Huka Lodge

More Winston bullshit

Winston Peters claimed earlier in the?year that Huka Lodge had be sold…it was a lie.

Winston Peters once told the media and a privileges committee that he’d never taken a donation from Owen Glenn…it was a lie.

Now he is lying again.

Justice Minister Judith Collins has said NZ First leader Winston Peters was wrong when he said one of her people approached him about negotiations after the election if she was National leader.

This evening Peters told TV3 he had “backdoor approaches myself from the Collins’ camp… If you can’t talk to [National leader] John Key after the election, can you talk to her?”

Peters believed the move was an attempt to undermine the prime minister which Collins was likely to be aware of.

“I didn’t think the bag man was coming without her consent,” Peters said.

Collins had previously said she was not responsible for what others did, but came out more strongly this evening.

“Winston Peters is wrong. I have never approached him nor have I asked anyone else to approach him,” she said in a statement.

Winston Peters is stretching credibility to suggest a “loyalist” of Judith Collins would make an approach to a man she deeply despises.

As everyone knows now Judith Collins and I are good friends, I know her mind, and I know that she loathes Winston Peters.

Any claim that a “loyalist” would approach Winston Peters is stupid beyond belief. ? Read more »

Face of the day

Winston Peters

Winston Peters

Dirty Politics?

Watch the Master at work.

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Winston Peters making it up again, why do the media repeat his lies?

In a re-visit of his false claim that Huka Lodge was being sold to foreign owners…despite the claim being false, and it already being owned by foreigners, he has now claimed another farmer is being sold to foreigners.

Again the Overseas Investment Office is saying his claims are false.

When will the media stop repeating his lies?

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is claiming the sale of another piece of farmland is underway to offshore interests.

In a speech to Grey Power members in Rangiora this afternoon, Mr Peters said the $5.5 million sale of 1037-hectare Wheturau Station, near Gisborne, is currently being considered by the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).

However, the OIO says it does not have an application to buy the farm.

The land is much smaller than the 13,800-hectare Lochinver Station near Taupo, which has reignited the foreign ownership debate.

“How do we know it’s being sold to overseas interests? Because we called up the agents, Bayleys, expressing interest in buying, and were told it’s already been sold offshore,” Mr Peters says.

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Gutless, bewildered and disgusting

NEXT! Winston Peters

Winston Peters is looking increasingly bewildered and gutless after he refused to discuss his allegations against Brendan Horan, instead refusing to answer at all.

Adam Bennett reports:

NZ First Leader Winston Peters refused to answer questions about his ugly parliamentary put-down of his rogue former MP Brendan Horan in his first day back after making the comment a week ago.

Reacting to a series of interruptions from Mr Horan, who is running a campaign against his former political mentor, Mr Peters had referred to him in the House as “the Jimmy Savile of New Zealand politics”. British broadcaster Savile was accused after his death of child sex abuse.

Mr Peters avoided reporters on the way from the House after offering the insult but was back yesterday. Asked what he meant by the comment his response was “next question” which he gave 10 more times to follow up questions.

While he is in parliament he demands the Prime Minister stands by all his statements, but he won’t stand by his own.? Read more »

Horan chickens out on nailing Winston Peters over his racehorse

Brendan Horan has chickened out on pursuing Winston Peters of his dodgy story about his racehorse.

Victoria Young at NBR reports:

Independent MP Brendan Horan says he will not pursue a complaint against Winston Peters over his alleged failure to declare his financial interest in racehorse Bellazeel.

A legal threat appears to?be behind the climb-down, although Mr Horan also sites a Standing Orders issue. Mr Horan says he has been advised the NZ First leader could have a shot at him for contempt for bringing the issue to?the media?s attention and then making a complaint. The independent MP is already on the backfoot after Winston Peters called in lawyers of an interview Mr Horan did with RNZ on Thursday, during?which he raised new claims separate to Ballazeel.

Last week Mr Horan told NBR ONLINE he was undecided over pursuing a parliamentary complaint over why Mr Peters did not include his Bellazeel stake?in his filing for the registry of MPs’ financial interests.

Sir Maarten Wevers, who oversees the registry, says he cannot look into the matter of his own account. Standing Orders require a?formal complaint to be made by an MP.

In a poll of NBR member subscribers between Friday and early Monday morning, 87% of participants?said he should press ahead?with the complaint.

However, today?Mr Horan claims that under Standing Orders he cannot go to the register because he has already made the matter public. NBR is seeking expert clarification on this issue.

None of Winston Peters public statements about the racehorse stand scrutiny.

He said the horse was put out to pasture years ago…it only started racing in 2012 and won a race earlier this year.? Read more »

How embarrassing for Radio NZ, ran a story and now deleted it as it was dead wrong

Radio New Zealand is reporting breathlessly?(since deleted, but we have the screenshot) about Winston Peters and Huka Lodge, all off the back of a advert in the Dominion Post.


The Huka Falls Resort is for sale, just months after New Zealand First leader Winston Peters claimed it was being sold to foreign buyers.

In February in an address to Greypower in Auckland, Mr Peters claimed that Prime Minister John Key had promised the buyers a smooth ride through the Overseas Investment Office process.

At the time, Huka Lodge said Mr Peters was not correct.

Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson also said the claims were not true.

The property is advertised for sale in?The Dominion Post, with tenders due to close on 15 May. It was last sold in 2003.

The sale includes 3.8 hectares, buildings and the Huka Falls Resort conference centre and a cafe business. The advertisement says 27 of the 34 villas are leased to the business.

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Hooton calls out Peters on foreign land ownership

Matthew Hooton calls out Winston Peters on foreign land ownership and his past record in this regard, especially his claims that restriction on foreign ownership of residential land has ALWAYS been a bottom line for NZ First.

Homeowners, farmers and property investors should heavily discount Winston Peters??statement yesterday?that stopping sales of residential properties and farms to foreigners will be and has always been a bottom line for NZ First.

He has no intention of implementing such a policy and nor has he ever done.

Anyone who owns or is thinking of owning property in New Zealand should take time to understand his record and his political imperatives as outlined below.

Twice in recent history, in 1996 and 2005, Mr Peters has held the balance of power and had the ability to choose the prime minister. In neither case did he make foreign ownership of residential properties or farms anything like a bottom line.

Check out his?1996 coalition deal?with Jim Bolger: There are no new restrictions on sales of residential properties to non-residents.? The changes to the rules for farmland do not restrict ownership only to residents but allow purchases by others who ?will make a material contribution to the local or New Zealand economy.? Read more »

Karl du Fresne on Winston Peters

Karl du Fesne might know sweet FA about Fiji, but he sure knows Winston Peters.

IT?S STARTED already, and the election is still months away. I refer to the tiresome (but all too predictable) Winston Peters blusterfest, which can be expected to gather momentum as the year progresses.

He started 2014 as he no doubt intends to continue, spraying press gallery journalists with what one reporter described as a ?suite of insults? in response to perfectly legitimate questions about his dealings with Kim Dotcom.

First he was evasive about whether he had met the grotesque German. None of the media?s business, he snarled. (In fact it?s very much the public?s, and therefore the media?s, business.)

Then, when he was cornered, Mr Peters admitted he had met Herr Dotcom, but had given him an assurance that their dealings would be confidential. That was the cue for a sanctimonious rebuke of the media for supposedly expecting him to betray a confidence.

?In many years of politics,? Mr Peters harrumphed, ?I have never broken a confidentiality agreement and do not intend to start doing so, despite the squawking of beltway reporters in Parliament.? ? Read more »

Labour’s poll woes create pressure, will it be diamonds or coal?

Labour convinced themselves that David Shearer was hopeless and that their poll woes were because of his hesitant leadership.

The destabilisation started and finally wore down the political novice, he eventually choked and quit.

After the 3 way contest which David Cunliffe emerged the eventual victor it was thought that their stated lurch to the left would recover lost ground and initially it seemed that was the case.

However a series of polls throughout February have shown that the misplaced hope in a new leader was a false hope. Those polls have burst that bubble.

On top of that the Greens and Winston Peters have shown themselves to be as venal and bent as the rest of them. Russel Norman’s cosy secret deals until revealed look like look. A stitch up behind the scenes with a convicted crook, a political sham masquerading advocacy. Same goes for Winston Peters and then he had his massive brain fart over Huka Lodge.

They look dodgy, bent and out of touch. Little wonder the fortunes are waning for both.? Read more »

When given the choice of telling the truth or telling a lie why does Winston Peters always choose to lie?

Winston Peters is now heaping more lies upon lies.

Yesterday he claimed Huka Lodge had been sold when the owner, A Dutchman, said it wasn’t for sale and the the Overseas Investment Office said it hasn’t been sold as it needs their approval and no approval has be sought.

Today he changes the lie and still insists it is for sale, again the the owner has said this is untrue.

Winston Peters is standing by his claim that one of New Zealand’s most famous tourist lodges is being sold, despite both the owner and the Government saying it is not.

During his state of the nation speech in Takapuna yesterday, Mr Peters claimed Huka Lodge, near Taupo, was being sold to Chinese interests, to gasps from some of the hundreds of North Shore Grey Power members listening.

Afterwards he cited real estate sources for his comments. “My informant says John Key has said to these people: ?Don’t worry about it, we’ll smooth it through the Overseas Investment Office’.”

Later, Peters modified his claim to say the lodge was for sale.

But sale talk was quickly rejected by both the Beehive and lodge management.? Read more »