’s dreadful election. His victory in the party’s subsequent leadership contest could hardly have been slimmer. But he has taken on the cloak of leadership with gusto. Labour finally has a game-changer. National would be foolish to still believe otherwise.

Bennett got the jobs she wanted in the Cabinet reshuffle. Now positioned as deputy leader-in-waiting as a minimum – and could go even higher when Key eventually departs.

Slater got slam-dunked by Dirty Politics; his influence within the corridors of power has consequently diminished. Outside, it has grown exponentially. Bad publicity is good news for Whale Oil.

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Probably the best summary of Dirty Politics yet

House Of Cards TV Series HD Wallpaper

Paul Thomas writes int he NZ Herald about Dirty Politics.

Millions have been splashed out and a pigsty’s worth of mud slung but what have we actually learned from this election campaign?

? Nicky Hagar knows a thing or two about marketing.

? Cameron Slater isn’t as nice as he looks.

? You can judge a minister by the company she keeps.

? While the Whale Oil cabal give the impression they’ve watched too many episodes of House of Cards, their machinations owe more to Walter Mitty than Frank Underwood.

? Hillary Clinton got the wrong Kiwi politician when she added Helen Clark to the select group – Keith Richards and cockroaches – that would survive nuclear Armageddon. She should have nominated Winston Peters.

? Contrary to Tana Umaga’s famous complaint, some people seem to think we are playing tiddlywinks here.

Fair points. I also like the picture of Frank Underwood in the article, and since we are talking about House of Cards…who is going to play Zoe?

The campaign has also reinforced that just as truth is the first casualty of war, irony is the first casualty of politics.

There was Internet-Mana’s Laila Harre on the TV news complaining about the media manufacturing a news story out of a private email (Hone Harawira foaming at the mouth about the Internet Party’s preoccupation with legalising cannabis).

That was followed by David Cunliffe complaining about the timing of the release of a damning New Zealand Institute of Economic Research assessment of Labour’s capital gains tax arithmetic and accusing Federated Farmers, who commissioned the report, of “playing politics.”

A month ago Cunliffe was hailing Hagar’s carefully timed intervention in the election, predicting it would “shift hundreds of thousands of votes”. One man’s political stunt is another’s welcome contribution to the debate.

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The Hand of the King acts


According to some more looney pockets of the interwebs and New Zealand blogosphere the whole Cunliffe “smear” is all my doing and I am described as the Voldemort of NZ politics.

Personally I prefer Game of Thrones to Harry Potter…or perhaps House of Cards…except it isn’t Zoe going under the train, it is David Cunliffe.

More seasoned commentators like Vernon Small simply comment that who so ever did this hit should take a bow.

Whoever set David Cunliffe up for a Left jab over his contact with Donghua Liu this week should take a bow.

And Cunliffe should be asking himself how he was ever so naive.

If his staff could not find any evidence of him advocating for the wealthy businessman, it was perhaps understandable that he was willing to say unequivocally that he had not. After all, no politician wants to sound slippery and equivocal when they don’t need to be.

But a more cautious man would have heard the hidden menace behind questions being asked by the media about any advocacy by him – and instinctively given himself some wriggle room – rather than a definitive “nope”.

It is that denial, and the contrast with the criticism Labour has made of Liu’s links with National, that are the problem for Cunliffe, rather than the existence of the letter itself.

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Before House of Cards

The true HoC junkies have already finished season 2. Here’s Kevin Spacey’s lighter side at an Actors Studio appearance in July 2000.

House of Cards new season coming soon

Apparently out on February 14…can’t wait.

This is an awesome series and extremely popular though never screened on television.

Netflix issues all episodes on the same day.

House of Cards Season 2? I can’t wait

Brown desperate as he drags daughters into spotlight to fight battles for him

This ?outrageous…Len Brown went on TV, demanded privacy and respect for his family….and now he has thrust them into the game by issuing a press release that could only have been crafted by his council paid spin weasels.

What a shameless disgusting man….he has thrust them very much into the game of politics and his dreadful House of Cards.

The press release is all about his work and the mayoralty. ?Nothing about being a shit husband and absent father, not to mention being a lying, cheating ratbag to his family.

He demands respect for his family then disrespects them by allowing this. ? Read more »

Kevin Spacey on handing control to viewers