Another dodgy unionist

Australia seems infected with corrupt and dodgy unionists doing corrupt and dodgy things. I must only a matter of time before we start uncovering similar behaviours here.

RALPH BLEWITT, the former union official who wants to give evidence about the alleged rorting involving Julia Gillard’s former boyfriend, fled Indonesia in 2009 to avoid arrest after allegedly selling Australian expatriates land he did not own.

One couple, Deborah and Paul Storck, told the Herald from Lombok yesterday that Mr Blewitt still owed them $190,000 for land they thought they had purchased on Gili Gede, Lombok.

”He’s not a credible fellow,” Mrs Storck said. ”Be wary of anything he says. He still owes us a lot of money. Who does he think he is to bring up stuff from 17 years ago?”

Mrs Stork spoke out after reading that Mr Blewitt, formerly a branch head for the Australian Workers Union, was seeking immunity from prosecution in return for breaking his silence on the affair from 17 years ago that is embroiling Ms Gillard again.

As a partner at Slater & Gordon in the early 1990s, Ms Gillard did legal work for the Australian Workers Union branch run by her then boyfriend, Bruce Wilson.

He and Mr Blewitt were accused by the union of siphoning off hundreds of thousands of dollars destined for the union and placing it into accounts set up by Ms Gillard.

Does Andrew Little or Helen Kelly have one?

Julia Gillard is in a spot of bother over some dodgy union stuff she did 17 years ago. She got the arse card from her law firm over it, but justified it as follows:

”It is common practice, indeed every union has what it refers to as a re-election fund, slush fund, whatever,” Ms Gillard said in 1995 in a recorded interview about the establishment of the association.

I’ll just bet Andrew and Helen have the same thing going. Unions and corruption are happy bed-fellows.


How many Affco workers have left their union?

In Australia the corrupt HSU has lost 3000 members. In New Zealand the Meatworkers Union has been hiding about $4m a year from members, running “Shed Funds” that are unaccounted for, and have cost workers jobs and pay rises by running a stupid strike that has many workers leaving the union.

On top of that they have been ordered to re-submit their accounts to properly account for branches.

When will the mainstream media stop repeating the press releases of Helen Kelly and Simon Oosterman and start asking where the missing $4m a year has gone, and how “Shed Funds” are legal? And how many union members have left to get a 5% pay rise from Affco for being willing to do a fair days work.