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Email of the day

I’ve decided to give voice to some good emails that I periodically receive.

This one came in yesterday.

A recent statement issued by the Human Rights Commission is calling out the use of “the ‘N’ word” as not OK in New Zealand. Putting aside the arguments about free speech and the right to be offended, made on WhaleOil in numerous places – let’s agree with the HRC that certain words should be banned and that making some comments is just “not how we roll”. That would be fine if Dame Devoy was consistent.

She says clearly in the release “it?s important for New Zealanders to talk about what is acceptable and what isn?t”. However, she wanted no debate about banning Christmas. She couldn’t even respond to Lindsay Perigo when he gave a speech about what was acceptable from Kiwi Muslims. The Dame of squash says one thing and does another. ? Read more »

Face of the day **UPDATED

Dame Susan Devoy

Dame Susan Devoy

Today’s face of the day, Susan Devoy, declared a series of cartoons by Al Nisbet to be insensitive but not racist, so I expect a similar result for the cartoon by BoomSlang that Whaleoil published. In order to find the cartoon?racist the Human Rights Commission would have to prove that the cartoon was about inciting racial disharmony rather than stimulating debate about a serious issue.

I wonder when her office will bother notifying our editor Cameron Slater that Whaleoil is under investigation. Astoundingly, it has been reported by other media but no contact has been made to tell us that a complaint has been made.

**UPDATE The Human Rights Commission staff must read Whaleoil because a few minutes ago ( 8.25am ) our editor received a call to tell him that they are currently investigating our cartoon and will get back to him when the investigation is completed.

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David Parker goes all in on racist policy, attacks Devoy

Labour appears to have gone all in on their racist housing policy with David Parker launching a stinging attack on Susan Devoy.

Normally Parker is busily staring at goats, but he goes nasty and shows he was complicit in the race-baiting policy.

Labour has hit back at Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy over her criticisms of its Chinese house-buying data.

The party’s shadow attorney-general David Parker said Devoy was wrong and had undermined her role.

Devoy said on Monday the use of?”half-baked” housing data to suggest overseas Chinese nationals were increasingly buying property in Auckland was “disappointing”.

“Chinese New Zealanders deserve better than this and so does anyone keen on actually solving this issue.”

Parker said the data used by Labour housing spokesman Phil Twyford was carefully checked by him and by the New Zealand Herald, which published it.

“The data used is the best available and the Herald story makes that clear. Ms Devoy does not present any alternative data,” he said.

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