human rights abuses

Would you support a Rape support centre headed by a rapist?

If you wouldn’t support a Rape support centre headed by a rapist why on earth would you or any country support the United Nations?

In the topsy turvey world we live in we now have an organisation dedicated to human rights headed by a country that is famous for its human rights abuses. This is the same Islamic country that has taken exactly ZERO Muslim refugees but from its position of power as the head of the Human Rights Panel will be telling Christian countries not only to adhere to quotas set by them but will be telling them that they are not allowed to take only Christians. Yes, the country that helps no one will be telling other nations who are helping at great personal cost to their countries’ safety and economy that they are not allowed to pick and choose who they help!

It?s a sad comment on our world that oil continues to trump basic human rights principles.?

– UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer

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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is a wake up call to liberals and conservatives alike. We all agree on human rights violations. There is no argument between us about what is a human rights violation. This is something we all have in common. If I say it is wrong to whip or stone a woman for being raped no liberal is going to disagree with me.

What happened to today’s face of the day shows how legitimate criticism of human rights violations can? easily be? suppressed by the use of economic threats and by claiming that the critic is attacking the political ideology of Islam, Sharia law.

Saudi Arabia blocked Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom from speaking at an Arab League event after she criticized the kingdom's human rights record. (Claudio Bresciani/EPA)

Saudi Arabia blocked Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom from speaking at an Arab League event after she criticized the kingdom’s human rights record. (Claudio Bresciani/EPA)


After a rare public criticism of its human rights record by?Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, Saudi Arabia is at diplomatic war?with Sweden. The kingdom?blocked?Wallstrom from speaking at an Arab League event, recalled its ambassador from Stockholm and stopped giving business visas to Swedish citizens. Sweden, for its part, has cancelled a major arms deal with the Saudis.

Saudi Arabia is a key U.S. ally, and official criticism of the kingdom is remarkably rare, despite Saudi Arabia’s poor treatment of women and minorities, lack of tolerance for political discourse, and harsh punishments for?apostasy and blasphemy. Many people are glad that a Western nation would take a stand for human rights in Saudi Arabia.

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Married Pedophiles allowed to bring young girls into UK

Home Office powerless as legal loophole leaves underage child brides free to join husbands in Britain.

Actions not words: Home Secretary Theresa May delivers a speech at a child sexual exploitation conference

Actions not words: Home Secretary Theresa May delivers a speech at a child sexual exploitation conference

If the girl is wed lawfully in her homeland her husband cannot be prosecuted under UK law, Theresa May?s Home Office said.

Officials made the admission after the Bishop of St Albans Alan Smith asked the House of Lords what steps the Government was taking to protect girls already in under-age marriages from coming into the UK.

Schools minister Lord Nash told him social services and police might be involved if there were child protection issues, but the law as it stands cannot stop child brides entering the UK in the first place.

Might be involved? Might! They are pedophiles.These young girls are being abused. No Nation with any decency would recognise a child bride as a legal marriage. This is insanity.

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Lets get real about torture [Graphic image ]

Some on the Left are criticising the use of torture right now by the Americans. I haven’t read their articles because I want to write this unencumbered by their rhetoric.

Lets distill the discussion down to its bare bones first. There are three kinds of torture.

One, to attempt to extract information from an unwilling subject.

Two, to try to force a confession or an admission of guilt ( Salem Witch trials ).

Salem Witch trials

Salem Witch trials

Three, to break a person down for revenge or sadistic pleasure.

Of those three we then have to break torture into physical torture and mental torture and of course a combination of the two.

Then or course there is the moral debate as to whether or not torture is right or wrong. Some might say but of course it is wrong just like killing is wrong but they forget that we have a number of situations where in our society we find killing acceptable.

We can kill in self defence.

We can kill to protect another.

We can kill accidentally ( whoops sorry )

We can kill unborn children ( legally )

Now that we have torture neatly put into a few boxes and have outlined how even killing is not a black and white moral issue,I can start to debate torture intelligently.

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Part 4: The children of Gaza



Another subject of outrage that Hamas, incompetent media and anti Israeli campaigners like to push is the often flogged line of “baby killers” or a strongly slanted implication towards words of that effect. In a war there is always collateral damage, especially in one of the most densely populated areas on earth, as if wasn’t bad enough, are also used as human shields. Unfortunately in these circumstances children are caught in the cross fire. Sometimes it is deliberate, but mostly it is accidental collateral depending on the side perpetrating the violence. We always hear about how many children Israel has killed in air strikes, but what we rarely hear or see by the mainstream media is how children are treated at the hands of Hamas and their willing parents to allow and enable the abuse of their offspring to be indoctrinated with anti Israeli brainwashing from a young age and to be used as propaganda tools. Read more »