Hugh Fletcher

Does the law not apply to the Chief Justice?

It seems that laws don’t apply to?the?Chief Justice.

Cows owned by top judge Dame?Sian?Elias?have wandered into Canterbury waterways at least three times since a?warning issued?in January.

Stock from The Lakes station in North Canterbury?have been in Lake Sumner, which could?breach the rules,?and?in?the?Hurunui River.

Elias owns the station with her husband, businessman?Hugh Fletcher.

Temporary farm manager Brian Anderson?was aware only of one recent?complaint. He?said the farm did its?best, but the rules were “ridiculous”.

“The cows can drink from the lake, but the moment one?puts a foot in you’re breaking the rules. They can stand in the river, but can’t walk another metre into the lake.?It’s a bit pointless,” he?said.

Environment Canterbury (ECan) issued Elias and Fletcher a warning after a holidaymaker photographed?their?cows standing in Lake Taylor, which?borders a Department of Conservation (Doc) campsite, in January.

After an investigation, ECan?determined they had breached the rules but stopped short of issuing a fine, saying it was an isolated incident.

Under regional rules, cows are allowed access to high country rivers, provided the environmental effects are minor. They are not allowed to stand in lakes.?The maximum fine for breaching the rules?is $750.

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We don?t want dogs crapping in the street, so why do we accept cows crapping in our water?

Water quality is important. For some reason there is an element in our society who seem to think that just because farmers have been allowing cattle to roam in waterways for 100 years we should still allow it today.

Auckland used to pour its sewage straight into the Manukau Harbour…we don’t any more. The Thames River in the UK was very nearly dead because?it was treated as an open sewer. It isn’t any more. Many towns in New Zealand used to dump sewage and factory run-off into our rivers; now it is policed and we are working on stopping the practice.

We expect dog owners to pick up the leavings of their dogs; we used to allow people to leave dog poop all over the place. We’ve changed.

Farmers need to get with the programme. Many do but some let them all down.

Clean water campaigners believe the quality of New Zealand’s fresh water is nearing crisis level.

It comes after a herd of cattle was pictured polluting a North Canterbury Lake.

The cattle were back on dry land well away from Lake Taylor today, but it was a picture taken by a camper over the New Year period that prompted Environment Canterbury (ECan) to pay a visit to cattle’s owners.

It’s not good practice to have stock in the water,” says ECan consents and compliance manager Marty Mortiaux. ? Read more »


Surely the Chief Justice should follow the law?

You’d think if you were the Chief Justice you’d make sure that any enterprise that you were a shareholder/owner of would be following the law…not in this country though.

A South Island farm owned by Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias has been complained about before, with witnesses describing repeated incidents of cattle and sheep wading in lakes.

A past complainant described the farmer as “riding roughshod” over the concerns of other people using the area, and witnessed a “disturbing amount of cow s…” in another lake at the property.

Holidaymaker Allan Brown photographed cattle drinking in Lake Taylor, about 50 kilometres northwest of Hawarden, last week. He had since lodged a complaint with Environment Canterbury (ECan).

His picture, which had been widely shared online, showed the animals were on Lakes Station land.

Elias and her businessman husband, Hugh Fletcher, were the majority owners?of the 5000-hectare high country farm.

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Pinko lobby group needs remedial spelling lessons

A bunch of pinkos have a lobby group, one that produces all sorts of ‘think’ pieces telling us how they think that we should live our lives.

They are currently advertising on Facebook.

But these spinners can’t even spell…and they presume to tell us how to live? if they are committed to bringing positive change perhaps they’d like to start with some remedial spelling lessons.

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