While you were distracted: Chinese private property rights


In the city of Wenling, located in China?s eastern province of Zheijang, a highway has been built around a residential building that refuses to relocate. Luo Baogen, unsatisfied with the relocation compensation offered by the government decided to remain in the half-demolished building with his wife.


In the People?s Republic of China, during most of the Communist era, private ownership of real property was abolished. The central government officially owned all real estate, and could in theory dictate who was entitled to control any piece of property according to national interests.

With a strengthening economy and the rise of free markets beginning in the late 1990s, private developers began building shopping malls, hotels, and other private developments in densely populated urban centers, which required displacing residents who lived on the land. Developers would typically offer relatively low compensation to the residents, reflecting the pre-development value of their properties or the cost of obtaining alternate housing elsewhere. Should residents resist, or try to take advantage of their bargaining position, powerful developers could persuade local officials and courts to order residents off the land. In other cases, residents would be arrested on false charges or thugs would be hired to scare away the residents. source


The confusing position of the Greens

I have been watching with facinatation the Greens position on the poisoning of our bread by the Australian’s under the guise of mass medication.

The Greens certainly are a strange lot. On one hand they want to limit and ban almost everything for the good of us and force us to do other things and just recently they have come out against the mass medication of our bread.

This to me didn’t resonate. Normally the Greens are all into forcing us to do something for the grater good and so mass medication through fortifying our bread with folic acid seemed to right up thwir ally. Why are they opposed to it.

A quick check through Google soon revealed the hypocrisy of Sue Kedgley.

In July 2006 she said;

“While we are generally supportive of the proposal to fortify flour with folate, in the hope that it will reduce the numbers of babies being born with spina bifida and provide other health benefits, we believe this can be done in a way which doesn’t erode consumer choice”

Right so just 3 years ago they were “generally supportive” of poisoning us with folate, including those of us who aren’t, can’t or won’t get pregnant, all for the good of 60 babies per annum. It isn’t like they wanted to only exempt organic bread either;

“If fortification takes place at the bakery rather than milling stage, then some bread lines could be available for consumers who may wish to avoid folate enriched flour for health, cultural or other reasons. Consumers currently have the choice of whether they wish to consume iodised or non-iodised salt and I believe that choice should also be available to them with folate fortified bread,”

No, for organic breads they still wanted to add folate to our bread but instead of adding it at milling, add it at baking. Right, so organic can still apply to the flour but not to the bread. Nowhere in her press release does it suggest not adding folate, just where it should be added and as per usual we neeeded to medicate the whole population for just 60 pregnancies er annum, right up the Greens alley.

This of course contrasts starkly against Sue Kedgely’s position today.

“There are some concerns in the scientific community that too much folic acid can cause pre cancerous cells and tumours to grow more quickly. Given this new research we need to take a precautionary approach and be certain it is safe before we require almost every loaf of bread to be fortified with folic acid,”

And of course Sue Kedgley has been scare-mongering on Q+A as well.

But she’s saying we have to do it so we’re eating up for Australia, we’re going to be forced because of some trade relationship with Australia, surely we should put – public health issues should be paramount, not some diplomatic relationship.

So what is her position? Is she for it or against it, or for it but in a little while/ Or perhaps for it because it’s good for you and against it on organic?

For the record I am against the poisoning of our bread by the Australians. I am for personal choice. I see nothing wrong with making supplements available to those who ask. I see no valid reason at all in forcing the entire population to be mass medicated for something that is readily avaialbe in almost every supermarket in the country.

And before you point out that salt is iodised…yes well our soils don’t have iodine in it so it made sense to add it to salt. Of course we are now seeing plenty of iodine deficiency related illness appearing after the wallies told us salt was bad for us. I my self buy rock salt and so choose to have no iodine. Fluoride is the same. It is good for almost everyone. Folate is the direct opposite situation as Fluoride.

A real Google Bomb, right down the throats of Microsoft

from Mashable

Google dropped a major bombshell earlier this evening: they’re launching their own operating system, known as Google Chrome OS. The new operating system will be lightweight, is based of its Chrome browser, and is clearly Google’s challenge to Microsoft’s longstanding domination of the OS market.While we’re still trying to catch our breath over the announcement, we can’t say we’re particularly surprised – the rumors have been bubbling for a long time now and projects like Android show Google has had an interest in this arena. But the Google OS leaves a lot of questions to be answered. How will it differ from Windows? How will it work? And most of all, can Google actually do what many consider impossible: beat Microsoft on its home turf?

Wow, fricken, wow!

I wonder if Microsoft will be sold short tomorrow?


Living in the Cloud

I have now had the HTC Magic for three days of my two week trial. I am now also certain I’m not giving it back. The Blackberry is off and in the drawer. Plus you can take your iPhone and shove it. Now I’ll tell you why.

If you want a all features singing and dancing review of the HTC Magic then read this article at Tech Radar. It is highly accurate and boring.

The reason I want, love and shall get/keep a HTC Magic is simple and it is the reason why the iPhone barks. The Cloud.

HTC MagicAt first I was perplexed. There was no software to install for syncing. No connection to iTunes, no cables. Why? How could this be?

It wasn’t until I started using the phone that I worked out that the integration with all things Google and their cloud was just superb. Make a change online to your contacts, voila the phone is udated seamlessly. Make a change on the phone, same in reverse. In fact you are working on the same data in the same cloud, just different devices. There is no syncing because there is only one source of data.

Same for email. Read the email on the phone, it is marked as read automatically in Gmail. The only mails that get to your phone are the ones that need reading. All the tags, filters and such are retained bcause the phone is the cloud. Same goes for the calendar.

This phone is the cloud in your hand and for that reason it blows the iPhone away. No other phone right now can compete. I run all my email, calendar, tasks, 10 different email accounts all through Google. This phone extends Google right to my hand and let me tell you it doesn’t leave it now. It is way more addictive than a Blackberry and way more efficient than an iPhone.

Plus it has Open Source software. Android rocks. Thank you Vodafone for sending me the trial phone. I’m not sure you’ll get it back though.


Google Wave – How cool is this?

There is a lot of talk around the internet about Google Wave. Perhaps the best summary is at Mashable and it looks seriously cool.

Essentially Google Wave is;

  • Real-time: In most instances, you can see what someone else is typing, character-by-character.
  • Embeddability: Waves can be embedded on any blog or website.
  • Applications and Extensions: Just like a Facebook application or an iGoogle gadget, developers can build their own apps within waves. They can be anything from bots to complex real-time games.
  • Wiki functionality: Anything written within a Google Wave can be edited by anyone else, because all conversations within the platform are shared. Thus, you can correct information, append information, or add your own commentary within a developing conversation.
  • Open source: The Google Wave code will be open source, to foster innovation and adoption amongst developers.
  • Playback: You can playback any part of the wave to see what was said.
  • Natural language: Google Wave can autocorrect your spelling, even going as far as knowing the difference between similar words, like “been” and “bean.” It can also auto-translate on-the-fly.

I have signed up for notification of when it goes live. Can’t wait.


The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You're a Loser or Old or Something

I love lists and this has to be the best list ever. It is The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something compiled by Greg Rutter.

There is one thing missing from the list though and that is Goatse. I am not going to link to Goatse, if you want to see it Google it yourself. (NSFW or anywhere else for that matter.)

hat tip cjlambert

UPDATE: Goatse is on the list…well not really on the 99 Things list rather it is on the Bonus NSFW list right down the bottom. There are 4 extra links. Click at your own peril.

#blackout Google opposes s92a

Google, in its submission to the Telecommunications Carrier Forum has said that it opposes s92a.

Google said section 92a of the Copyright Act would undermine the “incredible social and economic benefits” of the internet and was disproportionate to the problem it aimed to address…..

….Google accused the forum of dressing up its proposed enforcement scheme as an “education” exercise and said it was important that any code the forum came up with made it clear that there could be others ways for ISPs to comply with the law.

The government should ditch this law now. It is draconian and it is over the top. You’d hardly call for people to be banned from roads and mail if they copied dics and couriered them would you? So why the internet.

Sky Telecision is now on my shit list after saying they wanted diconnect provisions made faster than that proposed. Hmmmm more talk like that and I’ll be suggesting to certain ministers that they look at Sky’s virtual monopoly.


Labour Lickspittle behind Google Bomb

John Key’s cyber setbackNational Party leader John Key has suffered a cyber setback in his bid to become Prime Minister, after being labelled “clueless” by internet search engine Google. Key has been hit by a “Google bomb”, a tactic that links names with… [NZ Herald Politics]

The mainstream media are lazy hacks. They simply accept, blithely, the assurances of people that they “not affiliated to any party” and if the journalist had spent 30 seconds on Google they would have detected the lie.

At least this time we know the name of the culprit because they just had to skite. I wonder if Duncan Garner would have the courage to name his “not affliated with any paty” snitch so that their credentials can be checked out.

At least we know one thing, sneaky, dirty tricks are going to be the way Labour fight this election, an election based on Trust.

Well, we can trust Labour on one thing, to fight from the gutter.

Google fun and games

The lickspittles at the Labour and EPMU funded lap-blog have been making great mirth about their “clueless” Google Bomb. I thought I would consult Google about some other terms, the results are hardly surprising. Just remember, pages from New Zealand and I’m feeling lucky.

Labour Scum

Labour funded blog


Winston for Dummies (including him)

At Farrar’s place (BTW, Happy Birthday David) DemocracyMum posts a brilliant comment;

The uncomplicated guide to the evidence so far…

Peter’s said he only heard about the donation on the day his mother died
(But we know Helen by her own admission had phoned him about it back in February)

Winston said he could not have thanked Owen Glenn at Karaka 2006 because he wasn’t there
(But Google have the photos to prove otherwise)

Winston said he paid back the $158,000 he owed the tax payers after the last election
(But the Dominion Post had rung 50 charities and none of them had received a cheque from Winston)

Yesterday in the house Helen said she was giving both Winston Peters and Owen Glenn “the benefit of the doubt”
(But they both can’t be telling the truth, because she herself said “there is clearly a conflict of evidence”)

Helen Clark also said in the house yesterday that “Frankly, I do not have reason to distrust my president’s word…”
(But back in February Mike Williams was caught out lying about the 100,000 interest free loan from Owen Glenn.

Mike Williams lying? (you be the judge)
Winston Peters lying? (you be the judge)
Helen Clark lying? (you be the judge)

Game, Set and Match

Clue: You do not need to be presently working on the Hadron collider to figure this one out